Fix Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Crashes, Errors, and Performance Issues

I hope video game developers find a better way to market video game remasters. Trying to say “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered” is a hell of a mouthful.
But long video game names aside, who imagined we’d get to suit up as Task Force 141 again but this time in 4K? If there’s one thing I’m sure of – Modern Warfare 2 was one of the greatest video games of all time. And I’m glad that we get to relive the experience again – but with better graphics!

But you know what’s going to ruin your experience faster than (Spoiler Alert) Shepard’s betrayal? Crashes and bugs. Task Force 141 can’t fix bugs, but you know who can? We the writers at Waptechs! So lock & load soldier – we’re going to teach you how to troubleshoot Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered.

These are some other COD Errors:

Crash Fixes

Check your Minimum Specs (PC)

With this game now updated with the latest graphics, I hope your setups have been catching up with the updates as well! Before purchasing this game – always, always make it a habit to check for the minimum requirements. If you don’t meet the minimum requirements – your game won’t run.

You can head on over to Call of Duty’s website and check the required specs there. If you’re not sure whether your specs are up to par, you can also head to online benchmarking websites. These websites make the process of checking compatibility easy!

Update your Graphics Drivers (PC)

If CoD: Modern Warfare 2 can get updated, and remastered, so can your graphics drivers! Always, always keep your graphics drivers up to date. Otherwise, your games like CoD Modern Warfare 2 Remastered will crash or even refuse to run!

You can get your graphics drivers updated through two methods. The easy method is to use the Windows control panel, and opening up the device manager. From there, you select your graphics card, right-click and choose update drivers.

The other method involves opening up the companion software for your GPU. From the menu (whether NVIDA or AMD), you should see an option for updating your drivers.

If these two previous methods fail, the third alternative is to go to AMD’s or NVIDIA’s websites. Download the driver appropriate for GPU, and then run the .exe file. Following this, a menu should pop-up for installation options. Make sure to select the clean install option.

Reinstall the game (Xbox One)

Sometimes the installation process was rocky. Perhaps some files were missed, or weren’t loaded, and as a result you’re getting freezing and non-stop crashes. One fix for crashes for the Xbox One involves reinstalling the game. Crude I know, but still a very useful fix.

To uninstall the game, head on over to the main menu. From there, select the “Games & Apps” Section. Highlight the game you want to delete, and press the menu button. After that, you should see an option to uninstall the game. Select it – and make sure to choose “Uninstall all”.

To reinstall MW2, simply go to the Games & Apps menu, go to the “Ready to Install” category, and choose MW2.

Safe Mode Fix (PC)

How to Boot Into Safe Mode on Windows 10 or 8 (The Easy Way)

Unable to start and play your game due to a terrible memory bug? Here’s how to troubleshoot it:

  1. You will need to run the PC in safe mode.
  2. Head to the Power Settings, and click “Restart” while holding down on the shift key.
  3. Select “Troubleshoot” and then “Advanced Options”. Next select start-up settings.
  4. Choose “Restart” – the menu will provide you with various settings. Select “Enable Safe Mode with Networking” by pressing the F5 key.
  5. Once the PC boots up in safe mode, open
  6. Launch CoD: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered – run it normally (don’t select safe mode launch).
  7. Once the game launches, go to the in-game settings and change the game to run on the “Windowed” mode.
  8. Exit the game, and next restart your PC and make sure to exit safe mode.

Restart the Game (Xbox One)

Just turn it off and on again. Yes – I know that’s a meme. But it’s a meme that works. Sometimes files are just loading incorrectly, so a simple restart can help the Xbox One fix these loading issues.

Now if that didn’t work – you might as well do a cache reset. To this, you’ll first have to turn off the Xbox One. Afterward, unplug the power cable from the console for at least a minute. Once a minute’s elapsed, plug it back in and launch the game.

Update System Software (Xbox One)

Sometimes crashes can be due to old and outdated system software. The fix for this is simple. Head over to the Settings menu – to do this press the Xbox button, and following this press the RB button thrice.

From there a menu should pop-up. Select “Settings” and then the “Systems” tab. From there, head over to “Updates & Downloads”- from here you can see if any update was released.

Fixes for Performance Issues

Turn off all background applications (PC)

Keep your eyes on the mission Roach. If your PC is running a million browser tabs, there’s no way it’s going to have processing power for smooth game play.

So before you start the game, make sure to close down everything. Internet browsers, Video editing software, Photoshop – everything that isn’t Call of Duty.

Another thing you can also do is turn-off all the game-play overlays provided by 3rd party software. For GPU overlays, just look to turn off overlays from the options menu.

Check your HDMI Cables (Xbox One)

If the visuals of your game start to flicker or lose color, it might be the HDMI cables. Go check first if the cables are securely connected to the Xbox One and the TV Screen/monitor. If securing the cables didn’t work, remove the cables and clean them with a brush. If you notice any damage or bent pins, it’s best to replace the cable with a new one.

Other Issues

Redeeming Skins for Warzone

For those who pre-ordered or purchased Modern Warfare 2 Remaster, it comes with a bonus bundle of sexy skins for CoD: Warzone. Unfortunately players have been unable to redeem these skins for the game. Currently there’s no fix for this – and we’ll just have to keep bugging the developers to upload a fix for this.

As an avid gamer, video games are a big part of my life. I enjoy talking about the world of console games and the industry with great interest! I also enjoy diving into the deeper aspects of video games and discussing underlying themes, ideas, and all that goes into making a remarkable video game.

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