Steam Error Code 118 Failed To Load Web Page

Steam is an incredible games service and the only legit destination for gamers to buy and play games. Steam has been working for gamers for over 2 decades now. It wasn’t popular back in 2003 but now, it has become a necessity for every gamer. Whether you play Apex legends, Elden ring, Fallout or any game on the internet. Steam has all of it available. You don’t have to switch platforms once you join Steam.

But, like other platforms, Steam also have many errors and players repeatedly complain about different kinds of errors while playing games on Steam. Well, this isn’t new for Steam. Errors, bugs and crashes are pretty normal for Steam. Developers constantly work to make the platform more error-free but they haven’t reached perfection yet.

How to Fix Steam Error Code 118 Failed To Load Web Page Issue

These are the most effective methods to solve the Steam Error code 118. Follow them properly and you will be happy with the results!

1. Basic Troubleshooting

First of all, we recommend to sort out the basic troubleshooting points. So, These are the basic points that you must fix first:

i) Check your Internet Connection 

First of all, if your internet connection is not stable then this error is more likely to show up on your screen. You should have a stable internet connection for Steam to connect to the server. Make sure that your internet is stable.

ii) Restart Your Steam app and Your PC

To fix the Steam error. You should also try closing the Steam Client from the task manager. Once you have closed it, restart your Steam client and then check for the error.

If the error still shows up, turn off your PC and keep it like that for 2-3 minutes. Then restart your PC check for the error.

iii) Restart your Router

The last point of basic troubleshooting is restarting the router. The Steam Error Code 118 is purely related with the connection and network that’s why this step is important to complete. Follow the following steps to restart the router:

• Firstly, unplug your router
• Now, wait for 2 minutes and then plug in the router again
• When the internet starts working again, open Steam and check for the error
If the error still persists, move to the next solution!

2. Allow Firewall Access to Steam

The next thing that you must do is allow the firewall access to Steam. Follow the given steps:

  • Click on Control Panel from the Desktop Menu
  • Now, Select “System and Security” from  the options
  • After that, right-click on Windows Defender Firewall and Click on Properties.
  • Then, Click “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall” from top left corner
  •  Allow another app button to add it to the Windows Firewall exclusion list.
  • Lastly, choose the Steam launcher file and properly check the Private and Public checkboxes.
  • Now, save the changes and open Steam to check the error.

3. Delete Conflicting apps

if you have recently installed an app and after that the error code 118 has started to occur, then that app can be a possible threat and maybe causing the problem. Delete that app and restart your computer. After that, Open Steam and check for the error.

If that doesn’t work either, then move to the next solution!

4. Scan for Viruses

If the “Steam failed to load webpage” error is still persisting, even after applying the above-given methods. Then a virus can be the main culprit for this issue. 

You can check if the error is caused by a virus, by running a virus scan on your computer.

You can use the Anti-virus software to run the scan, and it will deal with the virus by itself (if there is one).

After running the virus scan, restart your computer and then check for the error. If the error was caused by the virus then it should be gone by now.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Steam.

What is Steam Error code 105?

The Error Code 105 is similar to the Steam Error Code 118. It also shows up when a connection is not established with the server. You can use the above given methods to solve this issue.

Can I reinstall Steam without losing games?

Yes you can reinstall steam without losing your games. For that you have to move this game file “C: Program Files (×86)\Steam\steamapps” to some safe place before uninstalling steam.

How long does Steam maintenance last?

Steam maintenance is not really long, it lasts for about 30 minutes if there are no delays.


We have shared 5 methods to fix the Steam error code 118. All of them are mentioned above. If you have any questions you can ask them in the comments.

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