Rainbow Six Siege Crashing: How to Fix It? (8 Ways)

All of us are familiar with Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy series. The rainbow six siege game follows on from Tom Clancy Patriots. You will play a tactical shooter game in the game. Both single player and multiplayer modes are available. The game is sure to satisfy you if you like shooting, destruction, and lots of action. The game is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. 

But some PC users are experiencing issues with crashes. So, we have prepared a guide specifically for them. As far as the users are concerned, the game crashes whenever they try to launch it. In this guide, you can learn about working and possible solutions to the rainbow six siege crashing issue.

Easy Methods to Fix Rainbow Six Siege Crashing Problem: Steps By Step 2021

Here you will find all the solutions to the Rainbow Six Siege Crashing issues that have been plaguing you. In recent years, it has become one of the most popular first-person shooter titles. This game has high-stakes competition, with close-quarters engagements, dynamic environments, and immense strategic potential. 

The issue with Rainbow Six Siege Crashing Isn’t hard to resolve. The following methods can help you resolve it. According to users and developers, all of these methods work.

Add an Exception to Windows Firewall

Rainbow Six Siege’s frequent crashes may be caused by network problems. Windows Firewalls can cause this problem by blocking your game’s internet traffic. This prevents it from connecting to Ubisoft servers. This issue can be circumvented by including the game on your Firewall exceptions. The process is as follows:

1. Select the Start menu from the Windows Start screen. Look for Windows Defender Firewall.

2. Choose the first option.

3. Select one of the options on the left hand side of the window that opens. Then, click on Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.

4. In the following window, you will see a list of programs that can bypass the Firewall. To change the settings, click on Change settings in the upper right corner.

5. Next, click Allow another app.

6. Choose Browse from here.

7. To continue, you must find and select the .exe file for your game. Browse to the game file folder to do so.

Navigate to the folder where you have installed your Steam games. Follow these steps:

steamapps > common > Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

8. Choose RainbowSix.exe from this list.

9. On the previous window, click Add once you have returned.

You should now be able to play Rainbow Six Siege without crashing due to network issues with your PC.

Run it in Compatibility Mode

Using Compatibility Mode is also a confirmed fix. However, this fix is only applicable if you’re using Windows 10.

1. Locate the .exe file for the game launcher.

2. Choose the file by right-clicking it. Click Properties.

3. Click on the Compatibility tab. Make sure the Run this program in compatibility mode is selected.

4. On the following drop-down menu, choose Windows 7.

5. Click the Apply button. Then click OK.

Launch the game again. See if the problem still exists.

Background Applications Should be Limited

Rainbow Six Siege can also be hindered by certain background applications running on your computer. The result is a crash when it launches. These applications may start automatically when you start Windows. Follow these steps to stop them from starting automatically.

1. Click the Start button on the Windows desktop. Find the System Configuration option.

2. Select the first option.

3. The Selective startup option should be enabled if it was not already enabled in the General tab of the window that appears. Deselect the load start-up items option. Whenever you boot Windows, this will prevent third-party programs from running.

4. Next, click Services. Make sure Hide all Microsoft services are checked. The only services left will be those from third parties.

5. Select Disable all.

6. Click the Apply button. Then click OK.

7. Finally, click on the Startup tab. Click on the Open Task Manager button.

8. In this window, you’ll find a list of the applications that start when your PC boots up. Right-click on each application to open it. Click Disable.

Now that all third-party services and programs have been disabled, you can restart Windows. Hit the Restart button. Try launching Rainbow Six Siege again to see if it has resolved the crash issue.

If any third-party processes are using up CPU, GPU or RAM too much, you can also check the Task Manager. End the process if necessary. Remove the application if necessary. Run the game once the process has been completed. If the problem persists, repeat the process.

Disable Fullscreen Optimizations

Another fix that may fix crashes for Rainbow Six Siege on PC during startup and in-game occasionally.

1. Locate the .exe file for the game launcher.

2. Choose the file by right-clicking it. Click on Properties.

3. Click on the Compatibility tab. Select Disable fullscreen optimization. Run the program as an administrator.

4. Click the Apply button. Then click OK.

Play the game again. See if the crash has been fixed.

