Is Escape From Tarkov Free to Play or Not? [Complete Answer]

Do you want to know that Escape From Tarkov is free or not? Then you must read this blog!

If I give you a simple and straight answer

No, Escape from Tarkov is not free and you have to pay for it to play!

If you want to know the details of this game and the basic pricing. You an keep on reading we have shared the overview of the game and the pricing as well. You read them below!

Overview of the Game:

Escape from Tarkov is an amazing game that is developed by BattleState Games. If you play shooter games then you are going to love Escape from Tarkov. Because it is an amazing shooter game that you can play with your friends.

The best thing about the game is the graphics and the maps. The maps and weapons are stunning and many players are in live with them. Other than that, you can unlock many features and rewards in the game.

You have to survive and escape from the city of Tarkov. There is a civil war going on and military forces have made it nearly impossible for you to escape from there. You have to survive and fight the enemies to save yourself and to escape from the city if Tarkov.

The game is still in the developing stage and you will see new features and an international version to play in the open world.

There are different pricing plans for the game that you can avail according to your requirements. These are the following:

  • On number 1 is the Standard Edition of the game. The price of this edition is 33.74$
  • Next is the Left Behind Edition. The price of the left behind edition is 56.24$
  • After the left behind edition. Next is Prepare for Escape Edition and the price of this version is 75$
  • Lastly, we have the Edge of Darkness Edition. You can get this edition for 104.99$


These are frequently asked questions about the escape from tarkov game.

How Can I Download the Game?

You can download Escape from Tarkov very easily. Follow these steps:

  • First of all, open your browser and go to the game’s official website(
  • After that, Click on order icon
  • Choose the edition that you want. We have discussed the editions and pricing above. You can select for yourself!
  • Fill in the requirements and complete the purchase
  • After that you can go to the website again and login to your account and start playing the game.

How much GBs does Escape from Tarkov need to download?

The space required for Escape from Tarkov is 12 GB but the recommendation is to have 15 GB of space available.

To Wrap It All Up

In this blog we have answered the question “Is Escape from Tarkov free?”. The simple answer is No, escape from Tarkov is not free! We have also discussed the pricing of the game and a quick overview of the game that you can read above.

I hope that your confusion related to escape from tarkov free or not is sorted by now. If you have any queries you can ask them in the comments!

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