Can I see who viewed my Facebook profile

How to see who viewed your facebook: If you have been using Facebook for your business purposes, you should be wondering who viewed my Facebook profile. Facebook is a perfect social media network and lets you develop your business. However, the popularity should let you think about how to see who viewed your Facebook profile.

It is possible to find it out, but you do not have specific or well-defined options to do it. We will learn how to find the answer to the question of who viewed my Facebook profile.

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile? Why You May Never Know

Well, Facebook does not provide a simple and straightforward method to check your question, who viewed my Facebook.

In fact, Facebook cites the privacy reasons for the lack of this feature. We are not sure when Facebook will add how to see who viewed your Facebook profile.

However, Facebook seems to have given a thought to what users have been demanding. This should explain why the feature is available on the iOS app.

The option to view your visitors is available through the privacy settings on the iOS app. Android and web versions of the social media site do not have the functionality enabled.

2 Best Ways To Find Out Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

There are a few techniques used for finding who visited your Facebook profile.

1. Using Page Source

The technique is a little techy in nature and may need you to be a little tech-savvy. The steps can be a little complicated if you are not aware of the technicalities involved.

Here are the steps involved –

  • Visit your Facebook profile on your favorite browser. Google Chrome should be a good option as it would work efficiently enough.
  • Once the page is loaded, right-click anywhere within the page.
  • Click on View Page Source from the context menu.
How To Find Out Who viewed my Facebook Profile

You will now need to look for the code InitialChatFriendsList. The best option would be to press CTRL+F to launch the search box and enter those strings. You should find the character string that you just entered.

Followed by the string, you can find a lot of number bunches. These numbers refer to the profiles that visited your Facebook profile.

To know these profiles, you can visit the Facebook site at and add the number after /. For instance, if you find the number 8596, you will visit the site first ID in the list would indicate the profile who visits your Facebook profile quite often.

In fact, this is the best and perfect option to find who visited your Facebook profile.

Of course, there are a couple of other methods that should also work effectively.

2. Using Chrome Extension

The Social View Chrome Extension can be a great option to work with the perfect option if you are looking to see who viewed your Facebook profile. Check your Chrome web store for the best Chrome extensions that can help you assist in the task.

However, the third-party extensions may or may not work effectively. Never opt for an option that you may not be confident about. Be careful about the personal and private data and the issues it may have concerning the extension’s services.

Final Words:

Facebook officially does not provide you with an option to answer your query on who viewed my profile straight away. Of course, the feature has been enabled on the iOS app only recently. We hope to find the feature being added onto the web version and Android app of the world’s most popular service.

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