4 Ways to Fix Failed To Connect To The Rockstar Games Library Service Error

Are you dealing with the “Unable to Connect to Rockstar Game Services” error? Don’t worry because GamerAfter has come to help you. Keep reading and you will fix this error by yourself! 

Many of the GTA 5 players have reported that they are facing the “Unable to Connect to Rockstar Game Services” error and they want to fix it. Some of the players have fixed the error while some are still looking for a solution. 

This blog will help you to fix this error and the authenticity of the solutions that we have given is confirmed by many players that were facing this error. These are some of the other errors that you might be facing while playing the game: 

  • Unable to Connect to Rockstar Games Services, Please check your Network. 
  • Failed to connect to the Rockstar Games Library Service 2022 
  • Rockstar online sign-in failed 
  • Rockstar could not establish a connection 
  • Failed to connect to the Rockstar Games Library Service  

Reason for the “Unable to Connect to Rockstar Game Services” Error 

There are several reasons why this error shows up on your screen. These are some of them: 

  • The first reason for this error could be the corrupted game files or some important files that are missing. 
  • Another reason could be your outdated drivers. 
  • Maybe, you have not updated your social club application 
  • You have not updated steam 
  • You are not using the updated version of Windows 

Top 4 Ways to Fix the “Unable to Connect to Rockstar Game Services” Error 

These are some of the best ways that are 100% working and are used by many players to fix this error. You can use these methods one by one to check which one works for you. 

1. Running the Game in Compatibility 

You can try running your game in compatibility mode to fix this error. To run your game in compatibility mode, follow these steps: 

  • Right-click on the game and open properties 
  • After that, click on the compatibility tab and run the game on compatibility mode. 

Then, launch the game and check for the error. If it is not gone, then try the other solutions given below. 

2. Troubleshooting Basic Things 

These are some of the basic things that you should do to fix the “Unable to Connect to Rockstar Game Services” Error. 
• Firewall: 

First of all, disable the firewall if you have enabled it for the game. You can do this easily by searching for the windows defender firewall on the desktop, once you have searched for it, click on it and turn it off.

• Steam beta version: 

If you are using the beta version of Steam, then this could be causing the problem. Download the ordinary Steam version and delete the beta version. Then check for the error, if it is fixed or not. 

• Checking Graphics Drivers: 

Another factor that can cause this error is outdated graphics drivers. If you have not updated your graphics drivers then you should update them and check for the error. Other than the graphics drivers, also check for the sound drivers, and update both of them to fix the error. 

• Disable game boosters apps

If you are using a game booster app then this could be the problem because game boosters often create changes in the game files and other settings. So, if you have any game booster for the game, disable it and then launch the game. 

• Checking the network connection: 

The problem could be with your network connection, if you don’t have a good and stable connection with the server then the game will crash. So, check for your network connection, if it is not stable then try changing it and then launching the game. 

3. Configuring the Game Files 

If the error is persisting then follow these steps: 

  • Locate the “Rockstar Games” folder and click on “GTA 5”. 
  • Now, search for the “system.xml” file and open it in notepad 
  • Now look for the DX_VERSION line in system.xml and edit the line by changing the number from 2 to 1. 

This is an effective way to fix this error, you should try it. 

4. Re-Downloading the Social Club Application 

You can try uninstalling the Rockstar Social Club app and then installing it again. This can fix the error. After reinstalling the social club app, reboot your system and launch the game to check if the error is still there or not. 

  • In the Start menu, type Run and then hit Enter
  • Once the Run window is on the screen, simply type appwiz.cpl, then hit Enter
  • Locate Rockstar Games Social Club app
  • Now right-click on it and Uninstall
  • Now, head to the below location and delete folder related to Social club application
C:\Users\USERNAMEDocuments\Rockstar Games
C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games
C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games
  • Open up the browser and visit this link, download the application, and then install it
  • After installation, it is recommended to reboot the system


These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Rockstar Game Services. 

How to fix the “Failed to Connect to Rockstar Games Library Services” Error? 

If this error shows up on your screen, then this could be because the Rockstar Games Library is blocked by the Windows Services. If you have a Windows 10 which is not updated to its latest version then update it to the latest version and then check if the error is still there or not. 

You can check for updates by searching for “update & security” from the start menu and then clicking on Windows Update. 

How to solve the “Rockstar could not establish a connection” Error? 

This Error Shows up when the connection between the computer and the server is not established. You can fix this error by checking your network connection and troubleshooting it. You can change your network to fix this error. If the error still doesn’t go, then this could be a temporary issue from the Rockstar game server. 

To Sum up Everything 

This blog was about fixing the “Unable to Connect to Rockstar Game Services” Error. We have discussed the reasons and the top solutions for this error that you can use to fix your game. The top reasons for this error are: 

  • Missing files 
  • Outdated Graphics and Sound Drivers 
  • Outdated version of Windows 
  • Outdated version of Social Club Application and Steam 

And these are some of the top ways to fix this error: 

  1. Basic Troubleshooting: This includes updating drivers, checking network connection, disabling firewall and disabling game boosters. 
  1. Running the game in Compatibility mode 
  1. Reinstalling the social club application 
  1. Configuring Game Files 

If you have any other way to fix the “unable to connect to rockstar game services” error, you can share it with us in the comments. 

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