Instagram Launched IGTV: A YouTube Rival?

Instagram Launched IGTV – A Video Sharing Platform: Are you fond of creating videos? Do you have an active YouTube channel? Do you love creating, uploading and sharing videos? Well, if this is the case then now you have a YouTube alternative.

You heard it right. Now you can upload the same content on a brand new app called IGTV, which is an application launched by Instagram 2 days back. As we all know Instagram is outpacing its rivals like Snapchat and Twitter brutally, IGTV is expected to do the same.

Instagram is a real buzz today. It is most people’s first love as a social media application. Instagram was bought by Facebook in 2012 and from then onwards, it has become very popular. It now has one billion monthly active users. That is certainly HUGE. Instagram, on 20th June, unveiled its all-new Video Sharing platform and called it IGTV. IGTV has been rolled out for both Android as well as iOS.

If you have a lot of followers on Instagram and you love creating and sharing videos, then you cannot find a better platform than IGTV. This is because all your followers on Instagram will have direct access to your videos. You need not ask everyone to subscribe to your video channel. This will save a lot of precious time because you need not create a fan base from the scratch.


You must be hearing a lot of buzz about Instagram launched IGTV. But what is IGTV? Why so much buzz? What’s so unique about IGTV? Let’s start uncovering every tiny bit of IGTV. It is going to be fun.

  • IGTV allows you to create vertical videos up to an hour long. As per Instagram, people are more fond of watching vertical videos. That is why they are focussing on this new idea of vertical videos. Also, since it is a brand new app, Instagram is allowing users to create a video for up to an hour long.
  • You can create your own channels, like in YouTube. Within that channel, you can have all your IGTV videos.
  • All your followers will have direct access to your videos. Also, if you are following someone, you will get to see their videos as well.
  • IGTV app is available for both Android as well as iOS.

Download IGTV for Android
Download IGTV for iOS

  • Now let us see what all it offers apart from creating, uploading and watching videos.


First of all, you can download IGTV from the links given above, both for iOS as well as Android. Once you have done that, you can launch IGTV on your respective device.

  • As soon as I launched IGTV on my Android device, one of the videos of my friend whom I am following on Instagram started playing.
  • When I swiped left, the next video started and on swiping left, I was able to go back to the previous video. I really liked this feature. It actually provides you with a seamless experience in the world of videos.
  • If you swipe up, you will get the following options:
    1. For you
    2. Following
    3. Popular
    4. Continue Watching
  • The Following tab will have videos from the users that you follow on Instagram while the For you tab will have recommended videos based on your previously watched videos. The popular tab will have the trending videos.


Creating a channel on IGTV is so easy that it would hardly take less than a minute. We have created an easy to use guide that will let you know the steps to create an IGTV channel in less than 60 seconds. Follow this guide given below to create your own IGTV channel:

How to Create IGTV Channel in less than 60 seconds
Once you implement all the steps, your IGTV channel will be ready to use. Then you can easily upload videos and those will be shared automatically with your followers.


Well, till date we didn’t have anyone who can outpace YouTube. YouTube was the king of Video Sharing platform and it was ruling this platform for so many years. However, with the arrival of IGTV, it is expected to give a tough competition to YouTube.

It is quite obvious that IGTV is relatively new and it will take time to expand and build its place on this platform, but since it an Instagram product, the expectations are high. Only time will tell whether it will outpace YouTube or not. Till then you can enjoy both YouTube as well as IGTV.

So this was all we had on IGTV. If you want to know anything else or you want to add something to this article, feel free to post your comments. We would love to hear from you on IGTV. Stay tuned.

Abdullah is the founder of GamerAfter. He is passionate about blogging and wants to share knowledge with others. His passion, dedication, and quick decision-making quality make him stand from others.

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