Kingdom Hearts 3: Top 12 World List in Order, Map Locations & Ranked

Playing a game with an overview of what you are going to deal with can be very useful. If you play Kingdom Hearts 3 then getting to know the worlds in order will be very beneficial and informative for you. 

To help you, we have created this guide that includes Kingdom Hearts 3 worlds in order. These worlds are also discussed briefly one by one. So, without any further delay let’s get to know the worlds!

Guide to the Best Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds List in Order 2022

To make it more easy for you, we are going to discuss the worlds one by one. So keep on reading!

World 1. Olympus

Olympus is the first world in the game. You will see characters like Zeus, Meg and Hades in this world. The main villain of this world are Maleficent and Pete. To unlock the next world you have complete this world and defeat the titans. In this world you have to get your lost powers. The plot of this world is inspired by the movie Hercules

World 2. Twilight Town 

Once you have defeated the titans in Olympus, the next world that unlicks is the Twilight Town. This world is very exciting because you get to meet Disney characters like Remy from ratatouille. You have to complete the mission to ratatouille bistro. Meanwhile you get clues related to Roxas and also meet some friends.

World 3. Kingdom Of Corona

Once you have completed the Twilight Town. The next world is Kingdom of Corona. This world is based on Tangled the move. This world is also very beautiful. You will meet characters like flynn, mother gothel and Rapunzel. You can find treasures in the forest and also find mysterious towers.

World 4. Toy Box

This world unlocks after Kingdom of Corona. As the name suggests, this world is inspired from the movie toy story. You will see characters from the toy Story like buzz light-year and woody. This level is fun and you have to find lost toys.

World 5. Arendelle

After the Toy box, you bump into Arendelle. This world is inspired by the movie Frozen and you will see ice everywhere. To complete this world you have to find three pieces of Olaf. You will fight with heartless. You will meet characters from the movie Frozen. Elsa, Frozen, Anna, Sven and Kristof.

World 6. Monstropolis

This world includes characters from the Monster Inc. You will meet Sully, mike and boo. Randall is the main villain of this world and you have to stop his destructive and evil plans. Sora becomes a monster in this world

World 7. 100 Acre Wood

This is the world 7 and this world also includes a Disney character which is Winnie the Pooh. This us a fun level and you have to complete some games in this world. You have to find a keyblade on this level. This level doesn’t includes any enemy and fight. You have to go back to twilight town to meet merlin.

World 8. The Caribbean

You will live this world because it is based on the movie Pirates of Caribbean. You will meet characters like Elizabeth, Jack and Will turner. You will have to defeat kraken and davy jones. You will build a battle ship and fight heartless in the water.

World 9. San Fransokyo

The location of this world is inspired by Big Hero 6 and this world includes Hiro and baymax as your helpers. You have to fight with heartless. In this world you have to search for microbots with AR devices.

World 10. Realm Of Darkness

This world is the first level of keyblade graveyard. You play the character of Riku. Riku have all the powers that you can use and are helpful to complete this world. King Mickey helps you in this world. The mission is to save aqua from demon tower.

World 11. Skein Of Severance

This world unlock after the Realm of Darkness. You have to unlick more battlegates. You will deal with heartless in this level. You will fight with other evil creatures and you have to defeat member of organization XIII. You will also meet evil terra.

World 12- Scala ad Caelum

This is the last world in the Kingdom Hearts 3 and the game ends with this world. You have to fight with different evil characters that have the ability to float in the air and do different attacks. You have to defeat Xehanort, you will fight with him underwater and the fight gets intense and after defeating Xehanort the game ends with a small play.

To Put it All Together

This article covers the Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds in Order. We have discussed all of the worlds in order, you can read the above article to get a brief overview of the game worlds. 

If you have any queries, you can ask them in the comments!

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