How to Fix Fallout 4 Low FPS Problem Issue

As a player in Fallout 4, you can even have a companion. These companion perks make sure you are always on top in battle, from combat medics to vicious attack dogs. A plethora of farmed gear and a bloodthirsty companion is not what they want when they encounter variants and ghouls. Once you have the right gear and the right attitude, the rest is easy. 

Easy Methods to Fix Fallout 4 Low FPS Problem: Steps By Step 2021

Nevertheless, PC players can encounter quite a few errors in the game. A notorious low FPS issue is one of them. Problems like those aren’t popular among many users, and we certainly aren’t a fan. Because of this, it’s best that you get started on fixing this issue right away so you can start playing again at full speed. Because the Commonwealth is waiting for the only survivor. 

Causes of Fallout 4 Low FPS Issue

Fallout 4’s low-fps issue indoors is caused by a number of known reasons. If you have Vsync enabled, you might experience this issue. Vsync runs games at around 30 frames per second. In any game that supports high frame rates well, there will be issues. Additionally, God Rays have their own settings. According to this claim, high settings cause lag and low frame rates. There are also reports that controller vibration also contributes to the issue.

It is not difficult to fix the low FPS issue in Fallout 4. We’ve listed all the solutions and tips below that will fix the problem.

Remove the Vibration and Control settings

Perhaps you’re wondering what turns off the vibration in the game has to do with this? In a way, you’re right, but in another way, you’re wrong. In Fallout 4, unchecking the vibration and controller boxes is widely known as a way to fix the low frame rate.

The game stutters and decreases in framerate as a result of these two settings. Many players resorted to everything, such as uninstalling the game, verifying the game files. They even removed the mods but to no avail. So they tried this one. 

If you are unsure which settings need to be disabled, start with something as simple as switching them off. Steam users have reported that their frame rate increased from 35-45 to 55-60 after playing the game. Stuttering also stopped persisting after playing the game. You should therefore immediately apply this fix. Perhaps you are in a similar boat to others who once had low FPS.

From here, we will take the following steps. 

  • Launch Fallout 4 and load the main menu. Continue to the next step once you’ve entered the game. 
  • Next, click the “Pause Menu”. Next, click “Settings”. 
  • After that, click the “Gameplay” tab to access the settings that need to be unchecked. 
  • To find Vibration, scroll down a bit. Toggle it off when you find it. 
  • Lastly, find “Controller” in the same way you found Vibration. Turn it off by checking the box next to it. 
  • Leave the “Pause Menu.”
  • Start the game again. 

The Fallout 4 low frame rate PC issue should be resolved by that. If the problem persists, try playing the game again and moving around the game world. This should resolve your problem. For more top-tier fixes, continue reading if the issue persists. 

Turn off VSync in Fallout 4

It is possible to eliminate VSync from Fallout 4 in order to fix the unacceptable FPS levels. The primary purpose of this feature is to regulate the frame rate of a game and the refresh rate of a monitor. In this way, both processes occur simultaneously, hence the name VSync.

This method comes in handy when your CPU is capable of more frames per second than your monitor can handle. 

Therefore, we should disable VSync for Fallout 4 in order to protect our interests. We can still play the game without it. Power consumption and performance lags can be detrimental in some scenarios when using VSync. Several players who have been struggling with sluggish FPS rates have been able to fix the situation by simply negating this seemingly helpful process. 

Fallout 4’s VSync will need to be disabled through two directory explorations if you wish to fix the low FPS issue. From the Steam client, you can disable it. Just go to the game’s properties. Click local files. Select the Fallout 4 folder in the local files. Within the Windows “File Explorer” application, you can also reach the “Documents” folder. 

It can take a while to disable VSync. Then let’s dedicate an entire section to it to make the process easier to understand even for the most inexperienced of gamers.

How to Disable VSync In Fallout 4 

From here, we will follow the steps below. Each of these steps must be followed exactly as instructed in order for this Fallout 4 low FPS fix to be effective.

1. Click on Steam on the desktop of your Windows 10 computer. Locate Fallout 4. Once you have finished, right-click on the game’s name. Click on “Properties“.

2. A pop-up will appear containing information about Fallout 4 as soon as you do that. To continue, click on the top tab “Local Files“. 

3. Upon clicking Local Files, you’ll be directed to a new page in this pop-up window. To navigate to local files, click Browse local file. Then, launch a second window. 

4. After you’ve opened Fallout 4’s local files, it’s time to open Fallout 4’s “Fallout4_Default.ini” folder. It’s here where you’ll tweak the VSync settings. You can also disable some of it. 

5. Clicking on it will open the folder. Now comes the most important part. You need to find an entry called IPresentInterval=0. There is only one thing left for you to do here: change the “0” to a “1”. Then you are done. Select “File“. Once you have finished the optimization, select “Save”. Essentially, these are all settings that need to be tweaked in VSync.

