Skyrim SE Won’t Launch: How to Fix It? (7 Ways)

In today’s article, we discuss a very common problem faced by PC users about skyrim se won’t launch. After launching the game, it crashes right away, according to the users. Follow this guide if you’re having the same issue on PC or Steam.

One of the most popular games in the gaming industry is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It has been a fun-filled game for years with PC users modding and customizing the game to their liking.

Making gold with the transmute spell and using magic out of thin air are just some of Skyrim’s timeless features. But it doesn’t stop there. There have been some errors in the game as well. For example, Skyrim SE doesn’t launch. Events like these can drastically hinder gameplay. It’s definitely not what you want.

Easy Methods to Fix Skyrim SE Won’t Launch Problem: Steps By Step 2021

Here are a few solutions to help you get back to killing and playing Skyrim. If you carefully follow the enlisted fixes, there is not a cloud in the sky that the game will not be fixed. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the solution for the Skyrim SE game will not launch.

You can try out one of the best fixes right now to get back into Skyrim. Let’s look at them now. 

Try offline mode of the Game

Many players have been able to solve the problem by launching Skyrim SE offline. This is, however, only a temporary fix. However, it does allow you to resume play as quickly as possible.

After you disconnect the internet from your device, you can launch the game as you normally would. Open the Skyrim launcher. Tap “Play.”

Let’s see if you can start the game again or if it crashes again. Therefore, don’t worry about not being able to stream afterwards. We said previously that you could try this temporary fix if you didn’t want to try another fix. However, it may still not work for you after trying this fix. Continue reading for more top-notch solutions. 

Check for Updates after Restarting your PC

By resetting your PC, you can gain a lot of benefits. These benefits extend beyond Skyrim SE. Restarting a computer properly can result in performance gains and other benefits. Thus, allow your PC to refresh itself and give it a little breathing room.

Keeping your computer running too long increases its chances of causing you trouble.  

Mods should be Uninstalled

Nevertheless, not every mod is a game-changer. There are some that can actually break the game. For Skyrim specifically, the Unofficial High Resolution Patch mod available on Nexus Mods consistently crashes the game. Get rid of it first if it’s installed. Then launch the game again.  

You’re in luck if that fixed the problem for you. If you haven’t, then we must not rule out any other possibility of bad mods other than the one mentioned above.

Relaunch Skyrim SE. Check to see if it is working now. You’ve probably already made the fix. Should you not have, read on for more tips and tricks.

Verify Game Cache

As soon as your game crashes, you can check its files. The files of the game may be corrupted or they might not have been installed correctly. You can easily fix the issue by following the steps listed below.

1. Navigate to the Game Library in the Steam Client.

2. Right-click on Skyrim. Select Properties.

 3. Click on the Local Files tab in the Properties window.

4. A button named Verify Integrity of Game Cache is located below.

5. Start the scan by clicking on it. All the files will be scanned and verified automatically.

Reinstall the Game

You can also fix the problem now by reinstalling the game after uninstalling, then launching it again. Several PC games have reported success with this method. Also, if Skyrim SE doesn’t launch on occasion, it must be uninstalled. 

It is also worth deleting the Skyrim SE game files present in the Steam Client before removing the game. This ensures the corrupted files won’t reappear. This allows you to restart Skyrim. 

Reinstall By Renaming the Game Folder First

This fix must be performed before uninstalling the game. Open the folder containing the game files. The SteamLibrary folder is typically located in the Local Disk (C:). However, depending on where you’ve saved the game, the exact address may differ.

After you have reached the destination folder, rename it. This doesn’t need to be a unique name. The original name can be modified by adding one or two letters in front. This will also count. 

Install the Steam desktop client and then uninstall the game once the previous step has been completed. Once the previous step has been completed, reinstall the game. After the game is installed, rename the folder back to its original name. Check if the issue with Skyrim SE not launching has been resolved by launching the game now. 

Specify Inbound and Outbounds Rules in Windows Firewall

It seems that another potential fix has fixed the problem where Skyrim SE won’t launch for multiple players. The solution is unrelated to the game in any way. Instead, it’s about the system processes that could potentially prevent the game from launching. By blocking the Inbound and Outbound rules of the major Skyrim game files, you are blocking the connection for these files. 

Doing so bodes possibilities of resolving the constantly crashing problem. It is worth a shot because it isn’t hard and obviously fixes our issue.


Nonetheless, there are some errors as well. There are several solutions you can try to help you launch Skyrim SE if it will not launch. Our comprehensive guide has covered all possible fixes.

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