Windows 10 Common Issues and Solutions : An Overview

Windows 10 common issues and solutions: Like all complex software’s the installation process of Windows 10 is quite vulnerable. It is prone to mistakes along with glitches and hardware errors. Individuals have encountered quite a few problems that arose while they went ahead to install the latest windows version. If you are one of those people who are encountering problems then this article will help you out. We will try and help you out to fix the common problem with ease.

The latest updates from 2021 and 2021 –

  • To be frank enough if the latest edition of Windows 10 is experiencing a plethora of problems, you can wait for a while before going ahead to update it.
  • The update dating back to April 2020 alone could eliminate all the data from the desktop or break chrome.
  • Another update from October 2020 had its problems which lead to recalls and delays. It is not the outcome that you wanted.
  • However, there was some good news that came about in November following the update of June in 2021.
  • Microsoft is currently working to enhance the overall experience relating to updating and making efforts to eliminate the bugs.

Windows 10 Common Issues and Solutions

Running the windows update troubleshooter –

Windows 10 has a troubleshooter that has the tenacity to detect automatically and try and fix up the problem with updates along with patches. If the problem is not at all transparent and you are not sure what to do at the next stage you can try running this troubleshooter. You cannot always find a solution, but it is an ideal place to commence.

  • Step-1 Firstly you can head to the search box and type in troubleshoot. Now you need to select the troubleshoot option that is waiting in the system.
  • Step-2 A new troubleshooting window will open. The first section is called “Get Up and running” you need to look out for the option for “Windows Update” just select this option.
  • Step-3 Now a new button should appear that will say “Run the troubleshooter”. All you need to do now is select it automatically to start the troubleshooter and look at how it can help.
  • Step-4 A new troubleshooter window will now open as Windows 10 and scan if there is any problem. If any issues are found it will look into it and find across the problem. It will notify you and ask you are in want to apply the fix or in favor of skipping the fix. Since you are trying to fix the update it is ideal to choose the applicable option.

When the overall task gets finished, the troubleshooter will cater to the list of problem that needs to be found and fixed. You can finally select close and end the process. If the troubleshooter was unable to find and fix any issue, you can now try and update your process again. This is one of the most frequently faces issue among windows 10 common issues.

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The Disk space is quite low –

Windows 10 need quite a more disk space on the hard drive to make the installation process seamless. The 32-bit versions of OS are used basically on tablets and are used on quite less expensive laptops right now. So what are alternatives to increase the disk space? Listed below is the answer to your question.

1.Extra space needs to be added

It needs 16 GB free space and a 64-bit version requires 20 GB. If one is installing from a file stored in your computer itself having Microsoft upgrade tool, you will need an additional installation of two to 4 GB, just for installing the files. Windows 10 can also reserve 7GB of space and this helps to make sure there is enough for maximum installs.

2. Uninstalling the space-hogging programs

If one is having a complete storage drive or a small one, to begin with, you need to make some room. The fastest way to do this is to uninstall the space-hogging programs. The robust 3D games and complex packages like the ranks of Adobe creative suite consume the Gigabytes of space. You need to uninstall them and be sure to back up any of the save files. Do not worry as you can reinstall the discs or you can download once Windows 10 is set properly.

3. What, if one needs more space?

Do you still want some more space? If so experts opine to remove it in the following order. Video Files followed by audio files, all kinds of images, now you can work with the documents and other files.

It is to be noted that an external USB hard drive is the easiest and quickest way to accomplish it. You can easily save any file that you cannot delete from the external media. They are much easier to restore once you have successfully installed windows 10.

4. Emptying the recycle bin and deleting the files

You can now empty the recycle bin and delete all the files. At the same time if you are looking for another option run a program similar to C Cleaner to eliminate browser caches. The logs and other things that accumulate the additional spaces all can now get eliminated. You need to try the built-in desk clean up tool in Windows 10 as a perfect alternative.

ISO images issue –

If you are using Microsoft Media Creation tool to burn a disc or for creating a bootable USB drive for installing windows 10, there are chances that the media might get damaged. This results in a failed attempt. To be more specific the installation process gets damaged.

Sadly it is quite difficult and impossible to modify all files once it is written to the disk or the drive. All you need to do is run the tool again to install Windows 10. This might require access if the operation is getting carried on another laptop. If possible installing your older version of Windows will also work seamlessly.

If you are continuing to experience a problem even after creating a plethora of installation, then there might be a persistent hardware problem. The CD or DVD and USB drive you are using might likely be faulty. If there is possibility of using a USB drive or external disk burner then better to use it.

Error in Codes –

At times during the Windows installation process, the program gets stopped and will display an error code. There are multiple error codes and there are numerous potential problems. The best possible option for you would be to write down the codes. Likely, you may not be able to copy it down from the display screen. You can search the internet for core problems. Hopefully, there would be a solution that can bring about transparency.

To allow you with the more specific option you can read more if no reliable information for specific codes is available.

  • Unplug unnecessary devices from the system like flash drives along with dongles. Laptops should never be plugged in. Desktops should only have a monitor along with mouse and keyboard and nothing else.
  • For desktops, you can eliminate unnecessary internal hardware. If the PC includes an integrated graphic card or sound card you can remove the standalone card. You can unplug the secondary storage device along with disk drivers and card readers.
  • If you are upgrading your PC you need a standard upgrade. The antivirus programs along with drivers for devices like game controllers are like to cater more trouble during the upgrade.

Hardware’s are incompatible –

Windows 10 runs on quite a few hardware systems including that of an Atom-based tablet and another low powered system. The requirement for this system is quite minimal and this is indeed surprising. If the processor with speed limit of less than 1 GHz or RAM totaling less than that of 1 GB for 32-bit version or 2 GB or 64-bit version.

The setup wizard does not allow you to complete the installation process. The desktop users can often upgrade their RAM or the entire processor, but laptop users do not meet the minimum requirements. We have received numerous emails and messages over social media platforms seeking tips to solve issues relating to Windows 10. Our teams have made a thorough research and have tried to assimilate a few details that might prove to be decisive. You can get a detail on the ways to fix the problems with ease.

These are some Windows 10 Common Issues and Solutions. If you are facing any other issues or errors frequently do let us know. we will try to fix those as soon as possible.

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