How To Disable Facetime On iPhone and Mac

How to disable Facetime on iPhone and Mac : If you are thinking, you have never installed Facetime on your iPhone or Mac let us clear it is a part of overall setup.

When you buy a new iPhone or Mac some applications will get installed automatically or you can say these are pre-installed apps.

So, almost every Apple user must be having Facetime in there devices.

Although there are very few reasons to dislike Facetime but in case you have made your mind then it is totally fine.

So go ahead and read How to disable Facetime on iPhone and Mac.


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We feel Facetime is a great way of communicate with friends and family.

Facetime is fast, convenient and above all its video quality is too good. But not everyone needs it.

It’s totally fine if you want to disable Facetime on Phone or Mac there could be your reasons. If there are very less number of Apple users around you then Facetime is of no use.

Also, we have seen a big bug in Facetime which possibly can be the reason behind this step. So, let’s get to the main part “How To Disable Facetime On iPhone and Mac”.


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How To Disable Facetime On iPhone and Mac

How To Disable Facetime On iPhone

  • Disabling Facetime on iPhone is quite easy and best thing is you can also enable it anytime whenever you want.
  • First of all Go To Settingshow to disable facetime on iphone and mac
  • Scroll and search for Facetime
  • Once you click on Facetime you get a toggle switch. Tap on it and it will get disabled.


Note : If you want to enable it again go to settings >> Facetime >> Toggle switch on and it will be enabled.

How To Disable Facetime on Mac

  • It will just take one or two steps in Mac to get Facetime disable or enable.
  • Open Facetime app and at the left of the screen go to Menu Bar
  • Click on Turn Facetime Off and you are done.


This is all about “How To Disable Facetime On iPhone and Mac”. Hopefully you like this article and in case of any queries or doubt kindly reach out to us via comments.

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