How to Fix Outlast 2 Error 0xc00007b: The Application was unable to start correctly

How to Fix Outlast 2 Error 0xc00007b: Outlast 2, a horror survival game, is one of the latest games launched a few months back. Outlast 2 has certainly received a great response across the world. It has achieved some great reviews on the steam community as well.

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With great graphics, the plot has been well set. However, since the game has just launched, many people face some issues while playing the game. We accept that this happens with almost every newbie. It takes time for users to get used to any new stuff.

Outlast 2 is suffering from few issues, and in this article, we will address one such issue. This issue is the error code 0xc00007b. As per my experience, this error code is not specific to Outlast 2. I have experienced this error code multiple times in multiple scenarios.

Unfortunately, Outlast 2 is also suffering from this error. But there is nothing to worry about. We have come up with tested methods to fix Outlast 2 error 0xc00007b. So head on to the next section to fix Outlast 2 error 0xc00007b.

How To Fix Outlast 2 Error 0xc00007b: The Application Was Unable To Start Correctly

In this section, we will be providing two methods to fix Outlast 2 error 0xc00007b. You can opt for any method at your convenience.

Method 1: Run Outlast 2 As Administrator

Follow the steps given below to implement this method:

  • Go to Outlast 2 icon and Right Click on it.
  • Click on the Properties option at the end.
  • Now select the Compatibility tab.
  • Check the option of Run this Program as an administrator. 
  • Click Apply and OK. 
  • Now try to launch Outlast 2 to check if the error persists. Hopefully, you should not be getting this error now.

Method 2: Download Required Dll Files

The error code 0xc00007b can also occur due to missing or outdated dll files. Follow the steps given below to download 5 such required files and check if the error persists:

  • Download
  1. xinput1_1.dll
  2. xinput1_2.dll
  3. xinput1_3.dll
  4. xinput1_4.dll
  5. xinput9_1_0.dll

So these were the two methods to fix Outlast 2 error 0xc00007b. I hope you liked this article on Fix Outlast 2 Error 0xc00007b: The application could not start correctly. If you need more clarity or a better understanding of any step or method, feel free to ask via comments. Your query will be surely answered and that too quickly. Thanks.

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