Update your Device’s Drivers

In addition to outdated or incorrect device drivers, Rainbow Six Siege on PC can crash frequently. This is especially true for graphics cards. Here are the steps to updating your drivers.

1. Go to the Windows Start menu. Search for Device Manager.

2. Choose the first option you see. An overview of your PC’s various devices will appear.

3. Select Display adapters by clicking the small arrow.

4. Below Display adapters, you should now see a few more options. They correspond to your graphics card.

5. Select your primary graphics card by right-clicking it.

6. Select Update driver.

You will be presented with a driver update window. Click the first option which is Find drivers automatically. Let the wizard run while it searches the web for any available driver updates.

As an alternative, you can also update your drivers with programs such as NVIDIA GeForce Experience or AMD Radeon Software. These programs are available for different graphics cards. Further, you can download third-party software, such as Driver Easy, which simplifies the process of updating your PC’s drivers.

Restart your PC when you have updated your device drivers. If Rainbow Six Siege was crashing for you while playing on PC, this should fix the problem. This applies to both start-up and in-game crashes.

Verify the Integrity of Game Files

The main cause of regular Rainbow Six Siege PC crashes is likely to be corrupted game files. However, both Steam and Ubisoft Connect versions of the game have built-in tools to repair these files.


1. Launch Steam on your computer. Click on the Library tab.

2. Select  Rainbow Six Siege from your games list.

3. Click right on the game. Choose Properties.

4. Choose Local Files from the left-hand list.

5. In this section, you will find an option called Verify integrity of game files. Click this option.

Ubisoft Connect

1. Launch the Ubisoft Connect client. On the left-hand side of the window, click the Games tab.

2. You’ll find Rainbow Six Siege in the Installed section.

3. Click on the icon for the game. You’ll be taken to another page.

4. From the left-hand list, select Properties.

5. Select Verify Files from the Local Files section.

As a result, Ubisoft Connect/Steam will check your game files. A redownload will be performed for any files found to be corrupt or missing. Rainbow Six Siege’s game files are large and may take a while to check. Once it is complete, you shouldn’t experience any more crashes on your PC.

Disabling the Cloud Save Feature

Activating cloud save in Uplay is also a major cause of the Rainbow Six Siege Crashing issue. It has been confirmed by several users that if you activate the cloud save, there is a possibility of having this issue. Here’s how to disable it.

1. Run the U-play client and click the menu. Select Settings.

2. Go to the General tab, where you will find an option for Enable Cloud Save Synchronization. Make sure it is not checked.

3. Ensure that the Enable in-game overlay box for supported games is also unchecked.

4. Save your changes when done. Restart the game.

Limit the Frame Rate

Trying limiting your framerate in Rainbow Six Siege may resolve your issue with the game crashing on your PC if all else fails. Increased CPU usage can result from excessive framerates. However, most games do not experience this issue. There have been reports of crashing in Rainbow Six Siege. You should, therefore, limit your frame rate to a value slightly lower than the maximum frame rate you can achieve in the game. 

You should limit your framerate to at most 140 frames per second if your system is able to push 160 frames per second. To do this, follow these steps.

1. Launch the Windows File Explorer. Navigate to Documents.

2. Select My Games from here. Next, select Rainbow Six – Siege.

3. Double-click the long, alphanumeric folder.

4. Use a text editor like Notepad to open the GameSettings.ini file.

5. Find the FPSLimit setting in the DISPLAY settings. Select the framerate you want. In this example, if you decide that your maximum FPS will be 140, make sure that FPSLimit=140 is displayed in your text line.

Performance may be slightly affected by this. It will, however, make the experience much smoother. Moreover, the performance setback is insignificant if you choose a framerate limit that is appropriate. The majority of players won’t notice the difference.

Final Words

That’s it for Rainbow Six Siege’s infamous crashing on startup issue for PCs. Was this guide helpful in resolving your issue and getting you back into the game? We’d love to hear what you think in the comments. 

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