IGTV Upload Failed Error: How to Fix It? (7 Ways)

How to fix IGTV Upload Failed Error: Instagram, as we all know, is one of the most popular social media applications of this era.

It is continuously surpassing its fellow competitors including Snapchat, Twitter, and others. Recently, the officials of Instagram announced to have more than 1 billion monthly active users. These numbers clearly show the popularity of this social media giant.

After gaining so much popularity in the world of social media, Instagram decided to mark its presence in the video-sharing platform.

At this point, Youtube is the only application that has a monopoly on the video-sharing platform. But with the arrival of Instagram’s IGTV, Youtube may have a new rival in the house.

Instagram recently launched a brand new video-sharing app and named it IGTV.

It created a lot of buzzes but we have to accept the fact that it is relatively new and it will take a decent amount of time to come closer to an application like Youtube that has already cemented its position in this sort of market.

IGTV came up with a unique idea for the vertical video.

This means that you can only upload video in vertical format (that is portrait form) and not in landscape mode. Instagram further explained that people are more prone to watch vertical videos rather than landscape ones.

However, only time will tell whether IGTV’s idea of the vertical video was good or bad. Since IGTV is relatively new, a lot of users are facing some issues while uploading the videos to IGTV.

So, in this article, we will be discussing one such issue that a lot of users all across the world are facing while uploading videos to IGTV.

What Is Igtv Upload Failed Issue?

A lot of IGTV users reported facing the IGTV Upload Failed issue while uploading a few videos on IGTV. They tried different file formats too but nothing seemed to be working for them.

So, we decided to write a post to help such users fix IGTV Upload Failed issue easily. If you are also facing this issue, please go through the guidelines given below.

Please make sure the video you are trying to upload is adhering to every guideline given below. Failing to meet any of the guidelines will result in IGTV Upload Failed issue.

How To Fix Igtv Upload Failed Issue

Instagram has imposed a lot of restrictions on the video that the user can upload on IGTV. If you are getting Upload Failed error while uploading a video on IGTV, make sure your video is following all the guidelines given below.

Why Can’t I Upload Video to Instagram?

Instagram won’t let you upload a video if:

1. Your Instagram account is banned, blocked, or disabled.

2. You have a poor network connection.

3. Your video fails to meet Instagram’s requirements for supported videos:

Formats: H.264 codec / MP4

Resolution: maximum width 1080 pixels (1080P)

Frame Rate: 29.96 frames per second

Bit Rate: 3,500 kbps video bitrate

Audio codec: AAC audio codec at 44.1 kHz mono

Duration: 3 to 60 seconds

How to Fix Instagram Video Upload Failed

Basic Debugging Methods

Step 1. Make sure your device is connected to a strong network.

Step 2. If the network connection is fine, restart your phone to see if it makes a difference.

Step 3. Some users find it helpful to clear caches of Instagram on App Manager: Settings > Apps > Instagram > Clear Caches.

What should I do if my Instagram video won’t upload?

If you have checked the above steps and none of them describes your issue, but your video is still not uploading, there are a few things you can try to fix.

Relaunch the app

Simple as that. Close the app, then open it again and try uploading the video.

Clear the app’s cache

Instagram takes a lot of cache memory. Go to Settings > Apps > Instagram and tap on it. Look for the Clear Cache option and tap on it.

Update your app

Make sure that you have the latest Instagram version on your phone. Go to Google Play and see if it’s up to date.

Charge your phone

Some users say that this problem appears when the phone has a very low battery. Try putting the phone on charge and see if the problem persists.

Restart your phone

If any of these fail, a simple phone reboot can actually be the solution.

I hope you find this article helpful and please do let us know if you have more opinions in the comment section below.

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