Skyrim Alchemy Guide: Top 40 Most Useful Potions Recipes

Skyrim Potion Recipes are needed for making a good potion. In the inventory menu, you’ll have to consume every ingredient and see what effects it has. You will not be able to use an item if you have not tried it once.

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Knowing the properties of each ingredient will enable you to make items and potions at the Alchemy table. The table will appear on your screen when you access it, and a list of every potion you can create will appear.

Your ingredients inventory determines which ingredients appear on the list. You will be shown the ingredients needed to make a potion after selecting a name there. 

To create a potion, you need two ingredients. Creating potions can be done with four or more ingredients, but this will require experimentation.

Skyrim Potion Recipes

There are many potions you can create in alchemy to suit your needs. This versatile program offers a wide range of features, including night vision and combat enhancement. 

Despite these temporary buffs. Nevertheless, when used correctly, they can be instrumental in changing the world. When it comes to cutting deals, the right potion can make all the difference.

Trying out different ingredients is a good thing. You will have more options if you know more properties. You will also be able to make more effective potions

  1. Fortify Smithing

Ingredients: Blisterwort or Glowing Mushroom or Sabre Cat Tooth or Spriggan Sap.

Fortify Smithing ingredients seem to be more difficult to find. If you plan to make your equipment, you should try to find the ingredients for this concoction. 

This potion is especially useful during your training period for the Smithing skill at your low to mid-level. You can use workbenches and grindstones even more effectively after drinking one of these. Furthermore, you should improve your smithing skills overall.

  1. The Armored Dragonborn Potion

Ingredients: Hawk Beak + Moon Sugar + Pearl

You don’t need to worry about getting into trouble again because this potion will save you from all kinds of problems.

No matter how many spells you are being hit with to slow you down. No one will be able to stop you with this combination of items.

Depending on the type of enemy that you’re facing, try different combinations of buffs that will lower resistance.

  1. Fortify Health + Restore Health

Ingredients: Blue Mountain Flower + Wheat or Blue Mountain Flower + Giant’s Toe + Wheat or Blue Mountain Flower + Giant’s Toe + Imp Stool.

Easy to craft and simple to make. It is available in several forms, and all of them are useful. All players likely use healing potions the majority of the time. 

These potions not only heal you but also strengthen your health so that you become even stronger.


  1. Regenerate Health + Invisibility

Ingredients: Luna Moth Wing + Vampire Dust.

This potion is relatively easy to make. When you’re in a bind, this potion can save you. 

Having trouble surviving with your Health low and enemies around you? If you drink this, you can stay invisible from danger and regenerate your Health so that you can continue the fight.


  1. Fortify Magicka + Regenerate Magicka + Restore Magicka

Ingredients: Jazbay Grapes + Moon Sugar + Red Mountain Flower.

The effectiveness of this potion will exceed that of a standard magicka potion. It is tough to make this concoction. There are three benefits you receive at once from it. 

Magicka regeneration is accelerated, and the amount of magicka you possess is enhanced. Having this potion on hand is an efficient way to keep your magicka reserves high if you play a mage.

  1. Potion Of Invisibility

Ingredients: Vampire Dust + Chaurus Egg

Invisibility is normally a potion, but there is no extra effect. Nonetheless, this useful drink will enable you to blend in without being noticed by any foe or enemy.

Typically, the effect does not last very long. Nevertheless, if you’re a thief or an assassin, you’ll find this potion of great use if you make proper use of your time.


  1. Fortify Barter

Ingredients: Butterfly Wing or Dragon’s Tongue or Hagraven Claw or Tundra Cotton.

Almost any build in Skyrim will benefit from this one-effect potion. If you want to sell your loot in a city, drink one of these every time you are there. In addition, you will always get a better price than if you had a higher speech skill ranking.

  1. The Wizard’s Friend

Ingredients: Jazbay Grapes, Moon Sugar, Red Mountain Flower

Increase your magicka’s regeneration speed. And using this powerful potion, your blue bar will expand for a brief time.

