How to Fix Dev Error 6068 Problem: 7 Ways To Fix

You must have encountered some errors when playing call of duty modern warfare. Of these errors, dev error 6068 is a headache. Users report that it appears unexpectedly. It appears that some of them claim it automatically goes away when they start the game.

There are those who are saying that they seem to be in the middle of the game. There is surely a negative mood when there are errors. Things get even worse when you don’t know how to fix them. In this troubleshooting guide, we will provide you with some information about this error and will demonstrate some methods to fix it.

What is COD Warzone Dev Error 6068?

Dev Error 6068 continues to be experienced by some COD Warzone players at this time. Since Warzone was released, quite a few users have been affected by this error. This guide may help you fix the issue if you are experiencing this problem on your computer.

Warzone can sometimes experience technical difficulties. Dev Error 6068 is one of the most common ones we receive. It usually occurs if your computer is running outdated gaming drivers. It can also occur when Windows is corrupted.

Some users have reported to us that this problem has been fixed after they reinstalled the game bar without changing anything on their system. It is also possible that the error is caused by a random error in the game files. 

The issue is not likely caused by a poor internet connection or other network issues, as is the case with other developer errors for the Call of Duty franchise.

Why does COD Warzone Dev Error 6068 occur?

We have compiled a list of possible factors over the past few months. We have identified the following factors:

Outdated software.

When COD Warzone is installed on machines running an older version of Windows 10, you may encounter Dev errors like 6068. When playing Warzone, make sure you have an updated Operating System on your PC.

Updates are needed for game drivers.

When graphics card drivers were updated, Dev Error 6068 in some cases was fixed. When you update your computer’s OS, make sure you check for GPU drivers. 

The game has a random bug

Random glitches and bugs may occasionally occur in software and games. It’s possible that Warzone Dev Error 6068 is the result of a random issue with the game itself if the error occurs rarely. 

Keep your PC’s software environment updated all the time to reduce the chances of random bugs occurring. Maintaining this means always using the latest version of the operating system and graphics card.

A game file has been damaged

Another common cause for many game problems is damaged or corrupted game files. You may be experiencing Error 6068 on your PC if DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error. The game may need to be deleted and reinstalled. Make sure you download the most recent version. Make sure the game didn’t stop unexpectedly in your task manager.

Third-party programs interfere.

After installing a new program on their computer, some Warzone gamers said the game stopped working as expected. Think about what program you installed recently. Remove it from your system if necessary. See if that fixes the Warzone Dev Error 6068. In the event that DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error, this may also help. Refer to your task manager for confirmation.

Install the latest graphics driver

DirectX appears to be causing Dev Error 6068. This means it may be related to graphics. You might be using an outdated or broken graphics driver. Check to make sure you are using the latest driver before trying anything more complicated.

By visiting the website of the graphics card manufacturer, you can update your graphics driver manually. Identify the model of your graphics card and download the correct driver installation file. Instead of manually updating your drivers, you can do so automatically with Driver Easy if you don’t have time or patience.

  • Get Driver Easy and install it. 
  • You can run Driver Easy. Select Scan Now. Your computer will then be scanned by Driver Easy. It will identify any problematic drivers.
  • All the missing or out-of-date drivers will be automatically downloaded and installed when you click Update All.
  • Restart your PC after updating your graphics driver. Test whether Warzone crashes now.

You can take a look at the next fix below if updating your graphics driver does not fix the issue.

Run Warzone using DirectX 11

Warzone runs smoothly on DirectX 11 according to some gamers. It might work for you as well, so try it out.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Launch the client.
  • Choose Call of Duty: MW from the left menu. Click Options. Click Game Settings.
  • Select Game Settings from the left menu. Select Additional command line arguments from the left menu. Type -d3d11 in the input area.  Hit Done.

You can now test the stability of Warzone. The next fix below may help if this does not.

Stop overclocking

Many people believe that overclocking is a free performance booster. However, this may not always be the case. This actually undermines the stability of some AAA titles and leads to frequent crashes.

Some gamers speculate that this error might be caused by high clock speeds. When playing a game, you should turn off any overclocking utilities you are using. Try lowering the RAM clock speed if yours exceeds 3000 MHz. See if that helps.

You can check the next solution if the error code occurs even when you are not overclocking.

Disable applications and overlays

All the services and programs listed below should be disabled or you should uninstall them.

  • Performance monitoring
  • MSI afterburner metrics
  • Broadcasting Service
  • Video/audio recording
  • Taking screenshots
  • Instant replay
  • Share menu
  • Notifications

Be sure to disable or uninstall any of the following apps if they are running.

  • GeForce Experience
  • Discord
  • Spotify
  • Game Bar

Install all updates for Windows

With regular updates, Windows 10 offers improved compatibility and security. Updating your system can help you avoid lots of problems. For instance, it may fix the fatal error that you are experiencing in Warzone.

Lastly, here are some quick tips:

  • To open Windows Settings, press Win+I together on your keyboard. Select Update & Security.
Update & Security
  • Updates can be viewed by clicking Check. Installing the updates takes some time.
  • Once you click Check for updates again, you should see “You’re up to date” if you followed these steps.
  • Restart your computer once your system updates have been installed. Then test the Warzone gameplay.

Simply move on to the next method below if you don’t have luck with this one.

Virtual memory can be increased

When your system runs out of memory, virtual memory serves as additional RAM. Usually, this comes in handy when you’re running a large, resource-intensive application. A crash might be mitigated at some point by increasing the virtual memory in your computer.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Press the Windows key on your keyboard. Select advanced system settings. Select View advanced system settings.
  • Click Settings under Performance.
  • Navigate to the Advanced tab in the pop-up window. Click the Change Virtual Memory button.
  • Disable the option Automatically manage paging file size for all drives. Choose Customize size.
  • Your computer’s physical memory should determine the Initial size and Maximum size. According to Microsoft, virtual memory should be 1.5 to 3 times as big as physical memory. Click Set when you have chosen the size of virtual memory. Click OK once you have completed your selection.

Your computer needs to be restarted. Start Warzone now. See if it works.

RAM must be checked

The error has disappeared for some players when they replace/upgrade their RAM. If you’re having a RAM issue, you should check if your RAM is faulty or incompatible. You can try RAM from another brand to find out. It is hard to go wrong when you buy gaming equipment from reputable brands.

Warzone requires at least 16GB of RAM. However, more RAM is always better.

Final Words

These are some tips that have proven useful to many gamers to solve the dev error 6068. Feel free to write down any questions or suggestions in the comment section.

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