As soon as you’re done with this one, keep moving forward. Follow the same steps for the remaining “IPresentInterval=0” entries. Using the “CTRL” and “F” keys together will bring up the search bar and make it easy to find whatever entry you are looking for. 

That’s all there is to disabling VSync. Try launching Fallout 4 again and see if the issue persists. The chances of experiencing low FPS rates are significantly reduced. 

Despite fixing the problem, there is another aspect of the whole mess that you should be cautious about. If you disable Vsync, your PFS rate will soar. To play the game without errors, you must cap your frame rates.

Other than that, it’s common to encounter problems with time scaling, poor physics implementation, and other issues. RivaTuner and NVIDIA Inspector are good options for limiting your FPS.

This is all under the impression that disabling VSync helped you resolve the issue. We have other fixes for Fallout 4 if you’re still experiencing low frame rate.

Disable Volumetric Lighting 

In the world of PC gaming, volumimetric lighting is called “God rays”.  The view is rendered with more realistic sunlight with this 3D graphics rendering technique. This creates an appealing visual effect. It’s good to know that most games can be played just fine without God Rays. 

Additionally, Fallout 4’s God rays feature has been implemented horribly. At least they look impressive. However, compromising their performance for higher FPS values makes sense. 

The volumetric lighting feature in Fallout 4 has been reported to fix the low FPS issue in many players. Trying playing with little to no God rays will bring changes if you follow suit. Here are two ways to do this. 

Here are both options so you can choose flexibly between them based on your needs. 

Disable Volumetric Lighting Manually

On Windows 10 PCs, God rays can be disabled without using any third-party software. Manually entering a specific key into a Fallout 4 game file is how this is accomplished.

It works like clockwork. There are steps you can follow, but only if they are easy to understand. Below are those steps. 

1. To get started, navigate to your “File Explorer” application’s “My Games” folder. You will normally find it in the “Documents” folder. 

2. Next, open up Fallout 4’s game files by selecting the “Fallout 4” folder. A file named Fallout4Custom.ini can be found here. Click it to open it. You can now proceed to the next step.  

3. The file should now be open in Notepad or another text editor, where you will now need to enter a specific entry. To minimize the amount of God Rays in the game, copy and paste the following into your Fallout4Custom.ini file. You should experience a significant improvement in FPS.

Notice how the command ends with gr off. Actually, this is instructing the game to turn off volumetric lighting. Remember to click on “File” in the upper toolbar. Save the settings you just made. 


sStartingConsoleCommand=gr off

That’s all there is to this method. Your God rays have been switched off successfully. Hopefully, this will fix the low frame rate in Fallout 4. If the volumetric lighting still won’t work for you, try another method of disabling it. 

Disable Volumetric Lighting By Downloading a Mod

A PC gamer enthusiast’s heart beats for mods. Using mods unlocks a world of gaming possibilities. Gamers are able to live their fantasies to the fullest extent possible. Additionally, they can help fix titles like Fallout 4 that have been badly optimized. A lot of PC gamers bashed Bethesda for releasing the game before it was complete on social media. 

Nevertheless, sometimes you have to deal with the lemons that life throws at you. As such, mods are the best choice for the task at hand. Fallout 4’s low FPS issue can be fixed thanks to Nexus Mods’ God Ray Disabler. 

Here are the steps for installing a mod from Nexus Mods.

1. You can access God Ray Disabler on the website directly by clicking this link. 

2. The only way to download mods from this site is to create an account. Several of its features are free, and you can use it to a reasonable extent for free. Additionally, a premium version can also be purchased. A number of advanced features are available to users, including unlimited download speeds, no ads, and automatic downloads. Click on “Register” in the upper right corner of the page to continue. 

3. To solve the Fallout 4 low FPS issue, you should download the God Rays Disabler mod once you’ve signed up on Nexus Mods. Download the mod manually. To continue, click on “Download” next to “Manual”

4. You will reach a small-scale area in the last step. In case you did not decide to purchase a Nexus Mods premium account, you can click on “Slow Download” here. This will initiate the download. 

The God Rays Disabler mod for Windows 10 is now installed. This mod can now be loaded directly from the game menu. It will improve your FPS dramatically. Your game’s frame rate should be fixed now. 

Fallout 4’s low FPS scenario might still exist in the future. In that case, continue reading for more useful fixes. 

Reduce Your Draw Distance 

You can also improve your FPS rate by reducing the draw distance in Fallout 4. Draw distance, or the distance at which 3D objects are drawn in a game, is the extent to which they are drawn.

