Maplestory DPM Chart List 2022: Best Class Tier List & DPS Chart

MapleStory is an online MMORPG that is free to play, and it is 2D and side-scrolling. Characters of each class have perks based on their playstyles and DPS.

Knowing which character to choose becomes crucial. In order to achieve this, the Maplestory GMS DPS Chart will be of assistance to all players. We ranked the damage that each character deals with based on the Global Maplestory, GMS. 

What is the strongest class in MapleStory 2022?

Many players find it challenging to choose a class when they create a new character when playing Maplestory. Our DPS tier lists rank classes by how much damage they deal in Maplestory to assist you in choosing the right class.

There are classes for bossing, farming, and mobbing, along with classes designed for new players as well. Please note that the following list is based on a single target calculation, so please keep that in mind as you read. 

It reflects a class’ performance against certain bosses by only including one part for attacking. Depending on the boss, you may have to take out several parts at once. GMS patch 220.0 is the current DPM data. 

DPM number indicates how much damage a class produces per minute. Calculations assume the character has BIS gear at max level.

As of January 2022, this table is accurate for GMS v.227.

Fire Poison MageS343.6720,620.42
Demon SlayerA308.6318,517.50
Dawn WarriorA294.1317,648.05
Thunder BreakerA293.5817,615.08
Night WalkerA291.4417,486.20
Angelic BusterB272.8216,369.16
Ice Lightning MageB265.6515,939.12
Dark KnightB261.8615,711.55
Night LordB245.9314,755.82
Dual BladeC237.4614,247.60
Battle MageC231.0913,865.47
Bow MasterC224.0713,444.03
Blaze WizardC222.9313,375.71
Wind ArcherC214.512,870.15
Beast TamerF211.3212,679.09
Demon AvengerF210.812,647.95
Wild HunterF209.9212,595.23

You can see that Ark Mage is currently Maplestory’s strongest class, followed by Adele and Blaster. 

Mercedes has the lowest DPS of all classes.

Classes with better stats will generally be easier to level up and to boss. 

Best Classes for Bossing

As you progress through the game, your main goal is to become stronger in order to defeat powerful bosses. Many players get better results taking down bosses by playing a class that excels at doing so.

These classes are all strong all-around, but they aren’t as good at mobbing and farming as some other classes.

In any case, these three bossing classes are among the best there is in Maplestory.

Night Walker

Cygnus Knights’ thief Night Walker specializes in throwing stars and sending out bats to attack. Due to his high DPS, usefulness through clones, and cool DPS, Night Walker is one of Maplestory’s best bossing classes.

Press and hold both your main throwing attack and jump simultaneously to increase your damage as a Night Walker. 

You will throw twice for every jump. In comparison, if you stood simply on the ground and held your main attack, you’d be considerably slower.

Additionally to enormous damage output, Night Walker possess a bind that ensnares enemies for an extended period of time. When fighting bosses, this skill comes in extremely handy.

Dual Blade

Night Walker and Dual Blade are both thieves. But instead of throwing stars, he uses a dagger. Since Dual Blade’s strongest skills are focused on a single target, he excels at bossing. The screen is filled with lines after dealing large amounts of damage.

Dual Blade is by far the most mobile of all the classes. In addition to its powerful jump, the class also has good combo skills that help him move across the map.

The skill for Dual Blade appears once you reach the fifth job. While moving, you can use this to do more damage and dodge attacks during boss battles.


Maplestory’s Hero class is also an astounding bossing class. An explorer warrior from the branch of the explorers. Hero’s attack speed works well in GMS, which makes it a good bossing class.

While the global version of Maplestory does not have a bossing system, it’s possible to increase your attack speed to make him an excellent bosser.

When enraged, he uses a powerful attack called raging blow against bosses. Damage is dealt in abundance by the Hero class. In addition, his tankiness makes him a good class for soloing as well.

Swords and axes are both capable of being used by heroes. Players who have fewer mesos for funding can find this convenient.

When playing a hero, two-handed weapons are generally considered to be the superior choice. In addition, one-handed weapons and shields are also available to this class.

Best Class for Newbies

There are so many classes in Maplestory that it can be difficult to choose one to play if you’ve never played it before. The play style and skills of Wach are all unique. Here are some classes we recommend for new players based on our experience.

There are a lot of simple classes you can play with limited resources. New players may find them squishy, especially on the reboot server, but they do not hurt the hands.

New players should consider some of these classes.

Demon Avenger and Demon Slayer

Choosing between Demon Avenger and Demon Slayer, the two demon classes in the game, is an excellent decision for a new player.

Each class is a Resistance warrior that uses a unique system to stimulate their skills. In other words, both Demon Avenger and Demon Slayer cost HP instead of MP when using their skills.

These two characters both have far more HP than most classes. In the game, Demon Avenger possesses the most power. The classes are also able to gain health when they kill mobs and use skills. As a result, no potions are needed.

The two classes have HP regeneration, as well as a variety of powerful mobbing abilities and full-map attacks. The second skill which is their link skills, is extremely valuable to your account.

Overall, the demon class can be an excellent choice for new players.


The Rise patch added Adele to Maplestory. Simply because Adele is so powerful, this class is a great choice for new players.

Adele has the highest DPS of all the characters in the game, according to the latest calculations. Additionally, Adele is well-rounded, so she can manage mobbing and bossing with equal skill.

She belongs to the warrior branch and uses STR as her primary stat. New players can benefit greatly from Adel’s tankiness.

You should consider Adele if you want a fun class with a strong focus on communication skills.


New players may also find Aran interesting.

Apart from his unique playstyle and flashy skills, Aran is a superb bosser and mobber with very little funding.

In addition, Aran belongs to the Hero branch of the bloodline. Essentially, this means Aran will be able to handle stronger mobs without being overwhelmed.

Aran is among the most effective classes for both mobs and bosses who want both flashy combos and great damage.


Kana also made our list of best classes in Maplestory, which makes her an excellent choice for new players. Compared to some demon classes, Kanna is less tanky, but she is still better than the average mage.

The kishin skill of Kanna and her AoE abilities have made her an excellent choice for new players. Kannas are extremely easy to train due to these two factors.

The damage output for Kanna is also high despite the limited funding. Kanna is for new players an amazing pick, all in all.

Final Words

These classes are all good choices for a beginner. All classes are playable by anyone. Nevertheless, some of the above classes should be easier than others. Even so, you shouldn’t let that prevent you from attending classes you like. 

Look up gameplay videos of a class to see how it battles when bossing and training to find out if it is right for you. The Maplestory GMS DPS Chart will also give you good amounts of information about choosing the perfect class for yourself.

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