Using The Wizard’s Friend means you won’t run out of vital energy while casting spells so that you can maximize your magic.


  1. Fortify Carry Weight

Ingredients: Creep Cluster or Giant’s Toe or Hawk Beak or Netch Jelly or Poison Bloom or River Betty or Scaly Pholia or Trama Root or Wisp Wrappings.

Skyrim players know what it feels like to overflow a dungeon’s chests as they rifle through them. Typically, this means an exhausting and slow trek out or leaving things behind. 

If you prefer, you can drink a potion of Fortify Carry Weight to allow you to carry off all that loot.


  1. Fortify Archery

Ingredients: Canis Root or Elves Ear or Juniper Berries or Spider Egg.

Any bow or crossbow you use will have its damage enhanced by this simple fortification potion. It’s helpful for archer builds; however it may be more useful for builds without bows. 

When playing Skyrim, you will often find yourself engaging enemies at a distance. It does not matter how low your archery skill level is that you keep a bow in your inventory just in case.

Hence, if you have a low skill rank, try drinking one of these potions as much as you can to make up for it.


  1. Damage Magicka + Damage Magicka Regen

Ingredients: Glow Dust + Hanging Moss.

Skyrim’s powerful destruction spells can make dealing with mages and monsters particularly challenging. 

Fireballs can be thrown from a Hagraven’s hands if the firepower is high. You can quickly lose your Health to these blasts as well. 

Such situations require a poison like this. Poison a few arrows at the frustrating mage, and you should notice a significant reduction in spell output. Providing you with an easier time finding a way out of cover and attacking.


  1. Fortify Two-Handed + Regenerate Stamina

Ingredients: Bee + Fly Amanita + Troll Fat.

Potions like this are great for fighting dragons and other monsters who aren’t going to go down easily. It not only boosts your Two-Handed skill but also speeds up the regeneration of stamina. 

Your attacks will be heavier than usual with this ability. This makes it a great alchemical recipe for close combat builds in Skyrim.

  1. Fortify Enchanting

Ingredients: Snowberries + Spawn Ash

The potion of enchanting will temporarily stop your enchanting skills. By using this brew, your weapons can embed more powerful spells than they would otherwise.


  1. Ravage Magicka + Ravage Stamina + Ravage Health

Ingredients: Jazbay Grapes + Scathecraw + Spawn Ash.

Some alchemy ingredients aren’t available in the base game, so they can only be created with the Dragonborn add-on. Although it requires extra travel time to get to Solstheim, it is well worth the trip. 

Stamina, Magicka, and Health are affected by the poison immediately. This is especially beneficial if your opponents rely on a combination of strategies.

  1. Potion Of Lockpicking

Ingredients: Snowberries + Hagraven Claw

You may find it difficult to open those pesky locks. It can be especially difficult to obtain valuable stones.

Luckily, lockpicking potion is meant for this purpose. Watch your skills improve as you drink this strange liquid to open a closed chest or door.

Creating one of these potions makes picking locks easy.

  1. Resist Fire

Ingredients: Fly Amanita + Dragon’s Tongue + Snowberries + Mudcrab Chitin

  1. Resist Shock

Ingredients: Glowdust + Snowberries

  1. Resist Frost 

Ingredients: Snowberries + Purple Mountain Flower + Purple Mountain Flower + Thistle Branch + Silverside Perch + Thistle Branch

