Which Pokémon Team Should I Join?

In any Pokémon game, there is always an evil team. Their importance is as great as that of the Gym Leaders and the box art Legendary Pokémon. The series wouldn’t be complete without the evil regional teams’ nefarious deeds. This usually causes the players real problems.

Pokemon teams is a core feature of Pokemon GO to have teams. This makes it strange that they are not explained right away. Pokemon GO does let you join a team pretty early on. There aren’t many mechanics explained, though.

You can then think about which team you want to join. This will have implications for your future experience with Pokemon augmented reality. There’s no need to worry, since we have everything you need to know about Pokemon GO teams.

Pokémon Every Villainous Team, Ranked From Lamest To Most Evil

There are three factions (teams) in Pokemon Go. There is Mystic, Instinct, and Valor. Yellow, red, and blue are also the names of the teams. Take a moment to think about which team you’d like to join before making a decision.

In level 5, after choosing your allegiance, you cannot change it. When offered the choice, players with familiarity with the Pokémon series made wise decisions. Other people guessed based on characteristics of the leader. 

The competitive element created by the team selections is part of the appeal of virtual reality games. Everybody wants to be the best in their town and “catch them all”. The following descriptions of each pokemon team will help you make the right choice in the game. 

Team Yell

Pokemon Sword & Shield doesn’t even involve Team Yell as the main threat. Rather, it is Macro Cosmos. Players, however, continuously fight with Team Yell throughout the game. They are the official evil team of Galar.

Despite their overly passionate and aggressive nature, Yell grunts are simply overly aggressive fanboys. They support Marnie solely for the sake of supporting. To ensure that she has a clear path in the Champion Cup, they constantly try to defeat the player. They do not pose much of a threat. Instead, they serve as a nuisance.

Team Mystic 

Trainer Blanche leads the Mystic team. Blanke is a brainiac who strives for a sense of community among all members of the team. Mystic is primarily interested in how Pokémon creatures evolve. They use Articuno as their symbol. As many gyms as possible must be conquered by Team Mystic using wisdom. 

Pokémon captured by the Blue team will be studied. Researchers will investigate how they can make them more powerful. Pokémon Go’s largest team is Mystic. Its blue counterpart is Team Instinct. Both teams are hostile to Team Valor. Team Mystic members will be easy to identify near a Pokéstop. Those are the guys who chase Magikarps into gyms that they take from Valor.

Team Skull

It’s true that Skull’s henchmen are nothing but henchmen. Their purpose is not clear. In addition, they obey the orders of the infallible president, Lusamine, of the Aether Foundation. Several members have failed their challenges on the island.

Lusamine is perhaps the most perverse villain in the franchise. The Skulls don’t quite live up to her. Unfortunately, despite their premise, so much could have been done with it. Team Skull’s base is on a dilapidated town in a street gang sounds so much cooler.

Team Instinct

Spark leads Team Instinct. In Pokémon Go, the yellow team relies on trust. It is due to this fact that Team Red, Team Blue, as well as Team Yellow members tease each other about having a “victim complex.”

All Pokémon have innate talent, according to Team Yellow. They trust their instincts to take control of gyms. And they choose Pokémon wisely for battle. The yellow gym concept sounds good, but it’s likely you won’t find one in your neighborhood.

In gym battles, Team Instinct falls behind because of more than just their approach. Their numbers also play a role. The least popular Pokémon Go team is Team Instinct by a wide margin. The team will not be able to recruit new members or take over gyms without active members.

Several Twitter users have poked fun at Team Instinct and Zapdos, their legendary icon. Despite not having much going for them, Team Yellow has friends on Team Blue. Mystic enjoys greater success and popularity than Instinct. However, both sides hate Team Valor and every member of it.

Upon joining Team Instinct, you will benefit from better egg hatching. Adding something good to Team Yellow’s Pokédex might be their best chance.

Team Flare

Another boring villainous organization in the franchise is Team Flare. Team Flare is bland and completely forgettable. The so-called evil team is just doing the bare minimum to meet the necessary criteria for being called an evil team.

Lysandre, Team Flare’s leader, seeks to destroy the entire world and start over with the Ultimate Weapon. The current state of society no longer seems promising. In theory, their aim may seem sinister. However, they do hardly anything to earn their “evil team” label throughout Pokémon X & Y. They do look good, though.

Team Magma

Pokémon started thinking bigger with Generation III. Team Magma and Team Aqua are two of the teams that players face along their journey through Hoenn. Using the Legendary Pokémon Groudon, Magma plans to expand Hoenn’s landmass. 

