How To Remotely Control YouTube on PC From Your Smartphone

Today at WapTechs, we are sharing a detailed guide to Remotely Control YouTube on PC from your Smartphone. All you need to have a smartphone and your PC.

Follow the below given steps to experience the same on your PC as you would have watching it on a Smart TV:

#1  Go to YouTube TV.

#2  Click Home and Select Sign In.

Note down the displayed code.

#3  Go to and enter the code.

#4  You are now Signed In. Now Go to Home > Settings > LINK TV AND PHONE.

#5  Select Link with TV code ( use Arrow keys to move up and down).

Note down your TV code.

#6  Open the YouTube app in your smartphone and go to settings.

#7  Look for Link with TV code and Tap on ENTER TV CODE. It will take you to next screen, type your TV code and tap on LINK.

#8  You have now synced your YouTube app with YouTube TV. You can see a YouTube TV Paired icon has appeared on your YouTube app home screen.

If you’re unable to see the Paired icon that means something has gone wrong. Re-enter your TV code and try again.

#9  From now on whenever you open YouTube TV on your PC, it will automatically synced up with your smartphone. Select and Play any video from your smartphone, it will be playing on YouTube TV.

You can also add video in queue so that you can watch it later.

Now you can control YouTube on PC remotely from your smartphone. Enjoy the YouTube TV experience on your PC.

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