Pokemon Nature Guide 2022: Sword and Shield, Top 25

Sword and Shield’s Pokémon have unique natures that affect their stats. Currently, there are 25 unique Pokemon natures. This means you can catch a variety of creatures. Because of that, you might need to catch one Pokémon multiple times, until one of them has a nature that compliments your fighting style. The following list explains how each Pokémon’s nature affects its battle stats in Sword and Shield.

Pokemon Natures

The Pokémon natures have a significant effect on their growth, rather than just being superficial characteristics. The stats of each Pokémon are increased by ten percent by each nature.

They decrease by 10% after reaching level 100. However, five of the natures affect only the same stat and have no effect on others.

If the Pokémon’s strengths are Counter attacks or Special Attacks, it should have a nature that diminishes the Special Attacks. For instance, Espeon favors Special moves. Since Attack won’t be used, it’s best to choose a nature with a decreased Attack.

Check which stats are raised/lowered by your Pokémon’s nature.

  • Adamant:  raises Attack, decreases Special Attack
  • Bold: raises Defense, decreases Attack
  • Brave: raises Attack, decreases Speed
  • Calm: raises Special Defense, decreases Attack
  • Careful: raises Special Defense, decreases Special Attack
  • Gentle: raises Special Defense, decreases Defense
  • Hasty: raises Speed, decreases Defense
  • Impish: raises Defense, decreases Special Attack
  • Lax: raises Defense, decreases Special Defense
  • Lonely: raises Attack, decreases Defense
  • Mild: raises Special Attack, decreases Defense
  • Modest: raises Special Attack, decreases Attack
  • Naïve: raises Speed, decreases Special Defense
  • Naughty: raises Attack, decreases Special Defense
  • Quiet: raises Special Attack, decreases Speed
  • Rash: raises Special Attack, decreases Special Defense
  • Relaxed: raises Defense, decreases Speed
  • Sassy: raises Special Defense, decreases Speed
  • Timid: raises Speed, decreases Attack

How to check your Pokémon’s nature

  • To access the main menu, press X while your game is running.
  • Select Pokémon on the next page.
  • You can check your Pokémon by hovering over it and pressing A. If it is not in your party, so press R to move to your Boxes. Select it there.
  • Check the summary next.
  • The pencil and paper icon can be found by using the joystick. The information about pokemon nature will be there.

Sword and Shield allow you to buy Mints from the Battle Tower once you’ve completed the main storyline. By feeding these treats to your Pokémon, you will change their nature and therefore their stats. 

Final Words

This was all about Pokemon Natures. Casual gamers may not realize just how much goes into Pokemon Sword and Shield. Casual gamers can enjoy the storyline and take pleasure in catching Pokémon. Serious players can work on their Pokédex to complete the stats of their party. You can now check the stats of your Pokémon by looking up their natures in Sword and Shield.

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