What does ‘Scuff’ mean in Gaming?

The gaming industry has been proving to be dominating the world recently, so much so that an entire culture has manifested itself with gaming as its focal point. People who used to be nobodies have gained massive fame due to their incredible skills, while many new companies have been able to emerge from the shadows. Gaming has demonstrated itself to be a lucrative business regardless of which side of the spectrum you belong to in the industry.

Further, people have acquired a sense of taste for certain aspects of games and have formed communities on internet platforms like Reddit where they freely discuss and share their ideas without any arbitrary bias toward their peer’s backgrounds about their favorite games.

Since people from all over the world join these discussions, new slang has been birthed from the collective intercommunication of these individuals. Today, we are going to tell you the meaning of one of those slang words adopted widely by gaming enthusiasts, which is: “Scuff”.

Meaning of Scuff

The word “Scuff” is often employed by gamers, but what does it mean? Although the word scuff does exist in the English dictionary, its meaning in gaming is completely different from the original word.

Meaning – “To be of bad/worse quality”

Even though the meaning of the word is quite clear on its own, let us give you an example to avoid any misunderstandings.

Suppose the movement mechanic of a game used to be very smooth allowing a satisfactory experience, but after a new update, the movement mechanic has changed and is now very jittery and rugged. In such a situation, one could say that the movement mechanic is now “scuffed” or the update itself is “scuffed”.


What is the meaning of the original word “Scuff”?

The original word “Scuff” means “To make the surface of a smooth object rough by scraping it against another object”. A good example would be scraping the floor tile of a place with a rough object in such a way that a mark is left. In such a case, it would be said that the tile was “scuffed” by someone.

How much is the gaming industry worth?

The gaming industry is one of the biggest industries which is still growing at an outstanding pace. Currently, it is already worth more than the movie and music estimated to be at around $196 billion.


The gaming industry is one of the largest industries in the world and is expanding at a rapid speed raking in numerous users with each passing moment. Thus, the intermingling of a diverse range of people has developed a new application of old words which can often be confusing for newbies. Therefore, in this article, we have talked about the meaning of one of those words, which is “Scuff”.

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