How to Fix PUBG Mobile Error Code 556793874: Unknown Error

How to fix PUBG Mobile Error Code 556793874: PUBG is one of the trending games today. The South Korean firm Bluehole has actually done a fabulous job. Also, you can avail the experience of this super cool game on multiple platforms. PUBG is available on Android, iOS, XBox One, and Windows also.

So, the operating system you use is not a barrier for PUBG. When you just start playing PUBG, you should rather go for the solo mode and then slowly you can start playing in teams and become a pro.

PUBG has actually done a decent job in terms of performance and user experience. Users hardly face any issues while playing this game. However, no matter how good or popular a game is, it can never be 100% smooth.

Errors are inevitable and you just cannot get away from them. Though PUBG is relatively smooth, users have reported facing few issues while playing PUBG. One of the recent and most annoying issues is PUBG Mobile Unknown Error: Error Code 556793874. 

You might have played PUBG just a few hours ago and when you come back after some time, you may see PUBG Mobile Error Code 556793874. When you launch PUBG, it will start with Checking Updates and then Preparing Resources and then it will suddenly throw a pop up with an error message that would say:

Unknown Error
Please Restart your device and try again. 
Error Code: 556793874

The fact that you were able to play PUBG seamlessly a few hours ago and now you cannot do anything gives you nothing but frustration. We all know addictive this game is.

We can feel your pain. So, don’t worry at all as we are here for the rescue. We have come up with the methods to fix PUBG Mobile Error Code 556793874: Unknown Error. So, just follow along and see how you can get rid of this error once and for all.


In this section, we will be trying to fix PUBG Mobile Error Code 556793874, also known as PUBG Unknown Error. Please make sure you follow the steps mentioned below carefully. Now, let us start implementing the methods one by one.

Method 1: Disable AdBlocker on your Device

AdBlocker can sometimes hinder PUBG to perform properly. In face, AdBlocker makes it tough for a lot of other applications as well. So, in case you have installed AdBlocker on your Android or iOS device, better disable it or uninstall it.

Once you have disabled or uninstalled AdBlocker, try to restart your phone and then launch PUBG on it. Now, you should be able to enjoy PUBG and maybe take some good headshots.

However, if you do not have any AdBlocker installed, don’t worry as we have got other methods as well that can help you in fixing PUBG Mobile Error Code 556793874 or PUBG Unknown Error.

Method 2: Update to the Latest Version of PUBG

It was found that a lot of users were able to fix PUBG Mobile Error Code 556793874 after they updated to the latest version of PUBG. Whenever a company rolls out updates, it often comes with various bug fixes and a few new features also.

So, it is also advised to run the latest version of any Application. Both Android and iOS users can download and install the latest version of PUBG from the links given below.

Download the Latest Version of PUBG for Android
Download the Latest Version of PUBG for iOS

Once you visit these links, just tap on the Update button and it will update to the latest version. Now, try to launch PUBG on your device and check if the error still persists.

Method 3: Clear PUBG Cache and Data

The cache memory is often the reason you receive this error. So, try to clear PUBG Cache Memory and Data. You can follow the steps given below to implement this method.

  • Go to Settings. 
  • Tap on Installed Apps or Apps depending on the device you are using.
  • Scroll down to find PUBG and tap on it.
  • Now tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data.
  • Once done, try to launch PUBG on your device and check if the error still persists.

So, these were the few methods to Fix PUBG Mobile Error Code 556793874. Hope you liked this article on How to fix PUBG Mobile Error Code 556793874: PUBG Unknown Error and you were able to resolve this issue.

However, if you are still stuck at some point or you need any other assistance, just feel free to drop your concern in the comment section given below this post.

You can also directly reach out to us through our Contact Us page. We will try to resolve your query at the earliest.

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