Is Terraria Cross-Platform? (All Platforms Explained!) 

Many players are wondering “Is Terraria cross-platform or not?”. Well, you don’t have to be confused. Because we have answered all of your questions!

The simple answer to the question “Is Terraria Cross-platform” is NO, Terraria is not cross-platform for most of the platforms. But there are some platforms where you can cross-play Terraria with your friends.  

In this blog, We have discussed all of the popular platforms and devices about whether they are cross-platform or not. All of them are discussed below, you can check them out! 

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What do Cross-Platform means? 

Cross-platform simply means playing the game with your friend on different platforms. 

 For example; If your friend plays Terraria on PC and you play it on Xbox, then you both will not be able to play together if the game is not cross-platform and likewise if the game is cross-platform, then you can play it with your friend, even from different platforms. 

Is Terraria Cross-Platform for PS4 and Xbox One? 

Possibilities are that will not be a PS4 and Xbox One compatible cross-platform version of Terraria in the future. Because it would be a great problem for the developers to create a version where players are allowed to play on different consoles. 

Is Terraria Cross-Platform for PC and Xbox? 

Currently, Terraria is not cross-platform for PC and Xbox. You can not play with your friends on these platforms.  

The developers are working on it and it is said that we might see a PC and Xbox cross-platform compatible version of Terraria. But for now, you have to play separately.  

Is Terraria Cross-Platform for IOS and Android? 

Yes, Terraria is cross-platform for IOS and Android. You can play Terraria with your friends, regardless of the smartphone’s OS. Terraria is free for both IOS and Android. 

Is Terraria Cross-Platform for PC and Mobile? 

Yes, you can play Terraria on your mobile phone with your friend on PC. It is cross-platform for PC and Mobile.  

The only thing that you need to take care of is that you should have the same version of Terraria as your friend does.

Is TerrariaCross-Platform for PS4 and PC? 

Sadly, you can not play with your friends with PS4 if you have a PC. Terrariais not cross-platform for PS4 and PC.  

But there might be a compatible version in the future! 

Is Terraria Cross-Platform for Nintendo Switch and PC? 

No, there is currently no news about the Nintendo Switch and PC being cross-platform. Even if the developers start to work on this, it would be a great challenge for them, because of the different hardware specifications.  
These are some of the reasons why Terraria is still not completely cross-platform. 

  • The first reason is that there are fewer controls on the Mobile version and more on the PC version. There are no buttons, so it would not be possible to run on-screen controls 
  • The networking code of Terraria is written that It will only allow the same platform players for matchmaking 

The developers are currently working to make Terraria cross-platform. So, sooner or later it will become a cross-platform game. 


These are some of the frequently asked questions about Terraria Cross-Platform. 

When will Terraria be cross-platform? 

There is no specific answer to that. But it is confirmed by the developers that there will be a cross-platform version of Terraria in the future. Till then, we can just hope that it comes out sooner. 

How can I play Terraria with my friend? 

The only way you can play Terraria with your friend is to have similar platforms. If you play on Xbox then you should ask your friend to also play on Xbox. Likewise, if you are a PC player then your friend should also have a PC.


This blog is an answer to the question “Is Terraria Cross-Platform?”. The simple answer is NO. It is not, for most devices and platforms. But there are a few platforms that are Terraria Cross-platform. All of them are discussed above! 

Lastly, I hope this blog helped you with your confusion about Terraria being cross-platform. If you have more questions, you can ask them in the comments! 

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