Pubg Network Error Login Failed – Fixed

Fix PUBG Network Error Login Failed: PUBG stands for Battlegrounds Mobile India and it is one of the most trending games of today’s era. This is very attractive and addictive multiplayer game developed by Bluehole.

There are millions of active users of PUBG all over globe and you can play with anyone of them. This online multiplayer game allows you to play with your friends or unknown people all over the world.

There are lots of amazing features of PUBG for Android as well as iOS. You can also play PUBG on MAC and Windows using various emulators available for MAC and Windows.

We would like to appreciate Bluehole’s efforts also. They are responsible for providing time to time updates across all platforms. One of the best things about PUBG updates is you can feel the difference in its gameplay.

They will provide new guns, attachments, maps or many more things with each and every updates and maintaining their players. It’s been a long time PUBG has released and players are also constantly increasing. This shows there hard work which they are putting in this amazing game.

As you know PUBG is quite a heavy game and high end game. So, it is quite common to get some small error while playing or logging to their server. Today we are discussing one of them i.e. “Network Error, Login Failed. Please check your network settings”.

Believe me you are not the only one who is getting this error. This is one of the most basic and easy to fix error on PUBG. This guide will help you to fix “PUBG Network Error Login Failed. Please check your network settings” follow the steps discussed below.

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Why Network Error Login Failed is showing?

This Network Error Login Failed on PUBG happens whenever you failed to connect to server network on which you game is active. So, all you need to do, change your current DNS server from the one that you’re using right now.

It is quite easy to change DNS server on Android as well as on iOS, follow the steps given below.

PUBG Network Error Login Failed – Fixed

On iOS

As we said you need to change your DNS Settings to avoid Network Error on PUBG Mobile.

  • Go to Settings >> Wi-Fi
  • Now click on information icon (blue colour icon with i) against the Wi-Fi to which you are connected right now
  • After this you will get IPV4 Address, DNS and HTTP Proxy settings
  • Go to Configure DNS under DNS setting then click on Manual
  • As soon as you click on Manual two more option will appear i.e. DNS Server and Search Domains
  • Now all you have to do is Add Server. You can add Google DNS or Open DNS and make sure you are deleting Old DNS to avoid this issue.
  • For Google DNS: and
  • For Open DNS: and
  • After entering DNS hit on Save at right corner and you are done

On Android

  • Go to Settings >> Wi-Fi
  • Now click on the Arrow Icon right after the Wi-Fi name to which you are connect right now.
  • After this click on IP Settings >> Change from DHCP to Static
  • Now you have to enter new DNS settings which can be either Google DNS or Open DNS
  • For Google DNS: DNS 1: and DNS 2:
  • For Open DNS: DNS 1: and DNS 2:
  • Once you entered DNS, hit on OK to save the changed settings.

These are the best way to Fix PUBG Network Error Login Failed. You can try these and if error persists kindly let us know via comments or Contact US. We will try to fix your PUBG Network Error Login Failed issue ASAP.


Few of our users have Download Vpneported that they were able to get through this error by downloading and uninstalling the VPN and then running PUBG. These are the steps you can follow:

  • Go to Google Play Store or App Store and download the VPN apps of your choice.
  • One of the apps you can download is Hotspot Shield on Android as well as on your iOS.
  • Once the download is completed, just turn the VPN on using the app.
  • Now, launch PUBG mobile and you should be able to login now.

Hope this method works for you. Please let us know how this method performed for you. We are always looking forward to help our readers. Your feedback will certainly help us improving. You can post your feedbacks and suggestions through the comments section which is placed right below this article. Thanks.

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