Where To Get Waterfall in Brilliant Diamond

Pokemon games have been a great part of childhood for many of us. Catching Pokemons, battling against gym leaders, and beating the Elite Four and Champion were all that circled our minds. Even though they were fun for the most part, there were some annoying aspects to the games, and these include HMs. Moves that you needed to progress through the game could not be deleted unless you went to the move deleter.  

Nintendo recently released remakes of Diamond and Pearl with new names Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl respectively. It has been a great source of nostalgia for many old Pokemon fans, and even though extensive improvements have been made, the need for HMs remains. In this blog, we will take a look at where you can find the Waterfall HM in both of these games.

HM Waterfall Location

If you want to acquire the Hidden Machine, Waterfall, then your first stop needs to be Sunyshore City. There you will find the final gym of your journey run by Volkner. It is an Electric-type gym so be sure to prepare for it thoroughly.

After you have defeated the gym leader, you will obtain the Beacon Badge. You will now need to take this badge and head to the Sunyshore City beach. Jasmine can be found there and if you interact with her and show her the Beacon badge, she will award you with the Waterfall HM. 


We have compiled and answered some questions that you may find useful on your journey through the Sinnoh region in the new remakes:

Do I have to teach HMs to my Pokemon?

Fortunately, the answer to that is NO. You do not need to teach HMs to Pokemon, rather you can use the Poketch. It contains the HMs you own and allows you to use them when needed.

Which is the most difficult gym leader in Brilliant Diamond?

Fantina is arguably the most difficult gym leader to face in the new remakes. She is a Ghost-type gym leader and her 3 Pokemon arsenal can be lethal. She has good coverage when it comes to type advantages as well making her the most difficult to deal with.

Which is the best starter to pick in Brilliant Diamond?

When it comes to choosing starters, people usually hesitate since they would be using them throughout the game. If you were to ask us then we would recommend you pick Chimchar as your starter since he evolves into Infernape, who has one of the best arsenals of moves backed by great speed making it a very appealing choice.


Pokemon recently released remakes to two of its most beloved games under the names of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. This was a treat for people who wanted to get a taste of nostalgia from their childhoods.

For those who decided to play the game and were trying to figure out where they could get the final HM Waterfall so they can proceed through the story but were unsuccessful, this guide provides the location and requirements for that HM. We hope you found it helpful and while you are at it, be sure to let us know about your favorite Pokemon in the comments below.

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