Top 15 Games Like Sword Art Online

Manga and anime such as Sword Art Online have become increasingly popular. Virtual MMORPGs are deeply compelling, as is their premise. This is something that gamers around the world can relate to. Read or watch Ready Player One, and you’ll recognize a lot of the concepts.

In order to make its story as engaging as possible, SAO incorporates many of the elements characteristic of MMORPGs. For example, you would have to defeat monsters to level up, obtain and upgrade gear, and form groups to defeat bosses. In addition, you would need blacksmithing or cooking skills to level up.

If all this sounds familiar, you might wonder if there are similar games out there. Despite the fact that there are very few games that feature permadeath and dungeon-based crawling. Some Games Like Sao are still available that can help you scratch the Sword Art Online itch.

Games Like Sword Art Online in 2021

The light novel series Sword Art Online (SAO) is popular in Japan, thanks to writer Reki Kawahara, who is also a best-selling author. Several manga and anime adaptations were made. A PS3 video game was also created.

The anime world has been swept up by SAO. This is regarded as one of the greatest anime shows of recent years. It has a very captivating storyline. A virtual reality experience is part of the show.

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Since Sword Art Online was released, many anime and gaming fans wondered if there were similar games. Currently, there is nothing like Nerve Gear on the market. But there are do some games which are similar to it. Let’s take a look at the current MMORPG market.

Elder Scrolls Online

You can play Elder Scrolls Online at any time, and it is certainly the most popular MMO in the world right now. The world feels alive in Elder Scrolls Online in a special way.

The continent of Tamriel does more than just have vibrant communities. It has a landscape and an ecosystem. The variety is so great that you may decide to ignore progression simply to explore the farthest reaches of the game. 

Elsweyr’s arid and sun-bleached hills, as well as its colorful forests and glistening cities, cry out to be seen. These are made possible thanks to fully voiced NPCs. The fascinating lore slowly emerges as you explore the world and take on quests and fascinating lore.

Within Elder Scrolls Online are so many fascinating stories and characters to explore. It is a wonderful place for newcomers and fans alike to immerse themselves in. It is one of the largest and most extensive MMORPGs ever released. An extensive array of life skills and real-time combat add to the immersion.


Bluehole Studio developed the fantasy MMORPG TERA. Since February 2013, TERA in North America and Europe has transitioned from a subscription-based model to a freemium approach. The game can be played for free and users can upgrade to premium status to play for money.

TERA’s action-based combat system makes it different from other MMORPGs. The combat doesn’t rely on mouse clicks or target-based attacks. You play in third-person. You target your attacks using a crosshair cursor. There is also a real-time evasion system you must master.

In addition to an open world, TERA includes features such as crafting, questing, and obtaining professions. TERA has a PvP arena. While doing quests or traveling, you’ll experience considerably more action. Eight classes and seven races are available. 

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The strengths and weaknesses of each differ. It is also possible to play in a guild. Your guildmates will be able to chat and strategize during this time.

The MMORPG TERA is a great choice. Combined with the game world’s vast size, the combat system makes for an action-packed adventure. Don’t miss out on this amazing game.

OrbusVR: Reborn

An MMORPG exclusively designed for virtual reality room scales? Could there be anything better for fans of SAO? OrbusVR provides the closest experience to living in Aincrad simply by virtue of this.

Although OrbusVR is supported by VR, it is not dependent on it. Additionally, it is an expansive, robust MMORPG that is full of things to see and do. In addition, it has a thriving social scene. What was already a promising VRMMORPG was further developed and polished in OrbusVR: Reborn. Available in Early Access since December of 2017. This vibrant, colorful world has never been better, and you are able to immerse yourself in it now more than ever before.

Final Fantasy 14

In addition to Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy 14 is the latest triple-A MMORPG. Final Fantasy 14 has some of the most epic boss battles compared to Final Fantasy 13. In addition, the story is one that truly deserves the Final Fantasy name.

A soaring crescendo unfolds in Final Fantasy 14’s excellent Shadowbringers, making now the right time to explore this epic trilogy. 

