How to Fix Instagram Unable to Load Images: 3 Ways to Fix

How to Fix Instagram Unable to Load Images: Instagram is one of the most trending social media application. Every day, there are around 400 million active users on Instagram. As the devices to capture images are progressing day by day, so as the size of a single click in getting bigger.

To upload such big files, we require a fast as well as stable internet connection. Though Instagram gives you quite a smooth experience, it still suffers from few problems. One such issue is when you are not able to upload images on Instagram. In this article, we will be publishing methods to fix Instagram Unable to Load Images.

What Causes Instagram Unable To Load Images Error?

There are two main reasons that cause Instagram Unable to Load Images Error. These are:

  1. Slow Internet Connection.
  2. Unstable Internet Connection.

Now that we know the root cause of the issue, we will try to implement few methods to fix this issue. Head on to the next section to get your hands dirty on the methods that are given below.

How To Fix Instagram Unable To Load Images

Here, we have some methods to get rid of this issue. Follow along and go through the steps very carefully.

Method 1: Switch To Wireless Connection

If you are using a data connection, then it is better to switch to Wireless Connection. Wi-Fi gives you much better performance as compared to Data Connection. It is fast as well as stable. So use Wi-Fi and check if the error still persists. If you do not have the facility of Wi-Fi, then follow the steps mentioned in the next method, where you do not need a wireless connection.

Method 2: Use 3g Instead Of 4g

If you are using a 4G Connection, then you can try uploading images using 3G Connection. Now you must be wondering why to use a 3G connection as 4G is much faster than 3G. The reason is that a 3G connection is much stable than a 4G Connection. So try 3G connection and check if the error still persists.

Method 3: Sign Out And Sign In

If none of the methods mentioned above fixed Instagram Unable to Load Images, then try this method. Follow the steps as mentioned below:

  • Sign out of your current Instagram session.
  • Now Sign in again.
  • Try to load the image that was causing the error.
  • Check if the error still persists.

So these were the few methods to fix Instagram Unable to Load Images error. Hope you liked this article. In case of any issues regarding this, feel free to reach out to us via comments. Thanks.

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