Instagram We’re Sorry Something Went Wrong: How to Fix It? (9 Ways)

Instagram, as we all know, is one of the most attractive social media applications. It started off as a platform to share photos and videos and now people are moving to this application rapidly. A few months ago, Instagram announced to have 1 billion active users. 

As the number of users on Instagram is increasing at a rapid rate, it is becoming very strict to combat spamming activities. A large number of users’ accounts have been banned by Instagram. This also includes the accounts which are innocent.

But due to the strict policies of Instagram, they were banned. If not banned, a lot of users have reported facing a number of issues while logging into this application. One such user reported facing an Instagram Error saying:

Instagram Something Went Wrong

As the user was trying to login into his Instagram account using Instagram user id and password, a pop-up appeared and this error message (User is not known anymore) appeared.

This restricted the user from using his Instagram account. Now there can be multiple reasons for this error.

In this article, we will try to explore each and every cause and its corresponding solution to fix Instagram error: User is not known anymore. So, let us get started.

We’re Sorry Something Went Wrong Fix Steps By Step 2022

In this section, you will get all you need to fix Instagram Error: Sorry, something went wrong. Please make sure you are following the steps carefully.

1) Check For Any Typos In Username

We all are humans and we all make mistakes. So, it is better to check if you have made any typographical error while writing username. Please keep in mind the case (capitalization), symbol, and spelling.

It could be possible that you are not writing the correct username and thus getting an Instagram Error: User is not known anymore. 

If you are sure that the username provided by you is absolutely correct, then you can leave this method here only and hop on to the other methods mentioned ahead.

2) Try Logging With Facebook Account

If you have linked your Facebook account with your Instagram account, then you can use your Facebook account to login to Instagram.

This is one of the methods that have worked for a large number of users if they are not blocked.
If you have not linked your Facebook account to Instagram, then you can use your registered email for the same.

If this is also not working then it might be possible that your account has been banned by Instagram and you may need to contact Instagram support for the same.

3) Verify If You Have Been Blocked

If none of the methods mentioned above were able to fix Instagram Error: Username is not known anymore, then there is a high possibility that your account has been banned or disabled.

So, it is better on your part to check if this is the case. You can follow the steps mentioned below to check for the same.

  • Open any web browser on your laptop or mobile.
  • Copy and paste this link on web browser:<username>/. Please make sure you replace the phrase <your-username> with your actual username. For example
  • If you are able to see your profile, then well and good. Your account has not been disabled or banned.
  • If you are not able to see your profile, then this clearly means that your account has been disabled by Instagram. This could be due to violating their policies and guidelines.

4) Window 10 app to connect Facebook

It all sounds great, but what if you have failed to link your Facebook and Instagram pages?

Well, I may start lecturing you on the importance of safety and so on; I may remind you that no one thinks about backup until they need it – but what for? Let’s deal with the problem.

After the “Sorry, something went wrong” message you can enter the web version of Instagram, but it won’t let you link to Facebook. The only thing you can do is browse through your feed.

Now it’s time to think about Instagram application for Windows 10. You might not have known it, but today one can easily use Direct from one’s laptop (except for Mac). The program looks like that:

Even if there is an error in your account, there will be no problem authorizing Instagram for Windows 10. I’ve tried it with three accounts, and all of them managed to enter. Yet this is not the biggest sampling, so in case you have a problem with it, please write about it in the comments.

After you’ve entered your account from your Windows application, don’t waste time – read your DMs and reply to customers. But after that go to Settings and search for Friends on Facebook. Link your Facebook profile, wait a bit, and congratulations – the issue is almost over.

I bet your hands are shaking with happiness and anticipation. Take your phone and select Login with Facebook.

Window 10 app to connect Facebook

This helps in the majority of cases – but not in all of them. Let’s go on.

5) Temporary disable your account

The following course of actions may remind you of a magical Indian rain dance – sometimes the rain really started after it, and the Indians got even surer that there is a certain ritual that has to be followed. See where this brought them? But I digress.

Let’s return to the web version of Instagram (yes, it exists at Authorize, enter the Settings, and find the line “Temporarily Disable My Account” below.

Select it and don’t hesitate – your account won’t disappear. Mark Zuckerberg is not ready to let you go yet.

Temporary disable your account

After that select Login Issues (this is the reason why you dare to leave Instagram for a while), agree, and block your account. Then spend some time with your family, walk a dog, or drink a beer. Don’t go near your account in the next 2-3 hours, no matter how much you want it.

Temporary blocking is removed by logging in via the app. Which is always successful. I don’t fully understand how this magic works, but it does for the majority of users.

6) Instagram Help Center

Congratulations. If all previous options failed with you, you are truly the chosen one. Open the authorization screen and find a small line “Log In Help”.  On the next screen choose the first variant (Use Username or Email).

Instagram Help Center

Enter the e-mail address at which the account is registered and select “Send E-mail”. Check your inbox and find the following letter:

It is very important, be careful! Select the big blue button and the system would ask you what to open the link with – Chrome, Instagram, etc. Select Instagram and flag “Always Use This Option”. Congratulations, you are in.

7) Factory reset your phone

Factory data reset, meaning complete wipe-out. Personally, I don’t believe in it but even a broken clock is right twice a day, as they say. I read some forum messages about people reaching enlightenment and Instagram letting them in after a hard reset. Well, think twice.

8) Reinstall the Instagram App

Delete Instagram and re-install it. Sometimes it helps.

9) wait

Probably Instagram servers are temporarily unavailable. It happens sometimes. Please ask your friend to log out and log in into Instagram. Also, you can check the live outage map (3rd party) You need to be sure that the problem is local and related only to your account.


Login problems are more than just a system glitch. Let’s hope we’ll never see the worst scenario. I do recommend you to link your Instagram account to Facebook and not to experiment with authorization, though. And try our analytics, obviously

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