Warframe: Which One Choose Drifter or Operator?

Warframe is one of the best hack and slash games currently available. It has a very vast map and a very compelling storyline to keep players completely hooked. The developers of Warframe, Digital Extremes, and Panic Button Games keep supplying the community with new expansion packs that take the story even further.

One of the recently released expansion packs, The New War, brings new locations, items, quests, and warframes to the game. While moving through the quests, you must make a very important decision that will eventually decide the course of the story, and that is choosing between Drifter or Operator.

How Does This Choice Affect the Story?

There is a reason why Warframe is said to have one of the best stories among the immense number of games currently present in the market. In Warframe, each choice you make has a significant impact on the future and how everything progresses. Every choice is essential and carries great weight. If you think about it while keeping these things in mind, then it becomes evident why players are so eager to find out which warframe is better.

Although Drifter and Operator are very different, they essentially are you, or to be exact two versions of the player stemming from alternate timelines. They have had different experiences in life some of which align while some contradict each other. Both of their stories are different, and the player gets to choose whose story they wish to witness and progress through.

Who Should You Choose, Drifter or Operator?

The question dominating the minds of the Warframe community is who should they choose, Drifter or Operator? This is probably because they believe that they will only get to keep the Warframe that they have chosen and rightfully so. Therefore, we are here to answer this question.

This might be surprising but in the long run, it does not matter who you choose since after the completion of the quest players will be able to keep both warframes. Yes, Drifter and Operator will eventually belong to you, but you will not be able to witness the story of the warframe you did not choose, so pick whoever you prefer more.


Following are some questions you may be curious about regarding Warframe:

Is Warframe free-to-play?

Surprisingly, yes, Warframe is a free-to-play that you can download off Steam. You do, however, have to pay for the expansion packs that are released for Warframe, if you want the additional content.

What is Tenno in Warframe?

Tenno is the biomechanical human-like species that inhabit the warframes. Each player regardless of the warframe they equip is a Tenno.

How long do Tennos live?

We have established that Tennos are not human so it would be wrong to assume that they have the same lifespan as humans. Tennos are a long-lived species with an average life expectancy of around 1000 years.


Warframe is a simply phenomenal game in its entirety. Every aspect of the game is very alluring and well-designed. It would not be wrong to say that Warframe is a massive success, especially for a game that was released in 2013.

Developers to date keep trying to make the game more interesting by introducing new features through expansion packs. One of the recent expansion packs, The New War, further added to the story of Warframe and made players choose between two warframes. We hope that this blog was helpful to you in deciding whether to pick Drifter or Operator and be sure to let us know who you ended up choosing in the comments below.

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