Moreover, fans of the game can get their hands on massive swords and dress up in extravagant medieval garb. As well as tunneling through dungeons with an astonishing depth. Though new players may find Final Fantasy 14’s complicated rotations and systems intimidating, there is bound to be someone along the way who can show you the ropes.


A Nexon action MMORPG, Mabinogi is set in the future. It is constantly updated with new content. That introduces new storylines, skills, and possibilities.

The only class your character has is that of his or her race, in Mabinogi. The skill levels for any skill are completely up to you. The ability points needed to enhance a skill are earned through experiences. Mabinogi has a combat system that makes it stand out. You are going to be tested since your skills must be timed to perfectly anticipate your opponents’ movements. In comparison to other games, the combat in this game is more tactical.

Character statistics can be increased. You can become a better combatant by strengthening your Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, Will, and Luck. A large number of guests can also be found in the game. You can also get rewards by working part-time.

The game Mabinogi should be played by every MMORPG enthusiast. You have the option of taking any path you want in its combat system. In addition to exploring and living in fantasy worlds, Mabinogi also provides an interesting addition to the game.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

A lively social hub is what you want from an SAO-like MMORPG. A game of this genre should be comparable to World of Warcraft, an undisputed titan. It has over twice as many active players as the next most popular game. MMORPGs like WoW are also social networks that allow players to make new friends and maintain friendships for life. 

It’s no surprise so many people like World of Warcraft. It’s a fantastic video game with a truly amazing design and scale. Over the last 15 years, Blizzard has constantly improved the graphics and added new races to World of Warcraft. 

In addition, the world is becoming more explorable. The world, though, is colored by the community that can be found in Azeroth and has grown up with. It fills WoW with a sense of reality that no other MMORPG can match.

Genshin Impact

It can’t be stressed enough that Genshin Impact is an excellent RPG with a strong anime presence. In addition, Genshin Impact offers a ton of content for players who are not interested in or unfamiliar with gacha games. 

You will never interact with a gacha mechanic. But as soon as you dive into the gacha aspect, you’ll discover an entirely new system of gamification and reward that will enhance your gameplay experience. Moreover, Genshin Impact is completely free, so what are you waiting for?

Wizardry Online

The Wizardry Online MMORPG was developed by Gamepot. It is inspired by Sir-Tech’s classic Wizardry games. Outside of Japan, Sony Online Entertainment released the game on January 23, 2013.

Five races are available in Wizardry Online. Additionally, four classes can be selected. It is possible to mix and match races and classes to create the kind of character you want. You will be awarded a certain number of points for creating your character. Those points can then be used to increase their attributes. There is also a class switch feature in the game. You can unlock the class of your choice once you reach the required attribute points.

In addition, the game has a new element of challenge known as Permadeath. It is possible to lose your character forever when your character dies. There is no difference between being slain by a monster or a player. In a multiplayer environment, this risk is heightened. The game allows players to attack each other in dungeons as well as fields.

This game has a lot going for it that keeps you hooked. One of the key features is Permadeath. You must be careful and quick when interacting.


The long history of RuneScape makes it an excellent MMORPG. It has a community of players that is nearly 2 decades old. Additionally, it remains one of the only MMOs of the genre’s earliest history to be consistently updated to this day.

Since the release of the 3rd version of this game in 2013, it has been in development for a while. OldSchool RuneScape, however, caters to veterans. A large and active player base will make it fun for fans in either case. It has a  world rich in imagination, and a strong emphasis on PvP. On this list, perhaps the most accessible option is RuneScape. Almost all of its content can be played for free. Additionally, it is browser-based, so it won’t require any special hardware.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim VR

The Skyrim game is great. It is thanks to Bethesda’s efforts that dragons are grounded and quests are completed. A VR headset doesn’t have to be strapped to your head to explore Skyrim’s vast world. It provides a more immersive experience without the aid of a headset. In addition, it’s one of the closest things to a VRMMO right now like Sword Art Online. The character you play in Skyrim VR doesn’t die when they die.

