Mobile Legends: Carmilla Guide to Item Build & Best Tips

Carmilla – Shadow of Twilight is the latest support hero that will be coming soon to the original server earlier this year (2020). The main characteristic of this hero is the support that has the special ability to provide collateral damage & CC so it is very easy for our team to win team fight/team war.

This hero is a hero couple with Cecilion, if they are close together then Cecilion can activate special skills that make Carmilla enter Cecilion’s body and provide buffs/shields and Carmilla can use her special skills to jump to attack targets, so it will be more effective if there is Cecilion when we use Carmilla. Let’s start the complete Carmilla tutorial starting from the advantages and disadvantages.

Carmilla Pros

  • CC ability, balanced damage, and defense, passive skill Carmilla will take enemy physical & magic defense when he does damage, skill 1 Carmilla will give insistent damage that gives slow + heal / lifestyle effect, plus skill 2 in the form of stun, then Carmilla has Very good crowd control, attack and defense abilities so that he is very tough in disrupting enemy formations and still being able to survive during team fight.
  • Collateral damage + CC, Carmilla’s special ability is the ultimate skill that will connect 3 adjacent enemy heroes (in the form of a link / red line) and they will share damage / CC, so that if we attack one of the heroes hit by his birthday curse, then the damage and the crowd control effect will spread to the other two heroes.
  • Quite easy to master, the gameplay of this hero is as simple as support in general, but we need to be extra careful because the type is close combat, as long as you don’t engage, keep playing safe and pay attention to the distance while maintaining our team’s Markman / mage/carry.

Carmilla’s Cons

  • Close range support, what’s weird is that even though this type of hero is support, the basic attacks and skills tend to close combat, so we can’t help but be in the middle of a battle during a team fight, so it’s like playing a hero tank, so you should use a build tanker and be more careful before open war.
  • Short-range of skill, the radius of attack of skills 2 and 3 are short, so still, we have to be close enough to the opponent to launch long-range skills, besides that ultimate skill is also only effective when there are 2/3 heroes attached if they are scattered then the ultimate skill effect will disappear, so it really has to be conditioned to the war team situation and intense then this hero is more effective in the game.
  • Very much dependent on the team, the hero support should, of course, this hero is very dependent on teamwork, so still rely on a teammate, even though we can just use build mage / full magic items, but I recommend still playing this hero according to its function as support for skill -The skill doesn’t have significant damage.

Carmilla Item Build Tips

Carmilla builds items should be full defense items that are adjusted to the composition of the enemy team’s attributes (physic/magic).

We can use the Glowing Wand magic item which deals significant damage because the Carmilla 1 skill can trigger the burn effect of this item easily, so if it is felt that our team still lacks damage, there is no harm in using semi-tank build with magic items that have side effects like Glowing Wand & Ice Queen Wand. If there is a hero healer (Estes) or high lifesteal ( Ruby & Alucard ) then use Necklace of Durance.

Carmilla’s build item tips above are the most ideal according to me, but all keep returning to the condition and composition of the enemy team, try also experimenting with other builds, who knows you can find other build combinations that are more suited to the way you play.

For battle spells, you can use Vengeance which is useful when the war team or Flicker if you prefer to play more safely.

Carmilla is very good / OP to fight the following heroes:

  • All hero tanks
  • Natalia
  • Karina
  • Helcurt
  • Alucard
  • Ruby
  • Martis

Carmilla is quite weak against the following heroes:

  • Ling
  • Fanny
  • Hayabusa
  • Lunox
  • Harley
  • Chang’e
  • Granger
  • Kimmy
  • Wanwan

Carmilla Hero Guide Tips & Tricks

Carmilla is a war team hero, so it will be far more effective if our team often takes the initiative to team fight 3 vs 3 or 5 vs 5 so that Carmilla’s skills become maximal in the game, try to get the team to gather rather than split push, even if you want split should use a 1-4 strategy (1 split and 4 others push together).

Use skill 1 in a dense area of ​​enemies, the more targets hit by this skill then the damage and healing effects obtained are also greater so that the chances of us surviving are also higher, then save stun skill 2 for the enemy carry heroes, especially agile heroes like Fanny, Ling, and Gusion.

When launching the ultimate then try around the target there are 1 or 2 other heroes so that the effects of damage and crowd control can be spread, you should just save ulti if only against 1 hero, unless if other skills are cooldown and we need a finisher (secure kill) or Additional CC.

It would be better if there was Cecilion as a mage on our team because it was not just to activate special Cecilion-Carmilla couple skills, but Cecilion’s skills were AOE burst damage which was very suitable combined with Carmilla’s ult so it could deal massive damage + CC ( other alternatives can be with another mass burst hero damage like Gord, Alice, Odette & Fanny).

Use build defense in accordance with the composition of the opposing team (physic / magic def), then if you feel the need to use magic items as needed / circumstances, if you need additional damage use Glowing Wand, if you need additional CC / slow effects use Ice Queen Wand, if you need anti lifesteal use Necklace of Durance, if you need ultimate spamming as often as possible use Fleeting Time, and if you need immunity use Winter Truncheon.

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