  1. Fortify Conjuration

Ingredients: Blue Mountain Flower + Lavender

  1. Fortify Sneak

Ingredients: Abecean Longfin + Purple Mountian Flower

  1. Waterbreathing 

Ingredients: Chicken’s Egg + Nordic Barnacle

  1. Paralysis and Damage Health 

Ingredients: Canis Root + Imp Stool + River Betty

  1. Fortify Heavy Armor, Fortify Block, Resist Frost 

Ingredients: Briar Heart + Slaughterfish Scales + Thistle Branch

  1. Fortify One-handed, Fortify Sneak, Fortify Light Armor

Ingredients: Beehive Husk + Hawk Feathers + Rock Warbler Egg

  1. Regen Magicka, Fortify Magicka, Restore Magicka 

Ingredients: Briar Heart + Jazbay Grapes + Moon Sugar

  1. Fortify Lockpicking 2

Ingredients: Namira’s Rot + Pine Thrush Egg

  1. Fortify Marksman

Ingredients: Canis Root + Juniper Berries

  1. Fortify Two-Handed

Ingredients: Fly Amanita + Dragon’s Tongue

  1. Fortify One-Handed

Ingredients: Canis Root + Juniper Berries

  1. Fortify Lockpicking 2

Ingredients: Namira’s Rot + Pine Thrush Egg

  1. Fortify Lockpicking 3

Ingredients: Namira’s Rot + Falmer Ear

  1. Resist Magic

Ingredients: Lavender + Tundra Cotton

  1. Cheap Damage

Ingredients: Deathbell + Imp Stool + Mora Tapinella

  1. Damage over time and Paralyze

Ingredients: Mora Tapinella + Imp Stool + Canis Root

  1. Quick Damage

Ingredients: Deathbell + Skeever Tail + Giant Lichen

  1. Lingering Damage Magicka

Ingredients: Wheat + Purple Mountain Flower

  1. Fast Levelling and Quick Money

Ingredients: Salmon Roe + Chicken’s Egg + Garlic

  1. Fast Levelling and Quick Money

Ingredients: Giant’s Toe + Bear Claws + Hanging Moss

  1. Cure Disease, Resist Poison, Restore Health, Restore Stamina

Ingredients: Blisterwert + Charred Skeever Hide + Mudcrab Chitin

40. Invisibility, Regen Health, Fortify Light Armor, Cure Disease

Ingredients: Hawk Feathers + Luna Moth Wing + Vampire Dust

More About Alchemy Ingredients in Skyrim

Ingredients for alchemy are scattered across Skyrim’s map. It is easy to find some of these while others are more difficult to find. 

Alternatively, players can purchase the ingredients from Alchemists in most settlements in the game if they don’t want to spend their time looking for them.

If you’re short on cash, you can always cast the Transmute Spell to obtain some gold.

In addition to their effects, some of the ingredients also have other effects. Alchemy Labs can help you discover them by mixing ingredients with the same effects to create potions.

It can also be discovered by eating an item from your inventory straight away. In the Alchemy skill tree, points can be spent on the Experimenter perk to discover more properties.

An Instructional Guide to Crafting a Health Potion

Alchemy may seem confusing to newcomers to Skyrim at first. Fortunately, the game includes an in-game tutorial that will have players walk through the process step-by-step. 

A player is tasked with brewing the Restore Health potion in the game’s very first quest.

You can trigger the tutorial by asking these individuals about their Alchemy Lab. In addition to receiving their first Restore Health recipe, players will also receive a recipe containing blisterworts and wheat. 

Items like these can be bought in the shop or found in the wild by the Dragonborn. The alchemy lab needs to be activated and the ingredients combined. 

Identifying Restore Health Effects

Using an Alchemy Lab, players can create potions and poisons. Every ingredient has four effects that can be discovered by experimenting and consuming.

A food’s primary effects can be revealed by eating it. In addition to damage, there are other negative effects that players should be aware of.

Unless they have chosen the “Explorer” Perk, players can only see the first effect while consuming what they have consumed. Through eating an ingredient, they can gather knowledge about multiple effects.


Final Words

Potions are customized for specific situations. Improve your lockpicking skills with something that can help you overcome obstacles that may have been obstacles in the past. 

It is extremely useful to have these temporary buffs when you want to get things done quickly without having to level up. These are temporary, but they can still prove to be quite useful if you are aware of their limitations.

So that concludes our guide to alchemy in Skyrim. This compilation of Skyrim potion recipes was compiled for your convenience. Remember to save some bonuses for when you level your skills and can use them to boost your potions.

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