How To Make Good Feed In Black Desert Online: Easy Guide With Videos

BDO is a popular fantasy MMORPG sandbox oriented game. Earlier this year, BDO Mobile was released. An Xbox and PlayStation 4 version came out last December.

Many players have been struggling to create a good BDO feed ever since Black Desert Online released. The guide will assist you in making a good BDO feed if you too face the same issue.

Good Feed Bdo

How to become a cook in BDO

If you’ve played BDO since launch, you probably know how to get the ability to cook in the game. However, there is still a large population that does not know how to prepare feed-in BDO.

You can jump to the next section if you already know how to become a Cook in BDO.

Step 1. Obtain a residence

Getting a residence in BDO is the first step to learning how to cook. A residence can be acquired by investing CP in a house node with a residence option.

Step 2. Purchase a cooking tool

As soon as you move into your new home, your first priority should be to purchase a cooking tool. A Balenos Special tool could be used or a regular one. With the game progressing, you will be able to develop intermediate and advanced cooking tools. However, for the moment, let’s stick with what the vendor provides.

Step 3. Install the tool in your home

It is necessary to enter your home after you purchase the cooking tool. Once you click P, it will be kept inside your home. The placement screen will open when you click P. Click the cooking tool you wish to use from the bottom of the screen. Place it where you want it. Drag and drop.

If you want to have a perfect appearance, you might also want to install a chandelier or two. You are now ready to begin cooking in Black Desert Online. Stand near your cooking pot once you have gathered everything you need. Push the R button.

The Recipe for Good Feed BDO

It is highly desirable to have good feed. After all, everyone’s pets are fed with it. Since there are so many pets, there will always be a demand. Organic feed is the only competitor, as it can be made in the same manner as conventional feed.

Required Ingredients

You need the following ingredients for each batch of good feed:

  • 6x Meat (any kind, I suggest lamb meat as it’s easy to get)
  • 2x Dried Fish or 1x fresh fish
  • 3x water (from vendor)
  • 4x flour (any kind)

Making Flour

Grain is ground into flour by using the processing option. Getting grains requires your workers to gather them. At farms located throughout Black Desert Online, you can also gather grains yourself. Just look for farms with grain nodes. 

You can usually gather grain from the farmed soil on these islands. For each grinding batch, only one grain is needed. An average of 2.5 flour is produced at artisan 1 level.

Where to Find Fish

Fresh fish can only be obtained by catching it yourself. BDO uses either fresh fish or processed fish to make good feed. However, we recommend having your workers go to fishing nodes and collect dried fish. If you prefer, you can just purchase dried fish at the market.  In the sea, there are fishing nodes.

Getting Meat

What is the best way to get meat at BDO? It is important to note that Meat is an ingredient you can only obtain from the market or buy. There are no restrictions on the type of meat you can use for this recipe. It is recommended to use lamb meat. However, lamb meat can be easily obtained. Lamb meat is also reasonably priced.

It is, however, difficult to find Lamb meat in large quantities. BDO requires that you pre-order this ingredient because it has a high demand. Mountain ranges between Baleros and Serendia are the best place to find meat.

Reducing the Gathering Time

Along with the above-mentioned process, you will also need to decrease the time you spend accumulating meat. You can use Silver Embroidered Gatherer’s Clothes +1 if you are not a part of a guild with bonus gathering stats.

Silver Embroidered Gatherer’s Clothes +2 or a Life Stone will suffice if you are a member of a guild with +3 gathering. Life stone is preferable to baleno meat. It also increases your chances of getting rare items by 10%.

Your gathering time will be reduced from 20 seconds to about 2-3 seconds if you do this.

Making a Good Feed in BDO

When you have gathered all the materials you need, you can begin to make some good feed. Put the ingredients in the right proportion in the cooking toolboxes. Click start. The batches can be made until you run out of ingredients if you press consistently.

With your cooking level at 1, you should get an average of four good feeds from each batch.

Tips for Cooking

Reducing Ingredients Used: Cooking skills that are high enough enable you to reduce the amount of ingredients you use per batch. You will still succeed 100% of the time. When you can, try it out. You can use it for any recipe, not just the good feed recipe.

Reducing Cook Time: By using Silver Embroidered Cooking Clothes and better cooking tools, you can also reduce the time needed to make each batch. A batch takes around 1.6 seconds to make.

Final Words

This was all about Good Feed BDO. There’s nothing more to it than that about making good feed in BDO.

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