In contrast, Aqua wishes to reduce it using Kyogre. Maxie and Archie, the leaders of the team, are memorable antagonists. However, they lack the horror-inducing quality of destructiveness and unrepentant behavior. Their actions ultimately make them regret. This ultimately causes them to try and avoid repeating the same mistake.

Team Rocket

There is an evil organization, Team Rocket, in the Pokémon franchise that has been likened to the mob. They might have petty and simplistic goals. However, their tactics are brutal and even savage. It is against their will that they make the Magikarp evolve at the Lake of Rage. They cut Slowpoke’s tails and sell them at unnaturally high prices.

In Pokémon, Team Rocket is the most enduringly evil organization. They appear in both Generation I and Generation II. In addition, they play an important part in Generation VII’s post-game. In other words, they reach all the way from Kanto to Johto to Alola. In the anime as well, Team Rocket plays a significant role. Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu are still being pursued by Jessie, James, and Meowth.

Team Valor 

Often, Team Valor receives slack from team members and on social media. Those who doubt and hate Team Red may not realize that their comments make them stronger. It is the goal of Team Valor, led by Candela, to simply be the best. You may compete as often as you like. Team Valor is a good choice if you are interested in trying as many gyms as possible.

When it comes to competition, the members of Team Valor are fierce and aggressive. Members of Valor are usually looking for Pokestops and working on hatching their eggs when they aren’t fighting gyms. The Pokédex of Team Red must be large, and the ability to evolve quickly must be present. The legendary bird of Team Valor is the Moltres. 

Compared to Mystic, Valor has a smaller membership. Their team is stronger. There is a high probability that every gym on your team will be filled with red early in the morning and late at night. It will be a tough fight when Mystic awakens, though.

Team Plasma

When compared with the missions of Team Galactic, Team Plasma’s have little significance. It would, however, be the end of the Pokémon world if their goal was to separate humans from Pokémon. Then they would be just as dangerous as the Galactic grunts. They are really able to take advantage of their leader, Ghetsis, because he is dastardly evil.

Most of the main series games end with villains apologizing or swearing vengeance and leaving. But Ghetsis isn’t your average villain, and he isn’t afraid to fight back. In Pokémon Black 2 & White 2, the villain is still the only one that physically attempts to kill the player. It only shows how insane Team Plasma is that its grunts still follow that guy.

Team Galactic

Team Galactic is regarded as the epitome of evil in Pokémon. Their desire to change the world extends beyond their own home region. In fact, Team Galactic aims to change the entire universe. They are led by Cyrus, who wants to create a universe that he creates in his image. There is no emotion in Cyrus, and he has no weakness. Dialga and Palkia are planned as the Legendary Pokémon he will use. In the process, he does not give a damn if anyone gets hurt.

Cyrus’s goal has changed in Pokémon Platinum. His vision is to create a world without spirit. Dialga and Palkia are summoned. As a result, Giratina intervenes and prevents the space-time continuum from being destroyed. The sheer scope of Team Galactic’s plans makes them an unforgettable threat to the Pokémon world. Come later this year, fans will have the opportunity to see them in the remakes of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

What are Pokemon Go Teams?

Pokemon GO offers bonuses to players who join teams. These are particularly helpful during gym battles. Gyms that belong to your team are the only places where you can place your Pokemon. There will be a place for them to stay, and they will defend it from their rival trainers. Likewise, fighting a gym is only possible if your team does not already control it. Your team can claim that location if you defeat it and win. In a gym, Pokemon slowly collect coins, and when they’re eliminated, you receive them. Each day, you may earn up to 50 coins.

If your team controls the place where you are interacting, you’ll also get a few bonuses. If your team owns the gym. A few bonus items will be given to you that your rivals won’t get. You can also earn team bonuses during raids. If you control the gym where the raid takes place, you will benefit from the bonus. If you manage to defeat the Pokemon, you will receive extra balls. The social mechanics of the game can be enhanced by the inclusion of teams.

How to Join a Pokemon Team?

Pokemon GO will not allow you to join a team right away if you have just downloaded it. Once you reach Level 5, you can pledge your loyalty to a specific team. Getting to the gym is as easy as tapping a button. 

Then you will have a choice between three birds. Each bird represents a different team. To choose your team, simply click on it. The Leader will appear. Blanche leads Mystic. Candela leads Valor. And spark leads Instinct. 

Be sure to consult with your friends before choosing a team if you plan on playing Pokemon GO with them. It won’t be possible for you to fight gyms with rival teams. Even still, you’ll be able to participate in raids together.

Final Words

This was all about Pokemon Teams. Now you must have got an idea about all the pokemon teams and their ideology and functions.

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