Vital Skills You Need To Develop To Earn Cisco CCNA Certification In One Go

You’ve probably heard that the Cisco CCNA certification helps you become adept at managing different types of network components. How, you may ask? First of all, this designation validates your skills in managing network devices or configuring routers and switches.

Also, you shouldn’t ignore the fact that Cisco is an international vendor, with a solid reputation worldwide. So, even though the CCNA certificate is for the associate level, it is the perfect start for you to build a successful career in networking.

At the same time, this designation can be obtained only by passing one official exam. Its code is 200-301, and it certifies that you have the necessary competence in managing IP connectivity and services as well as automation and programmability concepts.

Besides, the certification process is a complex one, requiring candidates to meet certain prerequisites and demonstrate experience in different IT areas. Therefore, if you want to learn about the skills that you need to become CCNA qualified, then you should read the following rows carefully.

Conditions You Need to Meet If You Want to Earn CCNA 

Well, you can easily obtain the Cisco CCNA certification if you take training seriously and use verified prep options. Therefore, you can enrol in the instructor-led training provided by real Cisco experts. It can be found by the name Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (CCNA) v1.0 on the official vendor’s website.

What’s more, you can attend the live training if your time allows it, or, if your schedule is too busy, you can choose the virtual or e-learning study format. But keep in mind that the vendor has recommendations for the applicants who want to attend this class. So, it’s expected that you have:

  • Knowledge of basic computer concepts;
  • Ability to navigate the PC operating system;
  • Skills in managing the basic Internet usage;
  • Knowledge in managing IP addresses.

The above-mentioned are not strict requirements, but having these skills and knowledge will definitely help you pass this course and prepare more effectively for the actual 200-301 exam.

Skills Tested in Cisco CCNA Evaluation

Regarding the relevant exam, getting the passing score in the Cisco 200-301 test is something achievable on the first try if you demonstrate solid competence in the following topics:

  • Understanding the function and role that basic network components have in a business environment;
  • Configuring, verifying, and ensuring the network access;
  • Configuring and verifying IP services alongside connectivity;
  • Determining and defining the most important security concepts and managing the security fundamental solutions;
  • Interpreting the programmability and automation concepts as well as understanding how they impact the business processes.

As you understand, the questions included in the official 200-301 exam focus on the topics described above. Thus, you should master them to perfection if you want to get the minimum required score with ease.

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Well, the certification process for the Cisco CCNA certification can be a piece of cake for you as long as you understand what expertise you need to develop. Thus, the best strategy that you should use is checking the exam blueprint. It includes detailed information on the tested topics

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