Top 9 Best Voice Changing Software for Windows 10

Have you ever think of changing your voice? Are you searching for voice changing software in 2022? If yes then good news for you that your dream come true with means you can change your voice with the help of best voice changer software. There are many reasons to change your voice like playing pranks with friends or even on strangers or want to hide their identity in sensitive situations. With the latest technology, it is possible now to change your voice, not in real but digitally.

In this article, we are focusing on how to change voice using voice changer software. This type of power also leads to hard if not handled correctly. That’s why those that are searching for using such software need to have a good aim and also to know the boundaries of their actions. Before we look best voice changer for pc first get an idea actually what it is?

What Is Voive Changer Software?

Free voice changer software is the software that let their users change their voices during while playing online games or talking over their favorite calling apps. You can merely change your voices from women to men, men to women, cartoon voice, robotic voice, alien voice, and much more.

Even there are two types of voice changing software: one is real-time voice modulation software, and another is non-real-time voice changer app for pc.

The real-time voice changer is those that allow users to change their original voice to various entertaining and funny voices like women in the event of men, men in case of women and more. You can even change the morphore and pitch of the voice. You can also record the voice with supportable audio formats and then change the pitch of the voice by using tone color, frequency, period, pitch, and much more.

Best Voice Changing Software:

#1 Avsoft voice changer – Voice Changer Software Diamond

AVSoft voice changer is an elementary program to use. It displays all the basic features that you need while working on the main menu. In a real-time talk, you will not have any problems in changing voice settings.

You can use the effect in audiobooks and audio messages along with voice change. If you want additional effects, then you can download them from the add-on store. There are a bunch of tutorials also available on youtube with installation and user guide. It is also a useful tool for audio projects, especially when it comes to recording. You can record voice directly with an effect on it.

#2 MorphVox

MorphVox works with a fundamental principle, especially that a person will usually have one of three voice tones: a woman’s, a man’s, or a kid’s. Depend on this simple principle; this voice changer program gives the best experience that provides the leading voice changing choices to anyone that is looking to either mislead or trick someone into believing they have a different age or a different gender.

Morph Vox also used while live chats that make it an excellent choice for those who need to have a different voice for a particular phone call or even when talking with people online. Since it is not as different as some of the other picks and hence more useful for entertainment or comedic purposes than sensitive or severe calls, but the software will do its job although and change the user’s voice per their settings.

#3 Voxal Voice Changer

It can help users who are seeking to change their voice in real time. It is one of the best tools because it is free with some amazing features. One of the top features of Voxal is the user interface which is user-friendly and makes using the program a zephyr.

As with any software, having a great user interface is vital as it will save the user from a lengthy training period and steep learning curve. The time saved due to easy UI can be used to into voice editing improvement and make yourself expert to sound like someone else.


If you believed that this software put misuse on your voice or something similar, then you are wrong. Voxal live voice changer provides quite a distinct list of possibilities when it comes to selecting your voice sound. Do not worry; there are the classic pitch change options also available that needed slight adjustment in how your natural voice sounds. Users can also change their voice from female to male and male to female, or the voice of an alien or a robot. Another is more of entertainment for laughs and giggles, but they are also welcome as they perform their role to the peak.


This best voice changer works in real time that means you can change your voice as you are speaking. It is apparently great for when you can’t use a recording, for example, on a live phone call. Furthermore, the software also let users change recorded messages. The capability to choose what type of audio you want to change is a valuable feature, and Voxal nails variety. If you wish to change your voice in an already existing recording, then it is effortless and using the tools given in the software to change how your voice sounds in the record.

#4 Virtual Personality+

Every person is a fan of some famous personality, and hence he/she will at least once dream of being the same star. So with this free voice changer software, you can get their voice and make a sound like them. This app permits the user to take the voice of their favorite character from its database which features a massive list of famous and known people. There is a chance that the public figure you like the most might also highlight on the list, amazing! Isn’t it?

It is funnier to tricking your friends that they are talking to someone they admire, only to hear their disgruntled reaction in the end? Okay, it is bad if you do this over and over but one time try worth a good laugh.

Even note that this app also changes the one’s voice from female to male irrespective of the user’s gender or original voice. So what I want to try it now you have no limits for yourself to personalities of the same sex, which makes for even more exciting role-playing.

Versatile closet of tricks

Another feature of this app is that it allows for multiple types of live sessions or recording to alter. People can use it within phone calls or with instant voice and messaging chat services like Skype. It means that you always have the chance of picking out a trick up your side and amaze the person at the other end of the chat.

To leave a message for someone, you can edit pre-recorded audio files to give any audio clip like a style of personality. Whether scaring, surprising or tricking people is your game, you can apparently have a fun time with this one software. It might be possible that you get some special treatments if people believe you are the person they admire.

#5 Fake Voice

Fake Voice is one of the best free voice changer software with a simple interface. So whenever we talk about simplicity, this app inevitably come on the top of the list. The app starts right into its features, and that can be useful for a circumstance when timing and speed are key in any such type of situation. It makes changing your voice simple as it gives a lot of options on the matter.