You have a whole landscape in front of you when you are standing on a hill in Grand Theft Auto V, for example. As far as the eye can see, a colossal mountain occupies the horizon. A mountain in this instance is the max draw distance. Because this is until the screen has been rendered to display the objects. Essentially, the draw distance is your field of view and everything in it. 

The draw distance in Fallout 4 can also potentially be optimized to improve its low FPS. Several different game elements can have this parameter reduced in Fallout 4. You can find out more about this in the following section. 

How to Reduce the Draw Distance for the Fallout 4 Low FPS Fix

From the Fallout 4 in-game launcher, you can access the “Draw Distance” area via the last tab. If you want to reduce your draw distance altogether, you will need to tweak several different parameters. In this way, your PC will receive a collective boost in FPS. See the tutorial below for more information about reducing the draw distance. 

In Fallout 4, you can reduce Items’ drawing distance to increase frame rates. This parameter isn’t substantially different from all the others. For the best results, keep it at 3. Items that appear in Fallout 4 include garbage. Once the “Minus” button has been clicked, click “Accept”. Then proceed to the next parameter. 

There is a parameter called “Objects” that determines how much content you will see on the screen. A bunch of stuff is included here, including cars, trees, rocks, and structures. By default, it is set to 5. However, it might be better if you tone that down. Finish with 3 as your final value. Click “Accept” once you’re finished. Then move on to the next entry.

When you’re out, the “Actors” parameter is a very useful tool. Also when you’re running long distances. You may, however, reduce this value by 4 if you intend to achieve a high FPS. To do so, click “Minus”. To proceed, select “Accept”

There’s nothing special about “Shadows” in Fallout 4. Keeping the Shadows value at 0 is in your best interest. The purpose of this parameter is unclear. There is no guarantee that the circle around us will be tightened or relaxed or that it will affect areas outside of settlements. There is no point in taking risks in any case. As a result, resolve this parameter as soon as possible.  

There’s nothing complicated about how to reduce the draw distance on Fallout 4. As long as you cast some spells of fortune, you must now be able to play freely in FPS. Fallout 4’s low frame rate can be fixed by reducing the draw distance, but this might not be the best option. It is, however, necessary if you have tried everything else. 

If you’re still not seeing a change in FPS levels, then we’ll move on to the other fixes. There’s a possibility that you will have to spend a little money on the next solution if your equipment isn’t up to snuff. 

Use the Insignificant Object Remover Mod

The mods now seem to be our only option. Hopefully, they will fix our Fallout 4 problems as well. The PC modding community deserves a lot of credit. They have been carrying out the developer’s work. They have now been doing so for over 65 years. Next, the Insignificant Object Remover mod can improve low FPS in Fallout 4. It does exactly as its name suggests. 

It removes all the objects from Fallout 4’s free-roaming gameplay. As a result, the GPU is less taxed. Hence, the system is able to prioritize rendering visible game components. As opposed to what is in your peripheral vision.

Taking something away that you don’t need will therefore result in a better frame rate. Fallout 4 mods can also provide you with a more immersive experience. But that’s another discussion for another day. 

Insignificant Object Removal mod for Fallout 4 is installed using this link

once you have downloaded it to your PC. Within Fallout 4, the mod is typically loaded from the game menu. Furthermore, Vortex offers easy management of your Nexus mods downloaded from Nexus. It can also launch your favourite games. 

Adding the Insignificant Object Removal mod to your game should have a noticeable effect on your FPS. This mod works by removing undesirable game world elements. It allows your graphics processor to breathe a little easier. 

Still no fix for Fallout 4’s low frame rate? We have a few more fixes that will help you get back into the game. 

Clear Background Processes 

It is an extremely common fix that has put rookie PC players on their guard. Fallout 4 is a graphics-intensive game, so it’s best to get rid of anything heavy running in the system’s background. The PC may be slowed down by another program. This is preventing the game from running smoothly. 

If this is the case, start the Task Manager immediately. This can be accomplished by simultaneously pressing “CTRL” “Shift” and “Esc” Once you have the app open, look at what components are being used the most by which programs. Remove any entries that are not necessary. Finish the process by clicking “End Task”

Make sure no background processes are running while you play the game. You may need to do this. You’ve finally identified and fixed the problem. Enjoy exploring with your friendly neighborhood Deathclaw in-game and give yourself a pat on the back. 

Final Words

This was all about fallout 4 low fps issue fix. There is tons of potential to explore in Fallout 4’s mutant-infested wasteland. With the thriving modding community on PC, any game can benefit from a great deal of user-based customization that breathes new life into Fallout 4. Things can, however, quickly spiral out of control. This is especially true when low FPS is an issue. 

We’ve discussed best practices to fix Fallout 4’s low FPS issue in this article. To jump to a conclusion, it is best to give each method a shot first. If any of these solutions worked for you, please let us know in the comments section. 

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