Skyrim RaceMenu Command for PC, Xbox One and PS4

In Skyrim, you are prompted to build your character on the carriage ride to Helgen in the opening sequence. You can customize your character by selecting your race, build, facial features, gender and a few other attributes from a racemenu. 

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Yet, have you ever wished you could reshape your character or change some of his attributes at any time during the game? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could open up that race menu anytime and change your destiny? Have you ever wished that there were more options for building your character in the racemenu? Well, your wishes have been granted.

The following is a list of Skyrim Racemenu mods you can use to create an interesting character. The racemenu can also be accessed through a mod that can be installed at any time during a game. Let’s take a look.

Skyrim Race Menu

RaceMenu Any Time

It is a racemenu mod for the PS4 called Any Time in Skyrim. This allows you to access the racemenu at any time. Above the two goblets in Farengar’s office is a strongbox that sits on a bookshelf. This lucky box contains 50 gems called Gems of Destiny. There is a mysterious magic to them.

So all you have to do is drop one of these and you’ll be presented with a race menu. Create a new character by choosing your preferred race, sex, build, facial features, and even your new identity. A new character has been created for you. 

Gems are lost forever once they have been dropped. You can rebuild your character at any time by using the remaining gems. You can lose them all at once, so do not drop them all at once. 

There is a hack that can restore your gems after you’ve used them all up. You just need to save your game. Then disable the mod. Then save the game again. If the box is still empty, re-enable the mod. Currently, this mod is only available for PCs. 

Cheat Room

Cheat Room is your best bet if you want to modify Skyrim’s racemenu. Essentially, the Xbox One or PC Cheat Room is a place where you can cheat. It is a massive mod that doesn’t change anything about the original game. 

First, you must install a mod which adds spells to your magic menu under alteration, so that you can find the room. These spells will teleport you there. By adding this mod to your list, you can change everything about your character, including their appearance and height. Now you can avoid playing by the rules by installing this Skyrim SE cheat mod. 


Its name implies that the RaceMenu mod overhauls the entire race menu in Oldrim and Skyrim Special Edition. As a result, your character can now be customized in various ways. 

You can choose from new body paints, hand paints, RGBA warpaint and other options to customize your character. To use this mod, you will need SKSE installed. 

Console Command

Skyrim’s Racemenu can also be accessed through console commands if you own a PC. You just need to open the console. Type showracemenu to access it. Then you can customize your character. You should note, however, that resetting the race will also reset your health, magicka, and stamina levels. Additionally, once you have picked a name and made the changes, the temporary active effects will disappear. 

Final Words

This was all about Skyrim Race Menu. There are a lot of racemenu mods available for Skyrim that can allow you to remake your character however you like. Download them now for a quick and easy makeover.

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