Nice and simple mechanic

The mechanics behind Fake Voice are easy. You are just given a collection of sliders that you play continuously until you get the results of your choice. There are many options available to choose and depends on how much you play with the sliders you can come up with some attractive and impressive results. This software also works in real time, so one can hear the changes that take effect as they mess around with the sliders.

A varied selection

As I stated above, there are many options available on Fake Voice software. All users are free to change their voices to anything ranging from a little kid to man to women to an old person, every cartoonish voice, and others.
To combined different voice effects, the trick is to use multiple sliders. If you decide to come up with a unique voice, you can have fun with this one and thoroughly take friends and family by surprise.

#6 Voice Master

Seldom it is nice to have all the different effects, variations and options which can help you customize your fake voice to a significant degree. So if you are also looking for the simple software that comes up with a distinct feature, then you are on the near to the destination because Voice Master might be your thing.

This software provides simplicity with a good pitch changer which let you do the all basic of customization to your voice. If you want to change your voice but still make it visible then, Voice Master could be what you are searching. Do not worry about additional options because you can easily customize the pitch of your voice without any extra options with this mic voice changer.

Combine it with a messaging service

This software works in incorporation with a messaging service. So for example, when you open Skype, you can enable Voice Master to lock on and provide options for changing the pitch of your voice.

Using the program is straightforward as it only takes a single slider to change your voice pitch and to give your voice an entirely new character and depth. You can also withhold from what you already have, letting you play with how your voice can sound when altered.

#7 All-in-One Voice Changer

This microphone voice changer software works as assumed, in a very similar fashion to the rest of the voice changers listed here. It is a great tool for voice chat and lives calls, and yes it is also free. Not only this but a user can also pair this software with multiple messaging services like Skype or Yahoo Messenger. So if you do not admire the voice changing feature offered by the Skype, you can use All-in-One Voice Changer as a replacement.

In-call features

The male to female voice changer app allows you to alter your voice from one gender to the other in the running call. The options available while a call is running enabling users to quickly shift between being a man, kid, woman, and many others, that thoroughly misleading the person on the other side of the call.

Video features and dubs

This software also uses for modifying video files with audio files. So if you have never seen the video that is funny as well as misleading dub over it, then try this tool. It allows you to change the file; likewise, you change an audio recording.

#8 Viscom Voice Changer

Voice Changer app completely depends on what exactly you are searching or want to achieve. It has its pros and cons. For example, it might not be lousy voice changer free for everybody, but the face leads to that it only deals with pre-recorded files. And it is a big drawback of it, but Voice Changer makes sure that its users get a wide range of services, tools, and options when we talk about editing those pre-recorded files.

Only three audio formats

Even though it master in recorded audio only, it doesn’t make sure that a specific user file is compatible or not. In fact, it only supports three audio formats, and they are MP3, WAV, and WMA. It’s true that all of the above are most popular audio formats, especially nowadays, but it will great if it supports a broader variety of accepted formats.

A multitude of effects

When we talk about what Voice Changer software can do, then we satisfactorily said that it could apply many different types of changes. The most straightforward and necessary is the ability to change the pitch of the audio, and it presents its most reliable form in Voice Changer alongside other effects like different voice types and even speed modifiers.


When the audio put by the user directed modifications, it is changed to the WAV format and then stored in the local memory. It is quite a disappointment that users cannot use or save more audio file formats. It means losing some of the audio quality, but if a particular, unsupported format is necessary, users can just use audio converted to turn it into whatever they want.

Not for live pranks and concealment

As discussed before, this female voice changer software for pc only works with pre-recorded files which suggest that if you need voice editing software for a live recording or live call, this one will be not of your use. But when we talk about recorded audio, then it’s a worthy pick.

Nothing to lose

Similar to many of the earlier tools, Morph Vox is free software so that users have nothing to lose by using it. So if you don’t want to show actual voice to a person on the second end, then this software is best for you. When people aren’t assuming it, then it must be quite tough to tell that someone is using voice changing software to get a different tone or voice.

#9 Skype Voice Changer

Skype has developed its voice changing software. Using a Skype voice changing a program to change your voice is one thing, but trying prank with someone into Skype call is a completely new thing. So you plan to dupe someone over a Skype conversation, you can use it also to alter your voice.

It’s always excellent when you can get most of the task done with single software as it saves more space on the hard drive and helps keeps the pc clean.

On the fly

Another point to remember is that Skype calls direct to happen quite occasionally. Apart from the scheduled calls,
Skype call notifications pop up much randomly which means that it will not always be comfortable to hold off from answering the call until you can use it on the third party voice changing software.

Skype still try multiple programs and check which gives the best experience for its users. Even if Skype has its gig, it might not be the one what you were looking.

Going mobile

Most of the people know that Skype has also jumped into the mobile spectrum of technology that shows that many users feel comfortable in using the mobile version of Skype.

The mobile version is also beneficial for the implementation of the voice changing software proprietary. It is an excellent addition because it enables users to take their games on the road or complete other tasks while assuming to be someone else on Skype.


It is all about the best voice changing software for windows 10 that you can find. So once you install any of these, you don’t have to become feel shy about your voice or also try little fun with friends.

We hope you like our collection and if it is so then sharing it with friends and the family. Thank you!

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