Oxygen Not Included Cheats Complete Guide (God Mode, Instant Build, Discover)

The Oxygen Not Included survival management simulator is a very interesting game. This game involves keeping a group of colonists alive as long as possible while inside an asteroid’s centre. 

Getting all of the colonists’ needs met without letting them die is tricky and requires a lot of experimentation. It is possible to die in many ways.

However, the PC game Oxygen Not Included allows you to add cheats. There are many different modes to unlock, and you can even discover all events with cheat codes. 

This guide will help you unlock all the top cheats in Oxygen Not Included, including how to discover all the elements and unlock God mode.

Oxygen not Included Cheat

It is possible to make all commands available by forcing the game to do so. A simple text file can be created inside the ‘OxygenNotIncluded_Data’-folder to accomplish this. 

The game folder contains it at the root. You need to name the text file debug_enable.txt

The Debug-commands can then be used. The ALT + F1 key combination allows you to disable all HUDs in-game, which is helpful for screen-shots. You can also zoom out by unlocking the camera.

The Control-submenu is full of commands. But please note that some of these commands will crash the game or not work.


Some Popular Cheat Codes


  1. Copy/Paste

The most powerful cheat in the game takes more steps but is easily the most advantage. Select the object you wish to copy from the debug menu when the Cell Painter is open. 

Next, click the green checkmark on the mouse icon. Next, highlight another area. Using the copy option, choose Clear Selection. 

Once you’re done doing this, you automatically get an exact copy.

If you wish to duplicate something like a built machine, a gas geyser, ruins, or anything else, this is helpful. 

A name can be given to the object, and it can be saved. Thus, it will not be necessary to repeat them all over again if you want to paste them at any time.


  1. Spawn Duplicates

Players no longer have to wait for new duplicates to be delivered through the Printing Pod. Players now have the ability to spawn their duplicates anytime. 

Debug mode can be entered by simply clicking. Hit CTRL + F2 or select Spawn Minion. A random copy will be created wherever the mouse pointer is, so hover over a safe area before clicking.

Remember that you can’t control what abilities and attributes the duplicate will have.

Then this is the perfect solution if you need another pair of hands and aren’t too particular about who you choose.


  1. Teleport

Gameplay in Oxygen is dominated by exploration and travel. In general, the pathing system developed by the game developers was excellent.

The character may take a long time to get to your desired destination if there are many obstacles in their path.

By teleporting them to the desired destination instantly, you can avoid digging a path or waiting for them to arrive. ALT + O allows the player to instantly transport their duplicate across the map after opening the debug menu. 

Additionally, it helps eliminate dangerous creatures or isolate enraged or diseased duplicates that could disrupt your plans.


  1. Collect Garbage

As you watch your duplicates grow sick and add to the messes in your base, it’s challenging to remain calm. 

Unless players are careful, their duplicates can drown in sewage. If waste management systems are not properly implemented, garbage and filth can accumulate and bury workers.

Those who have a clean freak streak can access the debug menu. Press ALT + F3 at the same time.

The cheat works exactly as advertised and allows players to rid their colonies of all waste from the colony completely.


  1. Remove Fog Of War

Players in the game prefer and tolerate this cheat more than any other.

The map is displayed in its entirety, but it does not provide any other benefit. A player who wants to decide where to build their base would find this helpful. Moreover, they can quickly browse one of their duplicates without having to explore every inch of their map.

This cheat can be performed by opening the debug menu so that the whole map can be viewed. Keep the debug menu open while saving the game.

Close and re-open the game to eliminate the debug menu. There’s no fog of war hanging in the air, and the whole map is revealed. 

Debug menus are open by default, but they must be closed again to return to the fog of war. 


  1. Super Speed

Various speed settings are included in the game, but some people may want to accelerate further. The project may be on a sustainable basis and requires little micromanagement since it is so large.

Perhaps they would prefer to put their bases on autopilot and watch them burn.

ALT + Z can be used to open the debug menu to speed things up. By default, the vanilla speed options in this game are much slower than the SuperSpeed mode.


