How to Install ADB Fastboot On Windows

There are many reasons why you may be required to install the ADB and Fastboot drivers. You will need this if you want to install a factory image.

For those considering upgrading their device to Android 11, it can be extremely useful. As well as flashing TWRP recovery images, you can use it to patch boot images and for many more purposes.

If you’re interested in rooting or custom recovery stuff, or if you want to use the sideload command to install updates manually, you’ll find ADB and Fastboot helpful.

So, let’s check out how to install ADB and the fastboot driver on your PC. 


What is Fastboot?

In Fastboot, your device does not need to be booted into an Android OS to operate. There are instead of their Bootloader or Fastboot menus. 

To run Fastboot commands, you do not need to enable USB Debugging. You could unlock your Android device’s bootloader using many commands.

Additionally, you can boot into TWRP Recover or IMG files with this. If the drivers aren’t installed on your PC, the device won’t be recognized in fastboot mode. 

This is where the Android SDK Platform Tool can again be helpful. Run the Fastboot commands in CMD or PowerShell after the installation.


What is ADB Drivers?

Android Debug Bridge is also known as ADB. This tool allows you to connect your Windows computer to an Android phone via USB to send terminal commands. 

With ADB commands, you can root, unlock, flash new ROMs, install the latest updates, and do more.


Why do we need ADB and Fastboot Mode?

You should become familiar with the ADB and Fastboot binaries if you are entering the Android ecosystem. 

It’s unlikely that you would need these drivers for a phone solely designed to make calls and send messages. 

In reality, this population consists of only a small portion of users. Most of these individuals wish to use Android’s open-source environment to its fullest potential.

Purpose of ADB Commands

ADB and Fastboot are needed right from the start. Starting with ADB, your device will be able to boot into different modes using these commands. 

From your PC, you can even install and uninstall applications on your mobile. In the same way, you can also transfer files from your PC to your mobile. 

And by using the ADB shell, you can access those hidden options and unlock information about the device.

Purpose of Fastboot Commands 

Fastboot is another tweak we can consider. Performing any system-level tweak on your device requires first bypassing the restrictions implemented by the OEM. 

Unlocking your device’s bootloader is one of the most important requirements. Only through the fastboot commands could this be accomplished. 

A bootloader that has been unlocked also comes along with a number of goodies that require the use of Fastboot commands in some way.

If you are flashing or booting an IMG file, you will need fastboot commands. Whether you are installing Magisk or you need to flash it, you need fastboot commands. 

In addition, you will find that the majority of mods require sending fastboot commands. 

Simply the fact that fastboot is essential for unlocking bootloaders, launching TWRP, and rooting your device should demonstrate its importance.

Install the necessary software for your computer based on the Android SDK Platform Tools. You can now access the endless possibilities on your Android device through the Command Prompt or PowerShell window. 

Don’t forget to enable USB Debugging from Developer Options on your mobile. You need to install the Android Debug Bridge drivers on your PC to work with Android Debug Bridge.

Download ADB and Fastboot tool:

ADB and Fastboot drivers for Windows, Linux, macOS: v31.0.2

For Windows: Download Link

For Linux: Download Link

For macOS: Download Link


Set up ADB and Fastboot Manually


  • Install the ADB and Fastboot drivers
  • Install the most recent platform tools.
  • Then, extract its contents. A folder called ‘platform tools’ will be available to you.
  • If you want to access the “platform-tools” folder, you should move it to the C drive.

That’s it!

By pointing your ADB/PowerShell window to this folder, you can run the ADB and Fastboot commands from this folder. 

In this case, open the PowerShell or the command window only from this folder. 

Go to your platform-tools folder. Press the Enter key after typing cmd in the address bar. You will see a command window open with this folder listed as its location.


Installing ADB and Fastboot 


  • Obtain the fastboot and ADB drivers setup files from Google and save them. It only takes a few seconds to run this file on the Windows desktop once.
  • Run adb-setup.exe after double-clicking the file. 
  • An icon with a blue background will appear now on your command prompt. By typing ‘Y,’ you will install the fastboot and ADB drivers.
  • Your PC will now have all the drivers for ADB and fastboot installed.
  • Once you have typed ‘Y’ once again, your phone will automatically download the latest Google USB drivers. 

Your phone will be able to connect to the PC through this method. 

An installation window will now appear on your computer. By clicking on install, all operating system driver files will be installed on your PC. 

During this process, the device drivers will be installed. Your screen will then display the message “Google Inc. Ready to use.”

Now that the ADB files and fastboot drivers have been installed, you’re all set. Your ADB folder can be found on the C Drive of your Windows system.

Open your C drive ADB folder while holding down the shift key to verify that your Windows PC is compatible with both ADB and Fastboot drivers. Right-click on your desktop, and then launch a command prompt window.

Your phone should be connected to your PC via USB cable. In the command window, enter “adb devices.” The list of connected devices will appear.


Setup Minimal ADB and Fastboot


  • Installation package for Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool is needed to be downloaded
  • By double-clicking it, you can begin the installation.
  • Confirm the permission grant by clicking yes if a new window opens asking.
  • You will need to confirm each one by clicking the Next button.
  • Once you’re done, click Finish.
  • As long as the minimal ADB and fastboot launch checkboxes are already selected.


That’s it.


Final Words

Now, you must have got an idea about how to install Adb and fastboot in windows. It is very crucial to have good knowledge about them; otherwise, you could permanently brick your phone. So, be cautious while using these tools.


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