The Best Ghost Hunting Apps All Ghost Chasers Must Have on their Android Phone

Ghost Hunting Tools (Detector)

Ghost Hunting Tools is an easy-to-use app boasting a matter-of-fact design reminiscent of old school arcade games. That doesn’t mean that you should make the mistake of not taking GHT seriously, as it comes equipped with a variety of tools that will help you hunt down all sorts of otherworldly entities. Being a detector app, Ghost Hunting Tools takes advantage of the assortment of sensors built into your Android device, turning your phone or tablet into an all-in-one EMF (Electromagnetic Field) meter and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) detector. With the triple axis EMF meters, you can spot electromagnetic anomalies to reveal the presence of paranormal entities, while the EVP detector will thoroughly analyze the sounds you capture during your ghost hunting sessions, and, with a priceless contribution from the Word Interpreter and its built-in dictionary, the app will sift through your audio files to find bone-chilling words and expressions in your recordings.

Entity Sensor Pro – EMF Detector

Entity Sensor Pro is the granddaddy of Android-based ghost hunting apps. ESP’s function-over-form attitude is reflected in the stripped-down retro design, but who gives an ominously levitating blanket about looks when you’re out to hunt down beings residing in the hidden layers of reality? As for the app’s abilities, it makes use of the sensors built into your Android device so that your phone or tablet becomes capable of detecting and analyzing EMFs and detecting, recording, and analyzing EVPs.

Paranormal Ghost EVP/EMF Radio

The app’s developers warn all potential users in a short message about the dangers of using Paranormal Ghost EVP/EMF Radio, and advise the faint-hearted, the skeptic, and those with any heart-related conditions to avoid this ghost hunting tool as if it were a haunted mansion in a faraway forest frequented by evil spirits and flesh-eating zombie cats. What we’re trying to say is that you should take note and proceed with caution! Paranormal Ghost EVP/EMF Radio has all the tools you need for your ghost hunting adventures: a built-in EMF scanner to detect electromagnetic anomalies, an EVP with real-time audio visualization and an Optional Auto Recording tool so that the app only starts recording when it encounters something noteworthy. Despite the initial adrenaline rush, ghost hunting can become a chore with hours of sitting around and waiting for a paranormal miracle, so Paranormal Ghost’s audio and vibration alarms will come in handy to snap you out of the monotony that often precedes unforgettable moments.

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