  1. Invincible

Almost every game with a health bar requires the use of the health bar cheat. When the debug menu is opened, the God mode is enabled by holding down ALT and pressing F7. You have now turned your duplicates into gods, and they cannot die anymore.

The use of this cheat has shown mixed results for some users. Death will never be an option for the duplicator.

However, some players report their duplicates are susceptible to diseases, stress, and other effects. The only difference is that they never die of it. 

Perhaps the older versions of the game have a bug. The idea that a colony of duplicates can starve, suffocate, drown, and even experience organ failure due to infection but never die of it is quite interesting.


Other Oxygen Not Included Cheat Codes List:-

Discover All Elements — CTRL + F4

God Mode — ALT + F4

Instant Build Mode + F4

DebugToggle — Backspace

ToggleProfiler — Backquote/Tilde

DebugPaintForceFlower — AlphaO

DebugVisualTest — SHIFT + F1

DebugGameplayTest — SHIFT + F2

DebugElementTest — SHIFT + F3

DebugRiverTest — SHIFT + F4

DebugTileTest — SHIFT + F5

DebugSelectMalerlia !– CTRL + 5

DebugToggleMusic — CTRL + M

DebugGotoTarget — CTRL + Q

DebugFocus — CTRL + T

DebugUltraTestMode — CTRL + U

DebugSpawnDuplicant — CTRL + F2

DebugPlace — CTRL + F3

DebugInstantBuildMode — CTRL + F4

DebugShowTestMode — CTRL + F5

DebugDig — CTRL + F6

DebugExplosion — CTRL + F8

DebugDiscoverAllElements — CTRL + F9

DebugTriggerException — CTRL + F12

DebugRefreshNavDell — ALT + N

DebugTeleport — ALT + Q

DebugToggleSelectInEditor — ALT + T

DebugPathFinding — ALT + P

DebugReloadMods — ALT + M

DebugReloadLevel — ALT + L

DebugSuperSpeed — ALT + Z

DebugNotification — ALT + X

DebugNotificationMessage — ALT + C

DebugToggleUI — ALT + F1

DebugCollectGarbage — ALT + F3

DebugInvincible — ALT + F7

DebugApplyHighAudioReverb — ALT + F8

DebugApplyLowAudioReverb — ALT + F9

DebugForceLightEverywhere — ALT + F10

DebugCellInfo — ALT + F11


Primary Debugging Mode in Oxygen Not Included?

When the backspace key is pressed, the primary debugging mode can be accessed. Turning off cheats can be done by pressing Backspace. 

After moving the empty debug_enable file, pressing Backspace for the first time will open the debug mode after a few seconds. Here are the few things you can do in this mode.

  • You can zoom as far as you like when you use hacks like Turn of Fog of War.
  • The paint you use to form new matter can be made up of solids, liquids, and gases.
  • Different areas of the world can also be copied and pasted. The setting and content of a building can be duplicated.
  • Copy-pasting world templates is also possible in the Debugging mode. To do this, press Ctrl + F4 and enable DebugInstantBuildMode.


Effects of DebugInstantBuildMode

You’ll see additional effects in Oxygen Not Included when you enable DebugInstantBuildMode. Resource consumption will not occur. It will be possible to build almost any type of building. 

Few interesting effects are listed below.


  • Orders will be built immediately without the need for existing resources.
  • It will be possible to create any building or construction without doing any research.
  • The blocks will be dug out instantly upon placing a new dig order. Paused videos do not work.
  • In any building, the queue up orders will be processed immediately regardless of whether there is power or not.
  • Any duplicate in the game can be assigned the job, even if they do not meet the job requirements. The duplicate will keep this job even if DebugInstantBuildMode is disabled.
  • Previously unresearched subjects will be fully investigated.


Final Words

Using oxygen not included cheat codes can be a lot of fun. However, playing a game in its original form is always recommended. Still, you can try using oxygen not included cheats for fun.



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