How to Fix How to get free Gun skins and clothes for PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile an online Android game developed by Tencent games is played by most of the gamers across the world. Its graphics, voice chat ability, and many other unique features have made PUBG Mobile a remarkable experience for users in mobile gaming.

Everyone likes to look good though it is in a real life or in a game. PUBG Mobile is a game in which you get various types of clothes, glasses, Hats, mask and many more items through crates.

Out of all these, the most attractive is the gun skins and few attractive rare clothes. Some people get these gun skins and clothes from the crates. But they don’t know how did they get!

If you have a question like “How to get the attractive gun skins and rare clothes?” then you are in the right place, my friend! Promyandroid will help you to know how to get free gun skins and rare clothes with images. All you need to do is follow the few steps given below.

How to get free Gun skins & rare clothes in PUBG Mobile?

You just need to complete the ACHIEVEMENTS to get the free Gun skins and rare clothes. But how? Here are a few ways suggested how & what kind of achievements are to be completed.
Go to your Profile ->Achievements.

3 simple ways to get free Gun skins and rare clothes for Pubg Mobile.

1] Look at the highlighted box, you can see a M416 gun with a skin. In order to get that skin for M416 you need to complete the achievement Assault Mastery. Click on that badge you will see something as shown below.

In the above image, you can see that it is saying to kill 500 enemies with Assault Rifle in order to get the M416 skin.
You just need to kill 500 enemies with Assault Rifle and complete the Assault Mastery achievement and take the skin with you. Wow!

2] You need to earn such rewards ( highlighted) in order to buy skin or clothes from the shop. There are many such achievements in which you can earn rewards. In the above picture you can see that after getting the Ghillie suit(desert) in the match, a reward of 20 will be claimed.

Once you earn the rewards you need to go to, Shop -> Limited Time -> Redeem(Left side) and buy these skins for free provided you have the required amount of rewards. As shown in the picture you can buy a SCAR-L skin for 1,500 rewards, ShotGun skin for 1,500 rewards and other items with lesser rewards.

3] Another way is by getting a Pubg crate. There are 3 types of crates namely Pubg superior crate(orange), Pubg premium crate(red) and soldier’s crate. The best among these are orange and red crates.

Once you complete this achievement you will get a chance to open the crate in which you may get any kind of items like Gun skins, clothes, mask etc but the best ones. Once you get many such crates you can open it one after the other and get rare items as one shown below.

The only possible way to get free Gun skins and rare clothes in PUBG Mobile is by completing the achievements list. If you are rich enough then you can get everything easily through Royale Elite Pass 😀

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!! 😀

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