Lake Guardians: Everything you need to know!

Ever since the first Pokémon game came out in 1996, Pokémon became the king of the Japanese and the world’s gaming industry. Even today, it is unbeatable and marked as the best game ever.

With the massive success of Pokémon throughout the Decades, many Pokémon have made a prominent place in the hearts of fans like Pikachu. But there are some Pokemon that are still a mystery and fans want to know more about them. The Lake Guardians are one of them.

The Lake Trio does not have many appearances in the Pokémon TV shows and games, but they are still important to know about.

If you are interested in the Lake trio, then don’t miss out on this blog. Because in this blog, we have demystified the Lake Trio and talked about their powers, their weaknesses and other important things that are needed to be discussed.

So let’s start with the main question!

What are Lake Guardians?

The Lake Guardians or the Lake Trio is a group of 3 legendary Pokémon from the three lakes of Sinnoh. The names of the Lake trio are:

  • Uxie
  • Mesprit
  • Azelf

They are known to represent willpower(Azelf), emotion(Mesprit) and knowledge(Uxie). The Lake Guardians were created by Arceus the God of the Pokémon World.

Now, when you know what the lake guardians are, Let’s review them one by one.


Uxie is the Lake Guardian which is known as the Pokémon of Knowledge. He is a very stylish looking Lake Guardian with the ability to levitate in the air. Uxie is from the Lake Acuity of Sinnoh. He is a psychic attacker type Pokémon.

Uxie has the ability to remove memories of the person looking in his eyes. Uxie is weak against Dark, Ghost attacks.


Mesprit is also a psychic type Pokémon. He is from the Lake Verity of Sinnoh and he also has the ability to levitate like the other Lake Guardians. Mesprit is the Lake Guardian known as the Emotion Pokémon.

Mesprit can control the emotion of the person who touches him. Mesprit is also weak against Dark, Ghost type attacks.


The third and the last Lake Guardian on the list is Azelf. He is also a psychic type Pokémon and Azelf has the ability to levitate like the other Lake Guardians. Azelf is from the Lake Valor of Sinnoh and He is known as the  willpower Pokémon.

Azelf has the ability to make anyone lose their willpower. From all of the Lake Guardians, Azelf is probably the strongest one. Like the other two Lake Guardians, Azelf is also weak against Dark and Ghost type attacks.


Talking about the Lake Guardians, Let’s have a look at the frequently asked questions about them!

Who is the strongest Lake Guardian?

According to their strengths, Azelf is the strongest Lake Guardian. You should choose Azelf as your character if you ever get the option to choose from one of them.

Can you catch all of the Lake Guardians?

It is possible to get all of the Lake Guardians but not easy. You have to dive deeply to get all of them.

How is Arceus related to the Lake Guardians?

Arceus is strongly related to the Lake Guardians because Arceus created the Lake Guardians.


All in All, Lake Guardians is a Trio that was created by Mew. To know more about them, Other important things are discussed above. 

I hope that now you know about the Lake Guardians. If you want to know about some other character then do let us know in the comments!

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