How To Fix Instagram Link Not Allowed Error

Instagram Link Not Allowed Error – As we all know Instagram is one of the best social media apps available for Android and iOS. There are approx. 1.386 billion active users of Instagram and count is increasing day by day.

From the last couple of months, we have seen Instagram is changing their policies to protect the users. We appreciate their efforts to protect users from spam and other activities but these changes in policies lead to an error that is Instagram Link Not Allowed Error. Recently we also faced the similar while linking a photo to my account.

Basically, whenever you are trying to post photos and comments it will give you an error Link Not Allowed.

So, if you are also faced the same issue and searching for how to fix Instagram link not allowed error then kindly go ahead. When we came around this error we have done basic research and came up with the best solutions. This article “How To Fix Instagram Link Not Allowed Error” might be a help for you.

Instagram Link Not Allowed Error – Reason

As far as we are aware the main behind this error is policy change. Day by day spamming was increasing on Instagram so this policy change became the crucial thing for them.

Mostly while posting a shortened link like bitly you will get Link Not Allowed error. One more thing is Instagram blocked certain website those are most likely to be linked by a spammer in their profile.

If you are posting the same link again and again or posting the same link every day. This is one of the spamming action and you are prone to get Link Not Allowed Error.

We have seen some cases in which IP was blocked by Instagram. This means you are not allowed to post on Instagram. This might be the reason for your Instagram Link not allowed error.

Fix Instagram Link Not Allowed Error

There are some methods to fix Instagram link not allowed error below. You can follow them and hopefully one of them must suit you. If the first one is not working for you go for another one and so on.

Solution 1: Restart Your WiFi

As we said IP can be one of the reasons for Link Not Allowed Error so restarting your WiFi could be one of the solutions. You may or may not be aware that whenever you restart your WiFi you will get a new IP address.

  • Turn OFF your WiFi Router and wait for 2-3 minutes.
  • Plug your router again and connect your device with same WiFi.
  • This way you will be assigned with new IP and then check whether you are getting the same error or not.

Solution 2: Remove Link from Bio

This is one of the most widely worked methods to fix Instagram Link not Allowed Error. People usually put a link to their websites, YouTube channel or any other link. This may result in Instagram Link not Allowed Error.

  • Launch Instagram on your device.
  • Go to the Accounts section.
  • Click on Edit Profile button.
  • Now remove any link that you have entered here. Save the changes.
  • Now try to put the link that was causing Link Not Allowed error and check if it still persists.

This should hopefully fix this error.

Solution 3: Change Router Configuration

Changing router configuration could be one of the methods to fix Instagram Link Not Allowed error. To change the configuration of your router follows the steps given below:

  • Go to Home Page of your router and log in.
  • Select My Network > Network Connection > Broadband (Ethernet) under Rule Name.
  • Then go to Settings > Renew > Release > Apply
  • After this Instagram should allow you to post Link. Hopefully, the error will be resolved.

Solution 4: Use Incognito Mode

Instagram Error Link Not Allowed can be caused because of cache and history. So you can give a try by using incognito mode in your web browser. In incognito mode, a private browsing mode will be created which will disable browsing history and web cache. This way you can bypass the error and fix Instagram link now allowed error.

Solution 5: For Mobile Data Users

If you are getting Instagram link now allowed error on smartphone or cellular data restart your device. You can also enable Airplane mode for 2-3 minutes and once it is disabled try using Instagram. Hopefully, this will help you in fix Instagram link not allowed error on your smartphones.

These are some common methods to “Fix Instagram Link Not Allowed Error”. If none of the above methods helps you in fixing the issue kindly let us know via comments. In case of any doubts related to this issue reach us through comments, we will take it up with priority.

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