Use WhatsApp on PC Using WhatsApp Web

How to Use WhatsApp on PC Using WhatsApp Web: WhatsApp is one of those apps that you would find installed on almost each and every smartphone. WhatsApp is the most popular and the most widely used social networking app that people use to connect to their friends and families. After a remarkable success in smartphones, WhatsApp has now rolled out WhatsApp Web. This feature allows you to use WhatsApp on PC using WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp available on your smartphone gets synchronized with your PC or tablet and you can use it either on your smartphone or on the desktop. In this article, we will let you know the whole procedure to use the WhatsApp Web, its advantages, and its limitations.

Prerequisites To Using Whatsapp Web

Before you use WhatsApp on PC using WhatsApp Web, it is mandatory to have the following:

  1. Google Chrome Browser: WhatsApp web can be used on Google Chrome browsers only. WhatsApp web is not compatible with other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari etc. You can download the latest version of Google Chrome browser from the download link provided below.

Download LinkGoogle Chrome Browser

  1. Latest Version of WhatsApp: You can use WhatsApp on PC using WhatsApp web, only if you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your smartphone. So before using WhatsApp web, first install the latest version of WhatsApp on your respective smartphones. Download link of latest version of WhatsApp for various platforms are given below.

          Download Links for the latest version of WhatsApp:

WhatsApp for Android


Limitations Of Whatsapp Web

  • As I just mentioned, WhatsApp Web is not available for iOS users for now. WhatsApp is saying that this is due to Apple Platform Limitations. So, iOS users will have to wait to use WhatsApp on PC using WhatsApp Web.
  • WhatsApp Web can be used in Google Chrome Browser only. If you are fond of any other web browser, then you won’t be able to use it unless you download and install Google Chrome on your PC or tablet.
  • Even if you are not sharing your profile picture to those who are not in your contact list, WhatsApp web will not hide it. It will allow even complete strangers to see your profile picture. This is one of the bugs of WhatsApp web, which should hopefully get fixed soon.
  • Images are not blurred out in the conversation thread even if they have been deleted by the users.


How To Use Whatsapp On Pc Using Whatsapp Web

In this section, you will get a detailed and step-by-step procedure to use WhatsApp on PC using WhatsApp web. So go through the steps mentioned below carefully:

  • First of all, download Google Chrome and the Latest Version of WhatsApp on your smartphone, if you haven’t yet.
  • Open Google Chrome and visit WhatsApp web by clicking here. You will observe a QR Code here.
  • Now open WhatsApp on your smartphone. Go to WhatsApp web. Android users can access WhatsApp web by clicking on the three dots on the top right corner and selecting WhatsApp Web. Windows Phone users can access it by clicking the menu on the bottom and selecting WhatsApp web.

Use WhatsApp on PC



  • Users of other Platforms can access WhatsApp web as shown in the screenshot given below.

Use WhatsApp on PC



  • After that, scan the QR code appearing on the screen of your desktop using your smartphone.

Use WhatsApp on PC


  • Now you will see all your contacts and all your chats appearing on the screen of your PC.

Use WhatsApp on PC

  • Now you can use WhatsApp on PC using WhatsApp Web very easily. The interface of WhatsApp on the web is quite similar to that of WhatsApp on your PC.

So this was an easy yet efficient method to use WhatsApp on PC using WhatsApp web. To reduce data usage, you can connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi. Hope you liked this article on “How to Use WhatsApp on PC using WhatsApp web”. In case of any queries regarding this, feel free to ask via comments.

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