How to Get Mini Militia Pro-Pack for Free without Hack

Mini-Militia a 2D shooter game is very well known by millions of people across the world. It is a very addictive game. You can not stop playing for hours if you are connected to a local WiFi or even online.

Now, when it comes to Local WiFi it has no restrictions. You will have all the requirements from the weapons to the necessary avatar needed. Now when it comes to playing online, you will have some restrictions on it.

The restrictions like- You cannot use high-level weapons like a sniper and bazooka, neither you can double the guns. Every true Mini-Militia player wants to increase the level of their XP and badges by playing genuinely.

Since few people use modded Mini-Militia apps it becomes hard for the true militia to boost up their levels and they lose interest.

You might have seen that in order to get the pro-pack you have to either purchase (60 rupees) or watch a video for certain duration(about 30 seconds) and then they give us the abilities of a pro-pack player i.e dual guns, avatars etc.

But the pro-pack will last for just 10 minutes as per the video you watch. Isn’t it tedious to watch a video and get a pro-pack just for 10 minutes?

To overcome all this you just need to follow few instructions and you will get the never-ending pro-pack package without hack until the end.

Instructions to get the Mini-Militia pro-pack without hack:-

  1. Download Mini-Militia from Google Play
  2. Open the downloaded Mini-Militia app and tap on the login option placed on the right side. If you have already logged in then you can skip this part.
  3. Enter your Email-Id and submit.
  4. passcode will be sent to your submitted email-Id. Enter the passcode and submit it. If there is an option for setting up a password you can set it there itself. You can even reset your password if you have forgotten one.
  5. Now, click on Upgrade present at the top of the list.
  6. Then click on Restore.
  7. Then, click on Use my ideal resources.
  8. Yay! now come back and start playing online. You can see that your pro-pack timer will be at 19 minutes 59 seconds. Now its never going to reduce. The timer resets after each game.
  9. You can now fight with dual guns, use sniper, bazooka etc and select unique avatars.

Tips and Tricks

  • Don’t rush to attack as soon as the game starts instead load yourself with good guns and then go for the hunt.
  • Try to reach and attack players already engaged in the fight because of their low health.
  • Try to make double guns whenever you get a chance.
  • Sniper and Shotgun make a good combination.
  • Hide in the bushes and wait for the enemy to come.
  • If you are playing for a team and you are short of life and an enemy is approaching then, suicide!
  • If a person is lagging, shoot some bullets at him. Once they get normal they die instantly leaving you with a point.
  • If you are holding a gun and you are short of life don’t rush to attack, instead crouch and wait for few seconds until the life boosts at least half of it. Same holds with the jetpack.
  • If you think you cant stand in front of your enemy for longer throw a grenade this might help you to gain a point even if you die.

Tips with respect to weapons

  • Sniper– This is the best weapon for a long-range shooting. It has 7X zoom and kills in one strike. So firstly settle somewhere preferably on the top and wait for your enemies. As soon as you see the enemy hit a headshot.
  • Bazooka– This causes a massive area destruction.It has 6X zoom so settle in a place and aim. It takes more time to reload. If you miss 3 shots then you will be in trouble so keep a backup gun as well.
  • Shotgun-This weapon shoots 4 bullets at a time but has a small range, so keep a long ranged weapon as a backup. Don’t go to hit the enemy if he is far from you. You should be fast while using this gun with good instincts. Strike as soon as the enemy comes near you in one shot.
  • Guard- No bullets can pass through a guard. Face the guard towards the attacker and fire. A bazooka can be a problem for a guard but crouching will help you with a little life.
  • Proxy mine-Plant this mine in the spawning area or if there is a place where you feel the enemy will be quick. Once the enemy comes close to this mine, it will activate and explode.
  • Magnum– Double Magnum power is almost equal to a shotgun. Two bullets are enough to kill the enemy.
  • Uzi- Double the Uzi and you can just go on killing the enemies one by one provided you have some tricks to do so.

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