Keep in mind that this is an exact rehash of the 2011 version of Skyrim. There hasn’t been any significant remastering or redesigning of the game. The visual design of Skyrim has aged exceedingly well nonetheless. The controls have been adapted wonderfully for VR platforms by Bethesda. Skyrim VR offers a new immersion experience for players to revisit the game.

Dragon Nest

The Dragon Nest MMORPG is owned and developed by Eyedentity. You cannot afford to miss out on this action-packed adventure game if you’re seeking action and adventure.

There is no targeting system in Dragon Nest. Your character’s movements are completely under your control. As a player, you’ll primarily spend your time completing instance dungeons with other players. You can boost your monster-killing skills by learning Devastating skills. You will gain an edge in the PvP arena.

A part of Dragon Nest’s gameplay is also skill-based. In this way, you can still defeat high-level opponents. There are six characters in the game. After changing jobs, each character branches out into two classes. After changing jobs again, another two classes are added.

In Dragon Nest, the combat system is quick enough to keep you engrossed for hours on end.  You can play this game with your friends while you explore instance dungeons.


MAIET Entertainment developed RaiderZ. It is a game featuring fast-paced combat and excellent character progression. MMORPG elements are present in the game. For example, quests and PvP battles are featured. As opposed to point-and-click controls in other games, in this combat system you have to actively engage in combat. This means you can’t aimlessly swing your weapon at the enemy. The enemy attacks must be dodged. Your position must also be correct to gain the edge.

Unlike other games, RaiderZ allows you to develop your character in a unique way. You have the opportunity to select four different basic combat styles when you create your character. You can select any skill from among all four styles once you reach level 10. A Defender with enormous armor plates and magical attacks, for example, is an option. It adds a lot of interest to the game. It gives the player the opportunity to build their own character.

A lot more than any other game on the market, RaiderZ is an exciting MMORPG similar to Sword Art Online. When it comes to games that give you freedom in developing your character, RaiderZ is the best choice.

MapleStory 2

This list would not be complete without MapleStory 2. When you talk about anime, that always comes in handy. MapleStory 2 is much more than a game full of cute little monsters and big, glistening anime eyes. There’s an abundance of content and depth in this free-to-play MMORPG. You can customize almost anything about the game. You will use blocks to build houses, as well as clothing, chat bubbles, and clothing.

There is smart questing that allows you to gain organic progress without having to grind a ton. While you are waiting, life skill activities can temporarily buff your stats and give you experience points. MMORPGs such as Sword Art Online are hard to come by, but there are a few that are sufficiently anime like MapleStory 2.

Age of Wushu

Snail Games developed the martial arts-themed MMORPG Age of Wushu. There are a number of new elements found in this MMORPG that are not usually found in other games.

There is no class system in the game. Users select whatever skills they want for their characters. There are eight factions to choose from. A school’s internal skills are those that are unique to that district.

Once you leave a faction, you can no longer use these skills. Combat skills are known as External Skills. In Chivalry and Guilt, players are ranked according to their reputation. The amount of Chivalry you have compared to your amount of Guilt makes you heroic. Doubling your amount of guilt makes you evil. Even when you log out, you remain an NPC.

Kidnapping is a unique feature of the Age of Wushu. An offline player can be abducted and sold to an NPC during a quest for profit. It is up to the players to rescue or steal the hostage from the kidnappers. Your Chivalry will increase if you save the hostage, while your guilt will rise if you finish the kidnapping.

Martial arts and superhuman abilities are a part of the Age of Wushu, making it one of the most entertaining games you can play. You can play the game however you wish without any restrictions or class levels.


SAO and ArcheAge are both medieval fantasy MMORPGs. Over the years, there have been many ups and downs regarding the game. When the game became swarming with bots and pay-to-win, it was all but dead.

The previous publisher destroyed ArcheAge, and many consider it to have been the perfect MMO. Currently, the game is being published by Gamigo, a new publisher taken over in October 2018. Luckily, the game has been resurrected quite well.

Final Words

These were some of the most popular Games Like Sao. You can pick the one which you find most interesting and appealing.

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