Run PPSSPP Games on Your Computer

Nothing can be more exciting than running your favorite old-classic games on your smartphone! However, the gaming market is constantly growing and many new games and gaming consoles hit the market on an ongoing basis. The choice is surely huge but what if you wish to play games that were popular in your childhood but your favorite old-classic gaming console is not offered for sale anymore and yours is out of order? We have a solution for you! In this post, we’ll figure out the main tips needed to run classic PPSSPP games. In fact, you can still access all these games and enjoy the gameplay from any device. And here’s a comprehensive guide on how you can do that!

The PlayStation Portable – Is It Still Available?

If we go back to history, you’ll see that the PlayStation Portable was one of the most legendary gaming consoles that were available in the market. This handheld game console, released by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2004 belonged to the seventh generation of gaming consoles. Moreover, once it was offered for sale, it immediately became the main competitor to the Nintendo DS. It was one of the most powerful gaming systems that featured advanced graphic capabilities and a set of multimedia options such as a media player and even video playback. In general, over 80 million units were sold and this is probably the main indicator of its popularity.


However, the world of gaming is continually evolving and many new and more powerful gaming consoles and games hit the market every day. But old-classic PSP games are still available and you can easily access them on your tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

The PPSSPP Emulator – Your Door to Retrogaming

When browsing the web, you’ll surely find a variety of emulators. Nevertheless, not all of them are perfect and allow you to run all these games on your computer without any glitches. But the PPSSPP emulator is an exception to this rule. So far, it’s one of the best free emulators that allow you to run your favorite games on any modern device.


Let’s get down to the basics. The overriding objective of an emulator is to imitate the work of a gaming console on your device. However, it is quite challenging to build an emulator that allows you to run the PSP games on your computer or smartphone without any glitches. The developers of the PPSSPP emulator managed to tackle that challenge successfully. It’s the original PSP emulator that allows you to run many games on any modern device at full speed. All the games will be in full resolution. This tool can upscale textures that could be too blurry as they were developed for the small screen. Beyond this, this program allows you to continue where you left off by sending saves from your real gaming console.


This emulator also allows you to customize on-screen touch controls or even use an external controller.


Another benefit of this emulator is that it’s free and open source. This means that you can contribute improvements to its code if you are engaged in programming. Due to these contributions, the compatibility of this emulator is rapidly growing, allowing us to play an awful lot of games on many devices.


Overall, you can easily access all your favorite retro games even today. You only need to have the right tools at hand. We hope that we managed to shed light on this issue and now you know how to run your favorite games when you don’t have an original gaming console.


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