How to Lock Cells in Excel 2022 | Step by Step Tutorial + Video

In the excel sheet you can lock the cells to protect them but is important to know how to lock cells in excel sheet. If you protect the entire excel sheet but also want to be able to change some of the cells after you have enabled the protection on the excel sheet.

But before you enable the password protection on the excel sheet, you unlocked some of the cells in the excel sheet. Once you are done with the excel sheet, you can lock these cells again.

Thankfully, Microsoft Excel 2018 and earlier versions let you lock cells to protect them from being modified. You can lock all the cells in a worksheet or specific cells, allowing some parts of the spreadsheet to be changed. Here’s how.

How Can You Lock Cells In The Excel sheet?

You can lock cells in excel sheet by following some steps.

  • Select the cells in the excel sheet which you want to lock.
  • After selecting the cells, clicking on the small arrow in the alignment group present on the home tab will open a small popup window, format cells.
  • Select the locked checkbox on the protection tab and then click on the OK button to close the popup window. Some excel sheets might show you that the cells are already locked when you try to lock the cells, it may be because that the cells are ready to be locked.
  • Then in the change group on the review tab, you can either select protect workbook or protect sheet or then you can reapply the protection.

You must unlock the cells before you protect the excel sheet but the cells can be unlocked after the sheet has been protected. You only have to remove the password to remove the protection.

Why You Should Lock Cells In The Excel Sheet?

Excel lock cells is a great feature which will help you to protect the selected cells in the excel sheet. You can lock the cells or the entire excel sheet to keep your data and design safe and secure.

You can gain the benefits of the protection while it still allows access to certain types. There are various tips which you should keep in mind before enabling protection. These tips will also help you to gain more than just protections of cells in excel sheets.

  • If you want to know how to protect cells in excel sheet, you can use the guide for excel sheet protection. But before you enable password protection you must unlock all the locked formats which work with protection. It guides you step by step to lock cells, lock sheets, and unlock cells. The users are just not able to change the data of the locked cells.
  • Locking and unlocking the cells will have no impact unless the sheet has been protected.
  • A locked sheet can be very limited because it does not allow you to change any data and hence you can use the unlock cells feature. This can allow you to update and format your data.

The major benefit of protecting the cells is that the formula bar remains empty. You will not be able to copy the formula to any other cell and this will help to protect proprietary and intellectual data.

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