How To Fix Hellpoint Crashes, Errors, Glitches, Performance Issues

How many times have we visited Hell in video games? From Doom (and it’s sequel, Doom: Eternal) to Agony, we’ve been shooting and running from demons plenty in the past half decade. Hellpoint is another game taking on the sci-fi demonic trope – this time in a style similar to Dead Space and Dark Souls.

Don’t worry, fighting demons is a adrenaline pumping just as ever! However, there’s one thing that’s more horrifying than the gore and viscera: bugs and crashes.

Hellpoint Troubleshooting Guide

Hellpoint hasn’t quite released yet (and will be coming soon) but we decided to do a quick-start quick-fix guide for the game. If you’re interested in the game – thankfully the developers have released a demo back around in February – Hellpoint: Thespian feast.

Now put away your shiny demon killer swords and corpses, it’s time to ready up and fix some bugs!


Nobody likes a pre-game or a mid-game crash. Here’s a couple of quick fixes to help you get the ball rolling.

Double check your specs

Fighting demons in a derelict space station will require futuristic tech. Not just for your character of course, but your PC too. Make sure you’ve checked that your PC meets the minimum requirements to run this game.

Information like that can be found on the game’s store page. Alternatively, you can use free benchmarking websites which will check if your PC can even run the game!

Or you know – you could just test out the free demo.

Update your Graphics Drivers

Always, always keep your graphics drivers up to date. Using the Device Manager in your control panel might not be enough. Go check your 3rd party software for your graphics card and update from there. Better yet, do a clean install to make sure no buggy old software remains.

Open the ‘walls!

To hell? No – just your anti-virus. Sometimes the anti-virus quarantines your game, and as a result it just crashes on start-up. Simply open up the control panel for your anti-virus, select the Firewall, and click make an exception. Now your game should be free to load and play!

Verify File Integrity

Sometimes taking the portal has unintended consequences – it closes and you end up losing an arm or a limb. Or you know, your download messes up and the client misses out on some important files.

Use your video game client (such as Steam), right click on your game, and select properties. From there, you should see an option for local files, and afterwards a “scan & repair” or a verify file integrity option. Select that – and your client will handle all the repairs for you!

Update your DirectX

It’s funny that DirectX is one of the most essential tools for gaming these days. And yet occasionally downloading the latest games may not always initiate a full update. So to get your game running and end the crashes – look up for the latest version of DirectX on the microsoft website. Don’t worry – it’s absolutely free.

Switch over to Borderless Fullscreen

Players using the demo have noted that the game crashes when set to Exclusive full-screen. So you might be wondering – how in holy God can you change the settings if you can’t even load the game in the first place?

The answer is simple actually – using pre-launch settings! On Steam, head over to the game, right-click, and select properties. From there this should open up a menu. Go over to the general tab and select launch options.

Performance Issues

Great – your game’s FPS is so slow it looks like a horrible GIF. Or perhaps the audio quality is hellish enough for you to stop playing. There’s a couple of quick and easy hot fixes for that not to worry!

Turn off all other applications

Give your computer some much needed focus. Yes – your PC is built to multi-task better than you, but some apps require a lot more processing power. Close all Internet tabs with cute cat videos, video game walkthroughs, and all other non-essentials.

If you have video game overlays like Steam, Nvidia, or AMD, turn those off as well!

Lower your Graphics settings

No matter how many times I’ve said this, it still hurts. Lower your graphics settings. I understand you wanted to experience sci-fi Hell in 4k graphics – but that doesn’t matter if the slow frame rate makes it unplayable. Head on over to the in-game graphics settings and lower it. Thankfully – if you’re looking to compromise between performance and graphics – custom graphics settings exist!

Turn off HDR settings on your monitor

Not all games support High-Dynamic Range Imaging (usually abbreviated to HDR). Yes – the blacks will look black and the light will look holy, but sometimes its just best to turn this setting off for better performance.

Check your audio inputs

Silence is golden… except when you can’t hear your enemies

Don’t hear the squelching of flesh against your blade? Perhaps the volume mixer is set to mute. Perhaps you’re connected to the wrong audio output. Go check to make sure your PC is outputting to your audio device of choice, whether headphones or speakers.

Keep the Game Updated

As always, the developers are looking their best to polish the game till its perfect. Some things just can’t be fixed except for some trusty patches – so you’re going to have to wait. With that in mind, if Steam isn’t set to auto-update your game – make sure you do so in the settings!

I’m Stuck (Gameplay Issues)

While playing the demo of Thespian feast, people have been experiencing strange issues. Your player character was stuck and unable to run, use ladders, and do any sort of movement. You’ve got two fixes for this:

Change the camera settings

Strangely enough – increasing camera movement speed and camera sensitivity does the trick. You can do this from the in-game menu!

Roll back a bit

Worst case scenario and you’re still stuck in place – you’re going to just reload an old save. Not exactly a fix I know – but at least you can keep playing!

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