5 Best Video Calling Apps for PC 2022

Video Calling Apps for Smartphones is one of the latest trends now. But what about the PC? How important is video calling on PC? And what are the best video calling apps for PC currently available? We’ve done thorough research around this topic, and here’s our list.

Video Calling on Windows PC or Mac

Although video calling on PC or Mac may not be as popular as that on Smartphones, it’s gaining traction. Not only for personal use, but video conferencing has also become a popular and necessary technology utilization.

Many organizations are using freely available Video Calling Apps for Windows PC for their official video conferencing. The same is true for Mac users because most popular Softwares come on both platforms.

It redefines the convenience of working from home or wherever you are when you can not meet in person. It saves time, energy, and other resources, although every meeting can not always be virtual. Whatever the new development is, video calling or conferencing is here for the long haul.

With that in mind, we present you the list of 5 Best Video Calling Apps for PC. We will focus on free apps since you can easily download them without spending a dime.

5 Best Video Calling Apps for PC [Free and Premium]

These below are the best video calling apps for your PC. We will describe them in detail below.

1. Zoom

2. Skype

3. WhatsApp

4. ooVoo

5. Google Hangouts

There are many other video calling applications available for Windows and Mac. But we will focus on these 5 today. In fact, after reading more details of each app, you’ll probably not need to look any further for an alternative. Let’s get into the details now, shall we?

1. Zoom:

Zoom is undoubtedly the best app for Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, and all kinds of Cloud Meetings. It’s relatively new compared to the likes of Skype and Google hangouts. But it’s a very powerful, feature-rich, and easy to use Video Calling App for your PC.

The best part is there’s a free plan. You can download Zoom for free.

Owing to its popularity and powerful features, Zoom App is being used by various industries in the Education, Healthcare, Financial, and other Government Agencies and Departments.

If you need a meeting of a large number of participants or for an unlimited period of video calling, there are additional features available with the paid plans. Let’s take a look at the Zoom App Pricing plan.

Zoom App Subscription Plans
Zoom App Subscription Plans

As you can see above, even the free plan is sufficient for most daily use and smaller organizations. You can always upgrade your subscription at a later date, as required.

2. Skype

Skype has been here for a long time now (~ 15 years). It’s one of the most popular instant messaging and video chat applications. This robust, easy to use video calling app for PC finds its place at the second spot, very close to Zoom App. You can make free calls to anyone with the Skype app, while the paid version allows you to make calls to any mobile number, anywhere in the world.

Best Video Calling Apps for PC

There’s both the Mobile (Android and iOS) version and the PC version of Skype. With the free option well enough to meet most video calling needs, Skype still maintains its reputation for being one of the best video calling apps for PC and Smartphones.

3. WhatsApp

WhatsApp by Facebook is perhaps the best and most popular instant messaging app for Smartphones nowadays. Within a short span of time, WhatsApp has evolved to beat Line, Viber, or WeChat. Apart from instant messages, you can video call with up to 3 other users at a time using WhatsApp.

The best part about this app is it’s free, and there are no charges at all. The PC version is not available as downloadable software. But you can directly use WhatsApp web at web.whatsapp.com and use your mobile WhatsApp app to sign in.

Whatsapp video calling

There’s no limit to the number of messages you can send or the time limit for video calling on WhatsApp. Although the limit of the number of participants is there, still it’s one of the best video calling app for PC and Mac users who need to video call with up to 50 people.

4. ooVoo

The name may not be familiar to some of you, but ooVoo is another best alternative to Skype or Zoom app. Although it may not be in the same ilk as the apps mentioned earlier, the ooVoo video calls and messaging app is quite popular. The main feature of this app is its user-friendly interface. Essentially, ooVoo is a mini social media platform.

ooVoo video calling app for PC

You can make unlimited voice or video calls using the app. There is also room for conference calls. The conference calling feature can accommodate up to 8 people at a time. So if you’re organizing a video conference call with a small number of officials or friends, ooVoo is the app for you.

5. Google Hangouts

Last but not least, Google Hangout is another popular app to try. I believe you already know and may have already been using it. It’s a highly optimized app you can use conveniently for a video call with a friend. It may sound a little casual with the “hangout” term, but it serves its whole purpose of delivering a virtual meeting room.

Google hangout Video Calling App for PC

Coming out right from the search giant, Google Hangout is pretty cool and can be used by anyone with a Gmail account. Who does not have a google account at this age, right? Hangout is all free, and you can make video calls with up to 10 people at a time.

Conclusion and Wrap Up

It’s not easy to make the list of the 5 best video calling apps for PC or Smartphone for that matter. We took the pain to take a close look at each of the apps and come up with this list. There are many other video calling apps that you can use for your video conferencing or meeting. But as said, these are the best ones among them.

I’m sure if you tried the first two, there’d be no need to keep trying out the others. But with no partiality, you can see for yourself what’s best. While some may not require you to download the video chat software, others can be used directly from the official websites.

So which one is your favorite amongst the best video calling app for PC (Windows or Mac)? Do let us know in the comments below.

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