What is Olympic Esports Week? Are Esports Coming to the Olympics?

Get excited – the very first Olympic Esports Week is going down in Singapore between 22 and 25 June 2023, and you will be able to stream and bet on all of the matches at https://gg.bet/de/esports and receive generous odds! Make no mistake, this is a massive announcement for esports and puts gaming on a clear path to eventually feature in the Olympic Games within 12 years. This is essentially a test event, and if esports can get enough interest then you can expect more and more IOC-backed esports tournaments in the future!

How Will the Olympic Esports Week Work?

The IOC has linked up with Singapore’s top sports governing body to put on an amazing in-person live esports event. The Olympic Esports Week will last for 4 days and will feature a wide range of simulated sports. Alongside the events will be presentations and learning sessions, and the most advanced esports technology will be on display.
The Olympic Esports Week will culminate with in-person live finals. The event is expected to sell out fast, and the virtual Olympians will battle it out in front of massive crowds. The atmosphere will be electric and will rival any traditional sporting event.

What Sports Will Feature at the Olympic Esports Week?

The IOC has not announced what specific sports will feature at the Olympic Esports Week. The sports will be announced at the beginning of 2023. However, the sports are likely to be similar to the one featured in the 2021 Olympic Virtual Series, which included baseball, sailing, motorsport, cycling and rowing. The Olympic Esports Week will include a wider range of events, and there are rumors that track and field and basketball will make an appearance.

What is the Goal of the Event?

IOC President Thomas Bach has been very supportive of esports in the past. He has a vision of featuring gaming in the Olympics at one stage and even made a comment about the possible way back in 2018. Bach stated that the goal of the Olympic Esports Week is to take esports to a new level and help them develop as part of the Olympic Movement. Bach clearly believes that esports are legitimate and are only going to get more popular. He believes that the size of the event and live finals will only increase the popularity of esports and set the stage for further collaboration.

The IOC is excited to work with Singapore, which has transformed itself into a hub for esports. Singapore is the perfect location to further test the concept of featuring esports in the Olympic Games one day!

Final Thoughts

This announcement is massive for esports! It further legitimizes esports in the public eye and pushes them that much closer to featuring in the Olympic Games. If this event is successful and draws a big crowd and viewing numbers, then the IOC will be forced to take notice. If you have dreams of becoming a virtual Olympian, then keep an eye on announcements from the IOC at the beginning of 2023, as they will explain the events that will feature and the qualifying process.

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