Top 10 Games Like Summertime Saga Dating Simulation

A dating simulation like Summertime Saga is simply the best dating game you’ll ever play. This game got played twice by many people who couldn’t let themselves relax. 

So, if you are looking for Games Like Summertime Saga, we have found the 10 best Summertime Saga alternatives.

Games Like Summertime Saga in 2021

The Summertime Sage focuses on a male protagonist who is trying to uncover the truth behind the recent death of his father. On Top of all this, he struggles to handle his finances, schoolwork and getting a date.

There are many intriguing scenarios and mysteries to explore in the game that leaves one feeling satisfied and wanting more. 

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You might likely have finished the game already. Then check out the following summertime saga alternatives. Most of games is avalible in stream. you must login first otherwise you wont be able to access game.


1. Sisterly Lust

Though the game may sound cheesy, it has a very strong plot with lots of action. There are already thousands of female fans of this free game. A sad story lies behind the name, despite its sexy sound.

Sisterly Lust

You learn that your character’s father loses the custody case. This incident separates your mother and sisters. Your father mistreats you because he considers you a burden. 

You are rescued by your mother and reunited with your sisters. The sisters you have had these past few years have become sexier. You now feel inferior to them. How will you respond? Your future depends on your decisions.


2. A Town Uncovered

A town uncovered is another top-rated virtual reality game just like Summertime Saga. An interesting premise in this game centers around the protagonist, who was recently moved to town and is unsure about things in general.

A Town Uncovered

This is a story about a student who has just moved to a new town and instantly senses weirdness. The town is not your stereotypical small town.

Eventually, he discovers the secret about locals behaving strangely and disappearing out of thin air without a trace. There are strange and mysterious events coming at you that will cause your mind to wander.

The focus is on character relationships and skills. On Top of that, one can take part in very intriguing and wide side quests.

With so many hidden locations and shady areas to explore, you are free to explore the city.

Certain traits and attributes define your character. Also, you may engage in several romantic relationships simultaneously, which will help you raise your stats. 

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The storyline is entirely based on the player’s choices and likings, just like the game Summertime Saga. It is completely based on fantasy and a fetish.


3. Amber’s Magic Shop

Amber’s Magic Shop would also interest you if you liked Summertime Saga. It can be challenging to select the best game out of so many Android and iOS titles. 

Amber’s Magic Shop

It’s Amber’s Magic Shop; however, that is the most perfect of all. Amber is inside a magical world that you must explore. This game revolves around her.

During her journey to Isilia, Amber begins her alchemical training as an elf mage. 

She does not necessarily stand out among elf alchemists. And that’s what makes it so fun. 

The city will have both men and women that she will love. Every fan of Summertime Saga should play this game. It will keep you hooked for hours on end with its exciting plots.


4. Life in Woodchester

Game developer Dirty Sock Games created Life in Woodchester. It is a dating sim for visual novels. 

In this visually appealing game, a young protagonist strives to connect with those around him and resolve tensions in his home.

Life in Woodchester

Currently, the game revolves more around the house with Tara, Lily, and Janice. 

You can call the characters whatever you like, as the game allows you to customize the characters. With features such as character movement and camera panning, the game even outperforms Summertime Saga in terms of quality. 

Animations and pseudo-dialogues are available in abundance. This is a high-quality game, but it needs more content as it is still early in development.

It is developed using Game Maker Studio 2 and its engine. While improving stats & energy, the developers promise quality mini-games as well.


5. Harem Party

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a role-playing game. A similar storyline can be found in Summertime Saga. 

Videogamer Moruiji Haru will be your character. Your character plays computer games at the beginning of the game. 

Harem Party

He looks up from his computer screen, and characters from the game begin to appear. You can see that the setting of the game changes soon after they arrive dressed in party clothes. 

You see disco lights everywhere and hear loud music. An enormous party is undoubtedly about to begin. Playing the game requires interaction between your character and other players. 

During this party, there’s nothing to hold back. You’ll keep getting tempted to do things you might not have thought of before by the other characters.


6. Coming out on Top

Simulated dating situations are flavored with virtual simulations. Yet, there is a twist to this one. Obscura developed this video game that focuses on gay relationships. 

Coming out on Top

The lead character, Mark Matthews, is primarily concerned with male figures. Before beginning his last year of college, Mark comes out to his roommates. He has been consciously choosing to deal with male figures around him all this time thus far.

He is also obsessed with pets, which adds to the fun. Despite this, he is expecting some judgment from his friends and family and confines himself.

In the end, he chooses the most masculine man out of several after fawning over several men.

While choice-wise, this is less interesting, the compelling storyline compensates for it. If you are interested in getting some insights into gay men, sexuality, and pet fetishes, this is a good resource for you.


7. Momorio Closet

If you are interested in games with a novel-based plot, you should check out Momorio Closet. It explores teenage romance through anime in a virtual reality and simulation environment.

Momorio Closet

Amusing because of its creative quotient. Kagamihara Alice and Joe Hashima Reiji, middle-class members, are shown to find romance in the unlikely. It shows where couples bond. Almost all of the action takes place in Akihabara.

Using this app, you can date an anime-obsessed cosplayer schoolmate while experiencing an anime and gaming paradise. After choosing your preference, the algorithm will provide you with either a romantic story or a thrilling experience of desire.

There is a Summertime Saga-like aspect to this but with spice added. It will leave you wanting more as you unravel the game’s mystery.

Those who are anime fans and wish for virtual fun should consider playing this game. is the only place you can download this game since it is not available online.


8. Crusoe Had It Easy

Teens love this fun game, and it is trendy among them. Virtual reality simulation of a highly complex plot, which you become entangled in, is presented through choice-based virtual reality.

Crusoe Had It Easy

It’s all about incest relationships in this game. If you want to go ahead with the cousin, you must consider whether or not your feelings for them are strong. If not, go with your rules and do not deal with the cousin.

The character is stuck on a remote island with a distant cousin. Meanwhile, they are focused on just surviving, but things start to unravel. There are multiple endings in this game. The decisions you make are based on what you want. 


9. Snow Daze: The Music of Winter

Snow Daze is the closest game to Summertime Saga in terms of gameplay. Despite this, the plot is entirely different. In the beginning, you are a member of a family with a lot of bossy nature. 

Snow Daze: The Music of Winter

Your house is surrounded by too much snow when all of a sudden you are about to leave. Your home becomes impassable due to the thickening snow. 

Indoors, you are forced to spend time with people you dislike. Depending on the decisions you make during your journey, this game can end in many different ways.


10. Waifu Academy

The game is based primarily on Saizan Academy, a high school in a fantasy world. The application of VR has been made through simulations based on characters and storylines, much like Summertime Saga.

Waifu Academy

The Sims and Honey Select are combined in this game. In this story, dreams, corruption, etc., are included much better than in the other stories.

It has excellent humor, fantastic animation, and an engaging script. You play a character who chose his name for the revenge mission, which arose from a 30-year-old conflict. As opposed to the other games on the list, this one is more action-based.


Final Words

These were some of the Games Like Summertime Saga. However, the brilliance of Summertime Saga cannot be matched by any other game. These games can’t beat summertime Saga, but they are close enough to compete.




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