How To Remotely Access Pc From Android Phone In 2021

As we know, now days technologies are improving day by day and provides lot of features to the users but many of users are not aware about these features.

So in this article I will show you one of the most usable and powerful feature of chrome remote desktop application which is used to access and monitor computer from anywhere over the internet.

Using chrome remote desktop you can access your system(computer, android etc.) from anywhere either you are travelling or sitting in a coffee shop.

For example, you are travelling and want to play game in your computer, so what all you have to do is establish a connection between your smartphone and computer by just doing few steps mention below.


To connect a PC remotely via android, we will use an application called chrome remote desktop. To make a connection with this application you must have to connect with the internet.

Also you must be logged in on both devices with same email id. And make sure that sleep mode is disable in your computer.

Follow the steps to access the computer remotely using your smart phone:

 Configure your PC

Open chrome browser and click on app icon on the left corner.




Then click on web store and search chrome remote desktop.





Click on launch app.




Then under my computer section, click on enable remote connection.



Click on accept and install, this process will download an application in your computer called chrome remote desktop.



  1. Install chrome remote desktop in your  PC and open it.
  2. Then click on enable remote connection.




Type the security PIN which will use to access your device from another device. PIN length should be 6 digit or more.



   Configure your Android phone

  1. Open play store and download chrome remote desktop.




  1. Open the application.
  2. You will see list of devices which are available around you for remote connection.




  1. Select device which you want to connect.
  2. And enter the PIN number which you entered in your computer during establish the connection.




And now, your computer is in your phone.






Remote access technology provide a way to get your resources easily anywhere, it doesn’t matter how long distance you are because it makes connection between devices by using  internet and we all know that internet is available everywhere.

Remote access technology is not limited to only a laptop or desktop but now day’s lot’s of other technologies are using this like auto driving car, automatic door etc.

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