Ultra-Wide Resolutions Trick In Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a very graphically pleasing game backed up by an immersive storyline and engaging gameplay and it could have been even more immersive if it supported ultrawide monitors.

Ultrawide monitors have garnered an abundant amount of attention from the gaming community. Due to their aspect ratio, they make it easier for users to get immersed in their favorite games and in some games can also provide a tactical advantage by freeing real estate on the screen which would otherwise be occupied by HUD elements and other clutter.

How to Get Ultrawide Mode in Elden Ring

Elden rings players were remorseful when they found out that their favorite game would not support ultrawide monitor leaving empty spaces on both their screens and their hearts, but fret not since we have made this guide in order to help you play Elden Ring in the 21:9 aspect ratio which most modern ultrawide monitors support.

Ultrawide Elden Ring Using Mods

The only way players can get Elden Ring to work in ultrawide mode is by using mods since there have been no words from Elden Ring’s developers on an official change. Following are some of the mods that you can use to get Elden Ring working on your ultrawide monitor:

Flawless Widescreen Mod

First, you must download the mod which you can do from ‘here’, and then install it. After installation, you have to open it and it will show several options, do not be overwhelmed.

On the left side, you will be able to spot the Available Plugins folder, click on it and then click on the FWS Plugins, after which you have to locate Elden Ring and install it. It will now be moved to the Installed Plugins folder and by clicking on it you can change the preferences to your liking and then click Acknowledge and Ignore.

After that, you will have to disable Easy Anti-Cheat since it will declare the mod as a cheat thereby flagging it. Locate the game files and rename the start_protected_game file to start_protected_game.old and rename the eldenring.exe to start_protected_game. You will now need to create a new text document and save it as steam_appid with 1245620 written inside it. You can now enjoy Elden Ring in all its ultrawide glory.


Mentioned below are questions that you may find useful in your journey of Elden Ring:

Are there any alternatives to Flawless Widescreen mod?

Yes, if you are not able to get the Flawless Widescreen mod working with Elden Ring then you have no reason to worry because there are other mods available as well which you can use to play Elden Ring on ultrawide monitors. We recommend the Uberhalti’s and Ultrawide UI Fixes mods.

When will Elden Ring officially support ultrawide monitors?

The announcement was made by FromSoftware, the developers of Elden Ring, that the game will not support any ultrawide aspect ratios officially forcing users to opt for mods instead.

Why does Elden Ring not support mods?

Mods are a way to bring about unofficial changes to a personal copy of a game, but in many cases where multiplayer is involved, they can also be used for cheating. There is no easy way to distinguish between these mods therefore Easy Anti-Cheat flags them. Technically, Elden Ring does support mods, but they cannot get past Easy Anti-Cheat.


Elden Ring is a very amusing game that caters to bringing entertainment into the lives of many, but it is in no way perfect, and it can sometimes be frustrating to deal with the decisions developers have made regarding the game. The game not supporting ultrawide aspect ratios is one of them, but there is no need to worry.

Players can download mods like the Flawless Widescreen mod to be able to play the game on their ultrawide monitors with ease. This guide helps you with the steps needed to fulfill the setup and if you found it helpful be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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